Akuyim/An (Ab)normal day at the Guild hall (2)

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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

An (ab)normal day at the guild hall 2Edit

She could feel him bearing down on her, he was getting closer. Khandivya spun around to face Akuyim. She was unsure of what he was going to do but he was running very fast directly at her, and that was surprising in and of itself. Bracing herself for an impact she thrust her arms out to keep him at bay. All the while her huge smile wasn’t fading. Akuyim ducked and rolled passed her coming to his feet behind her. Grabbing her around the waist he pulled her down on top of him where the tickling began. She giggled and squirmed, breathlessly pleading for him to stop. She was fighting a losing battle and she knew it, she was about to play dirty when one of the bells of the guild hall rang. It was one for some type of meeting. He stopped tickling her and she stopped squirming but she was still out of breath. “I’ve got to go sweety, there is an engineer’s meeting.” she stammered.

“What for?” he asked, despondent his game was ending so soon.

“I don’t know what it’s for, but I do know I can’t miss it” with that she gently kissed his cheek, stood up and bolted back to the guild hall.

“The bells can’t save you forever my dear, your time will come” Akuyim whispered beneath his smirk as he watched her race off. Dusting himself off he too headed back to the guild hall. But at a much slower pace.

Akuyim walked back into the main part of the guild hall. Tatimitzi’s dress was turning out to be a pretty delicate pink dress. He sauntered in just in time to see Keishe run off after her sister towards the engineer’s meeting. He nodded to Tatimitzi knowing deep inside that they felt about the same way at that very moment. Picking up his Barbarous blade and his hat he put them on and with Reggie by his side he decided to walk out towards the Hunter’s lodge of the guild hall.

Upon his arrival to the lodge, he noticed Mekiv and Wargiss discussing their wolves Dante and Clyde respectively. Paying them great praise and homage for past deeds and deeds they would do still. They were lost in the conversation to pay more then the obligatory nod in his direction as he walked past. Brennie was also here with Yertle. She was teaching her turtle some new tricks. He knew better then to try to disrupt that, it requires intense concentration on both parts to learn the new trick just right. Grabbing a heavy leather ball from a rack near the exit, he gently tossed it to Reggie, who pounced on it in a heartbeat. Catching the ball in massive jaws he went about playing. Akuyim walked towards the back of the guild hall, where a small tavern had been made.

Upstairs some of the guild’s greatest engineering minds had assembled. Chabi, Khandivya, Lich, Majdar, Marijan, Spartan and Nekko. Some of the up and coming engineers had also made appearances Keishe and Mokthar. Nekko had brought her mechanical squirrel with her, she was very proud of her little friend that she enjoyed showing him off to the other engineers. Amongst the projects in the main lab was an exploding sheep that had some sort of malfunction and couldn’t walk so he was decomissioned and used as a training tool for the newer recruits amongst their profession.

As Akuyim arrived at the little guild tavern he wasn’t the only one that had the idea to come here. Lady Bronwyn was already here and dancing. Ashlar her white lion stood vigilant by her table.

She waved to Akuyim and Reggie as they walked in. He waved back and Reggie spit out the ball one more time and swatted it across the room. Ashlar instinctively went for the ball causing Reggie to chase the ball and now Ashlar. Lady Bronwyn and Akuyim watched and laughed as their companions tussled about scattering tables and chairs as they fought over a ball that lasted a total of ten seconds between their combined might. With the ball disintergrated into it’s basic parts the two continued to wrestle about playfully. Much to the chagrin of some of the guildmates who had come to the tavern to relax. It was one thing to watch or be dragged into a bar brawl, it was an entirely different case when you have your drink spilled on you by a lion or a tiger.

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