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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

An (Ab)normal day at the Guild Hall 9Edit

They had arrived in Booty Bay early. Keishe had received tickets from her gnomish patrons, for her and four companions to go on a pleasure cruise leaving from the bay. She had invited Tatimitzi, Brennie, and of course Khandivya and Akuyim. That way she could show her sister and future husband how much better the gnomes were to her then the goblins. The cruise would prove to do just that, or at least in her mind it did.

They were early, they had several hours to kill before the boat would be ready to set sail. The ladies decided, while they had some time to spend. They would go shopping, looking over the new fashions worn by the humans and night elves this time of year.

Hugging Khandivya, he waved to them all good bye. He had no interest in shopping for fashions that meant little to him. He thought about whistling for Reggie, but decided against it. He after all was only a call away, and he was in Booty Bay. All he wanted was a nice bourbon and a place to think.

He took to shuffling off, down the various wooden planked walkways. He didn’t pay attention to where he was going, he was in no hurry. He simply ambled along, lost within his own mind.

Halfway to the inn, he decided to go fishing instead of grabbing his bourbon. He quickly changed directions and headed to the bank. Exchanging his Barbarous blade for his fishing pole, he meandered back to the lower levels.

She watched him, burning seething hatred blazed in her eyes. There he was, after all this time, the orc that cost her, her entire life. Now she would have her vengeance. Only one of them would leave the bay alive, and she had no intentions of dying. He was alone, he didn’t have his demon cat, and now he was weaponless. The Light, was finally shining on her this day. She slinked back into the shadows. She began to trail him. The moment for her to strike would be close at hand.

The girls entered a small curio shop, the goblin looked up at them from his dusty tome in front of him. His eyes widened, never before had he had so many people in his tiny shop at once. “Good day ladies.” he chirped from behind the small counter.

They nodded at him, and began to cram themselves into the shop looking at the various trinkets, nic-nacs, and curios the goblin so wonderfully displayed. Keishe became enthralled with some delicate crystalline figurines against the wall. Tatimitzi stood mostly in the middle of the shop lost in amongst the clutter. Khandivya found a small section of artwork displaying troll weapons and fighting from the Vale outside the bay. Brennie was equally enthralled by a case of weird items that had been fished from the bay.

He turned down the small walkway, in between two small shops. The bay was spilling out before him. He stopped a moment, inhaled the thick sea air, and smiled. The worries on his weary mind would soon be lost as he became one with the sea.

He stopped, she needed no more opportunity then this. Unwinding the wire from her wrist, she held it in both hands. She stepped from the shadows, she kicked him in the back of one knee, he started to pitch forward, her hands with the wire found its way around his thick, muscle-bound neck, she placed her knee into his back and pulled back with all her might.

Pitching forward he dropped his fishing pole, then something was about his neck. From one knee, he grabbed at the wire, but it was no avail. Some assassin had him at their mercy, or so they thought. Reaching back with his left hand, he hooked the assassin’s leg with which they were standing on. He then thrust himself backwards to his feet, jerking the would be assassin in the air, he slammed the assassin into the wall of one of the shops.

Keishe gently placed the figurine she was looking back on the shelf, when the something hit the wall on the outside. One of the figurines catapulted past her and hit the floor with a crystalline shatter.

The goblin not missing a beat. “You just bought that missy.” he bellowed.

“But. Somet’IN ‘it da wall” she stammered back.

The goblin glared at her, she had lived here long enough to know what that look meant, damn goblins. He would get an entire brigade of bruisers in here, if that is what it took for him to get her money. She didn’t have time to deal with that. Sighing, she reluctantly nodded. She bent down, to examine what it was that hit the floor.

He slammed his back into the wall a second time, this time she made some sort of noise. Reaching up he grabbed her head and rolling himself forward he catapulted her off him and she hit the planks before him with a groan.

Keishe stood up when a second figurine shattered against the floor. “You just bought that one too missy” the goblin smirked as he saw the defeated look on her face.

Tatimitzi walked over to Keishe, and gently slid an arm into her’s to comfort and reassure her, that everything would be ok. Keishe hated goblins, money-hungry, green-skinned, penny-pinching, scrooges. Always looking out for themselves, no matter who they stepped on to get what they wanted.

Rubbing his bloodied neck, with his right hand he leered his head back to whistle. She knew what that would mean, twisting around she planted her foot into his groin to prevent him from whistling. She continued to spin around so she could get to her feet, as he fell to knees. One of her daggers was already out, and buried into his chest. Lunging forward, he grabbed her about the waist and slammed her into the other wall. She plunged her dagger into his back. Growling in pain and anger, he lifted her up and the threw her to the ground. She rolled to her feet, and withdrew a third dagger from her boot. Stepping forward, his left hand smashed into her face and knocked her back to the walkway.

He whistled for Reggie. She stood up and in as best as orcish as she could muster, “NO! This between you and me.” and with that she wrenched the mask from her face. She was a human female, piercing green eyes, brown hair, but the face he didn’t recognize.

Ripping the dagger, from his chest, he glared at her. Reggie growling by his side. “Who the hell are you?” he asked back.

“The person that is going to kill you.” she simply stated back and with that, she began to circle him one last time.

Akuyim, simply chuckled at her. This caused her to stop a moment and look at him confused. “I don’t know who you are, but I will tell you this. I have seen my own death, it is not today and not by you. So tell you what missy, why don’t you quit while you are still alive and just leave.”

She growled at him, and took back up her circling. “Oh no, hunter. You are wrong. The Light has blessed me today. I will avenge the family you and the cat stole from me. Today you will die.” she hissed back.

He looked at her confused. “Family? I am no murderer. I have not slain any families.” he whispered back. They began to dance the dance of flesh and steel. Neither one of them landing a solid blow on the other.

“Is that so?” she hissed back. “You have killed that many people, that their lives are meaningless to you? You shot my sister in the back of the head while she was tending to her packs. You and your cat, dismembered a family friend, you killed my brother’s girlfriend and beheaded her nightsaber. That day you let my brother live. But his faith left him and he committed suicide. My mother and father were so distraught that they ended up killing themselves as well. I have hated you since I was a child. I have spent my entire life in hopes of killing you and enacting my revenge.” she hissed at him again, as they ducked and parried the other’s dagger thrusts.

“Tell me, then what do you hope to accomplish when I am gone? If I am simply the only reason you exist. Another life wasted, pursuing the wrong things.” he knew who she was speaking of. A small group of adventurer’s that had attacked him on his way to make the first pilgrimage to his mother’s grave. They had attacked him first, and he overcome with rage ended them. “I simply defended myself, much like I am doing now. The outcome will be the same. I will send you to your family now.” he said back, sorrow filling his voice.

She screamed at him, and rushed forward to lance him one more time, he sidestepped, grabbing her about the wrist with his free hand, the dagger in his other hand was already slicing across her throat. He dropped both her and the dagger. She lay there dying as he stared down at her, shaking his head.

He walked in dismay, stepping over her body, looking at the blood yet again on his hands. Keishe walked out of the shop in dismay, looking at the junk filling hers.

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