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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

An (Ab)normal day at the Guild Hall 8Edit

He walked outside as the last of drums faded from the night air. The air was thick and still smelled of the wonderfully cooked food.

The festival was over. He was walking outside when he should be inside resting with Khandivya. He shook his head what was the call, the allure of being outside now. Everyone faded from view like fog fleeing from the dawn.

There was no one around, not even Reggie was by his side. The buildings all looked warped and menacing, twisted and evil. The doorways were illuminated in blood red circles like gateways into another realm. Ahead of him something moved, something that chilled the air. He leered his head back to whistle but to his dismay no sound uttered forth.

A skeletal man appeared from the foggy shadows to his right, his yellowed teeth twisted in a macabre smile. Akuyim reached for his Barbarous blade on his back but it wasn't there. It was still in his room. The back of his neck began to itch and his stomach formed knots. He peered out of the corner of his eyes to his left, he saw a hulking shape and two fires crackling in the night that signified eyes. He tried to speak, to whistle, hell he would have even screamed but his voice was simply gone.

The demon stepped out from behind the fog bank. "Good evening Hunter." He balled a massive fist and sent it crashing downwards. Akuyim managed to get out of the way and clear of the rippling effect. Spinning around, he took a blast of icy shards to the chest driving him back into a tree. The undead man just smiled at him. He tried to move again as the demon spun back around and planted the fist deep into his chest. Bones broke and blood escaped from his mouth. The tree splintered and broke slamming into the ground. Even noises of pain were choked off in his very throat.

The demon looked down at the broken hunter and picked him up. Cradling him in one hand, he drove the hunter straight into the ground. The demon held him beneath his massive hand, grinding him into the ground. Watching with glee as the face of the hunter twisted into a nighmarish look of pain. "No more games hunter. You had your chances. with or without the knowledge ferretted away in your little insignificant brain. The portal will open again and the legion will burn all life from this pathetic world." With that the demon ground his hand into the ground again. "Rest assured everyone here will die." the demon continued. The skeletal man spewed off some words in gutter speak and raised his hand, the fog enveloped the two combatants. He then stepped off in front of the fog.

They walked hand in hand in the night. They were happy and in love nothing could break them from this moment. The fog seemed to be getting thicker and more evil feeling the more they walked. They stopped and in hushed whispers turned to leave the way they had come. As they were about to leave, the fog swirled and they saw a huge winged monstrosity flailing away at the ground with something smaller, man-sized clutched in his hand. This smaller man sized figure was being dashed repeatedly off the ground. From the fog floated a dark blue hat with a gold band, and tucked into the band was a red feather. The girls looked at one another in horror as it fluttered to the ground before them. "Aku?" the girls whispered in near unison as Tati bent down to pick up the hat.

With a furl of his massive wings, the fog swirled away from them. In his left he still gripped Akuyim by one leg, he hung useless. His right hand planted firmly in the ground like a massive gorilla. His fiery red eyes, locked onto Keishe she stared back and tried to focus, to summon her energies for her spell. Her fingers weren't responding, the magic she had grown to know and love was gone, with a panicked look she tried to turn to Tatimitzi to tell her to run, not to look up but all she could do was stand and stare.

"Oh hunter look. You have friends that have come to watch you die. Isn't that cute." The demon chided. Akuyim made no response even if he was able to. The skeletal man appeared behind Keishe, with a small word an brillant explosion of arcane energy ripped into her and Tatimitzi. It sent Keishe flying forward, and Tatimitzi catapulting off to the side. While Keishe flew through the air the demon, swung Akuyim around one last time, this time his head smashing into a tree trunk, snapping his neck and crushing his skull. The demon let him sail through the air where he impacted the ground several yards behind him. The bond had been severed. Catching Keishe in mid-air, he slammed her slender frame into the ground, breaking most of her bones on impact. Wincing in pain as the demon bore most of his weight into her, forcing the air from her lungs, and forming an indenture into the ground.

Tatimitzi tumbled for a second, stood up and got her bearings. She heard the sickening sound of bones being crushed, and she screamed as loudly as she could. This caught the attention of some others who began to hastily make their way to the source of the scream. Shakily she won purchase on the ground, and seeing Keishe trapped beneath the hulking malevolent force, she summoned her holy fire, but as she started to unleash it, the spell faded from hands. In horror she looked at the grinning skeletal man. She drew the staff from her back and started to move forward to smash in the grinning man's skull.

Before she got there, the skeletal man, became encased in ball of green lightning. The first of the others arrived. Mairn, and the skeletal man began to exchange words, something that was private amongst them. Something only they would understand. They began to cast spells against one another, but as the arcane battle raged on, it became apparent that the years on Mairn were going to be held against him.

With her attention turned away from the skeletal man, she started to cast her holy fire spell. Her body reacting to the grisly sport the demon had turned to in crushing Keishe. Lifting Keishe up into the air, the demon's hand became encased in hellfire and soon with a scream Keishe was too. Casually tossing her flaming husk to the side, he was lanced with holy fire. His attention then turned to the little priestess.

Khandivya heard her sister scream, and she charged forward. Soon she was greeted by the battle unfolding before her. The demon and Tatimitzi were locked in what would be passed as combat, she was losing horribly. Mairn and an unknown forsaken mage were also locked in combat. Twirling her axes she sped forward, blinking away the tears as she passed her sister's smoldering body, and nearly tripping on Akuyim's discarded hat. But before she got close enough to even touch the demon with her axes, Tatimitzi was broken in half and left for dead. Screaming at the top of her lungs her axes began to flay the flesh of the demon.

He looked down at her, she was tough, but not nearly enough. He swatted her away like a fly. She stood up and charged him again. The demon's blood flying through the air. He tried to slam his fist into her, but much like hunter, her combat reflexes were highly trained. He missed, but she hadn't moved far enough away, and became tripped up by the rippling effect. The demon balled his other hand into a massive fist and was about to slam it into her back, when he was impacted by a huge sphere of green lightning.

Exhausted, Mairn blinked and sighed and waited for the end to come. He had done all he could, he hoped his sacrifice would not be in vain. he hoped that Khandivya had the strength to do what needed to be done where the others had failed. The grinning man, ended what was left of Mairn's life. Finally Yves was triumphant.

Shahkra and Nekko walked silently to the conflict. Nekko was still blinking her sleepiness away. She still questioned where they were going, but Shahkra didn't say. Soon before them the battlefield became apparent, and the fatalities. "Yew stay behind ma Nekko" Shahkra whispered, as streaks of purple energy began to flow from her eyes. Purple arcane energy exploded around her body encasing her from head to toe. She placed both hands together, opened her fingers and drew her arms, back to her hips, until her elbows touched them.

Khandivya rolled out of the way and sliced into the demon's legs. Getting to her feet she began to dance around him, her steel slicing easily and deeply into the demon's flesh. But for each wound she inflicted, it seemed to care less and less. The demon noticed the purple energy up on the path and knew what it meant, the prescence was here. Victory was to be his after all. Swatting away Khandivya again, she heard bones break, and tried to get up. Her eyes fell across the broken body of her beloved, she tried to get up but fell down again. All she could do was curse and cry at the demon that had taken everything away from her.

Shahkra smirked as the demon began to walk foward towards her. Channeling her energy into her palms she screamed "IM-MA MAGE" with that she let loose a huge purple bolt of pure arcane energy. It slammed into the demon's chest. He was pushed back and bowled over. Righting himself, he stood up. He looked down at the smoldering hole in his chest, and he fell to one knee. Still channeling her energies, she screamed "YEW ARE INSOLENT" and with that she let loose an even bigger blast. The demon reacted to slowly and took the brunt of this blast as well. When Shahkra finished, the demon was missing one of his arms and his wing.

Sorely outmatched Yves teleported away, he at least had his victory. The demon shakily stood up and glared at the mage, the bearer of the prescence. Her eyes opened wider, the Eye of Amoth began to float beside her. Spinning fast it began to spark and channel even more energy into her. "IMMA PWN YEW" she screamed, and let loose the biggest of all the arcane blasts. The demon just stood in horror as the purple energy coursed over and through him. When she was done, most of her energy spent, what was left of the demon whisked away in the night breeze. He was nothing more then dust, she had disintergrated him. She nodded to Nekko.

Nekko strode forward and became empowered by Shahkra, brought the fallen defenders back to life and healed all their wounds. Mairn looked around confused, Tatimitzi's back healed and she rushed forward and embraced a dumbfounded Keishe. Khandivya hugged both girls with tears in her eyes. Her own wounds gone. All but one rose. Nekko shook her head and tried not to cry as she delivered the grim news. "I can do nothing. His spirit is gone, it won't come back to his body."

Akuyim bolted up in bed. Khandivya murmured something in her sleep. Another bloody vision.

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