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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

An (Ab)normal day at the Guild Hall 7Edit

Caladi and Akuyim returned to the rolling plains of Mulgore without much spoken between them. His right arm now hung useless at his side. It was the day after the feast, and Thunder Bluff was looming into view. It was a gorgeous spring day, the signs of the torrential rainstorm from the day and night before was gone.

As they grew closer, Akuyim spotted a den of wolves and the pups practicing their stalking and hunting techniques on their mother’s tail. He smiled, his experience in Booty Bay had left him with a nagging thought, one that had to be corrected.

The trio made their way back to the guild hall, the sound of music and cheering could be heard from the guild grounds. Caladi and Akuyim looked at each other for a moment, the feast had somehow been turned into a guild festival. Spurring their mounts forward, they didn’t want to be left out of what may be left of the festival.

The stabled their mounts without encountering a single soul. They began to wander towards the guild tavern where the music was coming from. As they approached they saw the entire guild assembled, most of whom were dancing. The pair looked at each other a moment. Caladi smiled, and whispered “That is the last time I follow you on important business, look what we missed.” she gently nudged him in the ribs. Chuckling she took off, as she became overcame with the desire to forget about the man, that had been so infatuated with her.

Akuyim and Reggie gazed out at everyone assembled, and silently watched them a moment.

Bronwyn adorned with a wreath of flowers entwined about her horns, Spartan laughed heartily as a barefoot Tatimitzi waltzed up to Toku and showered him with so much glitter he almost became an eyesore. “See you look sooo much better Toku” she gleefully yelled as she spun past him, leaving him standing there to brood over his misfortune, perhaps if he had a lower jaw he would’ve smiled.

He gazed out in a different direction as he heard the familiar mew of Nekko, that quickly turned into a giggling squirm fest as Kranik stepped out from behind her tickling her about the waist.

Caladi sped past them and bumped Reggie, she stuck her tongue out at him, and mewed. She then sped off, Reggie sped off after her. They began to chase each other to and fro and tumbling about. Akuyim smiled, his gaze turned towards the tavern itself where a new spectacle shaped before his eyes, there in the middle of the dance floor was Runningelk dancing in his mighty bear form.

There was another important figure in the tavern that could be made out, Ghann. He seemed to be buying booze to any and all who were willing to take him up on his offer.

Tatimitzi had finally spun about where Akuyim was standing, reached into her glitter bag and produced an empty hand and pouted. “Aww im outta glitter.” she whispered. He smiled and chuckled at her.

“Perhaps you would like to heal my arm now. It would appear to be worse then I originally let on.” he whispered back.

She shook her head, “I knew you were hiding something from me. Yes Aku I will heal your arm.” she whispered back.

They walked into the guild hall proper where there was no one as everyone was outside, drinking, dancing and eating. He sat down at a table, using his left arm he swung his right arm on to the table. He slipped his arm from his shirt sleeve, revealing the blood soaked bandage beneath, from bicep to wrist. She looked in shock at the bandage, slowly she unwound it to see the true extent of the wounds beneath and was appalled, as he figured she would. With her holy might, the wounds invigorated began to knit themselves back together he clenched his teeth, there was some amount of pain in them closing, like they were doing something now that they were no longer supposed to.

“So what exactly are we celebrating?” He asked.

“Well if you didn’t run off, you would know we are just celebrating because we can. It’s a happy time, people are happy just to be alive and loved today.” she whispered back.

“Where is Khandivya? I haven’t seen her yet.” he asked back, he wanted nothing more to see her, to tell her some very important things.

“Last I heard she was in the tavern. Drinking I think.” she said back.

Moving his arm about, it was sore, but he would manage. “Thanks Miss Tati.” he stood up and hugged her tightly. “Today is a great day to be alive. Now go be happy Miss Tati, you have earned it.”

With that he let go of her, and made his way to the tavern. He was going to go in through the main entrance past all the throngs of dancers and drinkers, but out of the corner of his eye, he spied someone that wasn’t entirely enjoying herself. Shahkra, was looking better then she had in a few days. The argument that Akuyim and her shared looked like it was weighing heavily on her mind.

He headed to where she stood, she was watching Brennie and JoJo dance. She watched him walk over towards her. “Miss Shah.” he said he had a bright look on his face, almost the makings of a smile.

Cautiously she looked at him. He stopped just before her. “Miss Shah, I’m sorry about our little discussion a few days ago.” and with that he hugged her too. She felt relieved and much better as well. “Perhaps you will be able to help me one day.” he finished as he let her go. She smiled and nodded to him. “ I can’t stay and talk in earnest, I am looking to find....” he began to say.

“I know. She waits for you.” She finished with a smile.

With a smile, he parted company and went into the tavern through the side entrance. Ghann saw him as he entered, he pointed to the mug in his hand and then pointed to Akuyim with a questioning look. Akuyim shook his head no, Ghann simply shrugged and went back to his drinking.

Akuyim spotted Khandivya sitting alone, nursing a Cherry Grog. Walking up behind her, he gently grabbed her elbow and motioned her towards the door. “Sweety, I want to talk to you.” he whispered.

Reluctantly she stood up. “Is this about the letter?” she whispered back.

“Oh no my dear, this is much more important.” he whispered back. They walked arm in arm towards the Hunter’s lodge. They waved and nodded to all that acknowledged them. Once they arrived, he brought her to his room, and sat her down on the bed, while he walked over to his bookcase.

He began to look through his books, as he sorted out his thoughts, in truth he only had three books and one of them wasn’t even intended for him. The bookcase held shell casings of important kills, or other important momentos. She waited patiently, as he finally sorted out his thoughts and picked up the book, but carried it behind him.

He walked back to where she sat, and knelt in front of her. Clearing his throat he spoke “Sweetheart, there are things I don’t say nearly as often as I should, there are things that I don’t do nearly as often as I should, like im caught up with events that I shouldn’t be caught up with. Sometimes you may feel alone or neglected. I don’t mean to do that. I love you with all that I am, for all that you are. You mean everything to me.” with that he slid the book into her lap, and stood up.

She looked at him a second before opening the book. As she opened the cover, he sat on the bed beside her. She skimmed the first few pages and she realized what this was. It was a Libram of Rapidity, she had longed for one of these for sometime. “Sweety how, where” she stammered.

He simply smiled and shook his head. “It matters not its origins, its yours now”

She leaned forward and kissed him, placing the book the on the nightstand beside the bed as they fell into one another, locked in a lover’s embrace.

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