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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

An(ab)normal day at the guild hall 4Edit

Song Fic Song: Walk Away Artist: The Cruxshadows)

In this fading image

we’ll carve our destiny

sometimes life is a cruel friend

sometimes that is what we need

She stormed her way up the stairs, her face twisted in a snarl. Her beauty now concealed beneath a veneer of rage. She found the door to his room. She opened it, there he slept. His hat over his face, like he didn’t have a care in the world. Reggie looked at her, before putting his head back down on the floor. Her anger was reaching it’s boiling point, with a swift motion she wrenched the hat from it’s perch.

I’ll hold my eyes when the light comes in

In the morning glare he could see nothing. She balled a fist and slugged him in the face with such force, he tumbled to the floor.

I’ll sell my silence for a song

Stunned and bewildered he just looked at her, as she placed his hat atop her head, like a trophy. She turned and headed back the way she came. Muttering something in the trollish tongue.

Now I may not die if you walk away

But I may not live

Hastily, he went after her. She was already outside and marching towards the Undercity from Brill. The sky became charcoal and it had swallowed the morning sun. With a rumbling, that sounded a lot like laughter, the thunder started.

Now I watch as the rain comes down

to purify this pain

when mountains crumble

and stars collide

I am what remains

The sky opened up its torrent of stinging, pelting rain. Each drop hitting him harder then the last. She glided through the rain like an angel, he tried running after her, but he failed to keep up. She was getting away from him, the raindrops felt like stones dropping on him. He began to bleed, undaunted he continued after her. He opened his mouth to scream to her, but his voice failed him. She had arrived at the outer gates of the Undercity, he had made it to the bottom of the hill when she stopped.

There are lessons that sadness

can only teach

there are things we must learn

now I wont die if you walk away

but I may not live

She raised a hand, and waved him forward. He tried to move, but found he was unable to. Reggie, however trotted up to her side. Placing her hand to his massive shoulders, the pair walked away into the Undercity never to be seen again.

Now I watch as the rain comes down

to purify this pain

when mountains crumble

and stars collide

I am what remains

Frozen in time, he threw his arms wide and reared his head back and bellowed to the heavens. The rain began filling his mouth, like a hand it began to close around his neck, gasping and choking all he could do was watch, as everything he had ever loved walked away from him.

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