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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

World of Warcraft: The Shadow of Sargeras Edit

This is only a suggestion that I have wrote - Do NOT presume that this is going to be an 3rd Expansion Pack like this

World of Warcraft:'The Shadow of Sargeras' is based around the main force of the nefarious Burning Legion. It includes a new Hero Class, the Demon Hunter, Guild Boats and the mythical, transformed world of Argus.

Level Cap Raised to 90 Edit

In World of Warcraft: Shadow of Sargeras, the level cap (as always) will be raised to 90, meaning that the 61-point Talent Tree may be released. This will gave players yet another challenge, more abilites and, of course, a T8 Set.

The Demon Hunter - Sargeras' Second Edit

Blizzard said that "... The necrotic Death Knight, one of World of Warcraft's first Hero Classes. With 'classes' being a plural, it obviously suggests that there will be space for more Hero Classes. Therefore, I have thought of the classical 'Demon Hunter' - once a powerful agent of the Burning Legion, now a valiant defender of the hope Azeroth has. This Hero Class will require a level 70 character to make a Demon Hunter on the same realm, as it took a level 55 to make a Death Knight. The Demon Hunter will start at level 68, with a full set of green-quality leather and two warglaives (these are NOT the Warglaives of Azzinoth). Features of Character Creation include:

You can change the colour of the Demon Hunter's eyemask: Being a servant of the Burning Legion means that the Demon Hunter must sacrifice his eyes to Sargeras; therefore the Hero Class will have an eye mask over the empty sockets.
You can change the patterns down the Demon Hunter's body

Extra Info

Races: Orc, Human, Night Elf, Blood Elf.
Armour Profs: Cloth, Leather, Mail and Abyssal*
Weapon Profs: Polearms, Swords, Warglaives*, Axes, Bows and Daggers
Main Attributes: Strength, Agility and Stamina
Role: DPS/Ranged/Caster

Abyssal Energy Edit

Abyssal Energy is the Demon Hunter's 'mana' - the source it needs to cast spells and use abilities. Unlike Runic Power, the Demon Hunter's maximum AE scales with spirit. For every 1 spirit the Demon Hunter has, he gains 10 AE - if a Mage + Intellect = Mana, then a Demon Hunter + Spirit = AE. Consuming Primals and Motes can also replenish Abyssal Energy.

Phases Edit

Phases are a Demon Hunter's stance. There are three phases, one to match each Talent: Fel, Fire and Shadow. During each one, the Demon Hunter's appearance changes with his stats.

The Fel Talents Edit

Fel Talents are based around corrupted fire, giving the Demon Hunter the ability to inflict great pain and torture unto his enemies. A Demon Hunter in Fel Talents is a 'caster'. Abilities include:

  • Shatter (AoE) - Deals 400-500 Fel Damage to all targets in 30 yards
  • Polearm Specialisation (Passive) - The Demon Hunter can now Dual-Wield Polearms
  • Fires of Rebirth (DoT, Target) - Inflicts a curse upon the target for 2 minutes. When the target dies in this time, all targets within 10 yards of the corpse are immolated, dealing 100 Fel Damage over 6 seconds. Debuff is dispelled on the original target's corpse after 10 seconds, and affected targets cannot recieve this debuff more than once per 15 seconds.
  • Fel Fireball (Target): Deals Fel Damage to the target (scales with rank).

Fel Talents do have abilities which restors Abyssal Energy. They are:

  • Fel Concentration (Passive): Your abilities have a 25/50/75% chance to restore half of the Abyssal Energy it cost.
  • Primal Consumption (Regeants): Consumes one Mote of Shadow/Mana/Earth to restore your Abyssal Energy to maximum.

Fel Phase Edit

Fel Phase (Caster): Your Spell Power is increased by 25%, your armour increased by 10/15% (can alter with Talent Points), but your dodge, parry and spell resistance rating reduced by 5%. Whilst in the Fel Phase, your Fel Abilities gain a +25% Crit Chance, and enemies who hit you have a chance of gaining a Debuff called “Fel Overload”, decreasing their hit chance by 25%. -- Appearance changes: You now glow green (like the lava in Shadowmoon Valley)

The Shadow Talents Edit

Shadow Talents are based on the malicious, powerful magic that has torn many lands apart; it gives power to cripple enemies with powerful curses spoken in the language of the Eredar... And with a Demon Hunter, it rains from the burning skies. A Demon Hunter is Shadow Talents is a 'Ranged DPS'. Abilities include:

  • Veiled Arrows (Ranged, Target): Deals 180 Shadow Damgage + 100% Weapon Damage.
  • Shadows of Death (Buff): Increases dodge rating by 100% for ten seconds.
  • Master of the Nether (Channeled, Target): Allows the Demon Hunter to 'tame' an elemental or a demon as a permenant pet. 10 second cast, during this time armour is reduced by 100%.
  • Unanswered Warcry (Buff): Increases all attributes by 100 for ten seconds, but lowers armour by 90%.

Shadow Talents have only one ability that restores AE:

  • Strands of Nether (Instant): Instantly restores 60% of your Abyssal Energy.

Shadow Phase Edit

Shadow Phase (Range): Your Ranged AP is increased by 25%, your speed increased by 10/15% (can alter with Talent Points), but your armour is decreased by 15%. Whilst in the Shadow Phase, your Shadow Abilities gain a +25% Crit Chance, and all party members within twenty yards gain a Buff called “Enhancing Shadows”, increasing Spell/Attack Power by 30%. -- Appearance changes: You have shadows all around you (Shadowform effect).

Fire Talents Edit

Fire Talents are based on the destructive abilties of one of the basic elements. A Demon Hunter in Fire Talents is a 'Melee DPS'. Abilities include:

  • Molten Blade (Instant): Instantly deals 75% weapon damage and disarms the target for 6 seconds.
  • Flame Touch (3Sec Cast): Deals 200-350 Fire Damage to the target.
  • Burning Wounds (Passive): Your melee attacks do an extra 2% damage as Fire Damage for every curse that the target has on them at the time.
  • Ritual of the Burning Blade (Party Buff): Increases Fire Resistance by 30 and increases Attack + Spell Power by 250 for two minutes.

Fire Talents have no ability that restores AE

Fire Phase Edit

Fire Phase (Melee): Your Melee AP is increased by 25%, your dodge, parry and spell resistance increased by 5%, but your Spell and Ranged AP decreased by 5%. Whilst in the Fire Phase, your Fire Abilities gain a +25% Crit Chance, and party members within twenty yards gain a Buff called “Protective Flames”, increasing Armour by 20%. Enemies who attack you gain a DoT which deals 1% of the health as Fire Damage every three seconds for fifteen seconds. This DoT can not be repeated on a target more than once every thirty seconds. -- Appearance changes: You’re engulfed in flames (Immolate effect)

The Starting Area Edit

The starting area is located directly above Hellfire Citadel in a ruined draenei city floating on four large floating rocks. You start on the eastern rock, at the top of a flight of stairs that would once have lead to a building. At the bottom of the stairs is a green crystal with a ! above it. It's surrounded by five Eredar Warlocks who are channeling power into the crystal. When you talk to it, it says:

See what I have wrought, Demon Hunter? I have torn this world apart with a single hand. I have destroyed yet another blight upon the Twisting Nether... And soon I will rule all.. And you... You were once one of them, but you came to me. You sought my help and you have pledged alligance. The time of retribution has come, <name>, Azeroth has stood firm for too long, and I will end them... Like I have ended you. Seek out Lord Stormrage. Begone.
Of course, it was the Eye of Sargeras, and Sargeras himself speaks to you. Now, if you follow the path north to the main part of the Draenei city, you'll find a lot of demons around, especially vendors and warriors. Continue north and you'll find yourself at the base of a bridge. At the top of the bridge is Illidan and, surprisingly, the end of the first quest. Throughout the quest line, you'll be told to destroy the remaining Draenei Tower to the south and, eventually, down onto Hellfire itself. At the end of the quest, you'll have a full set of Abyssal-Class Armour, two Warglaives and a bow (all of blue quality).

Taking the fight to the Ocean Edit

A big PvP idea - Guild Boats! You see, the air isn't for PvPing, and ground PvP just gets a little more boring with the "Dazed" effects and casters and Warlocks and stuff... So... How about taking the fight to the waters? Here's how it works:

Your guild leader must buy a boat at either Menethill/Stormwind(Alliance) or Orgrimmar/Ratchet(Horde). There are two types of boat, and your guild can have up to 6 in total:

  • The Frigate: Fast, vunerable and lightly armed. Good for fishing. Can have plating up to Fel Iron, and can have Javelin, Frostbolt and Net Cannons. Open-roofed bridge. Costs 20,000g to buy.
  • The Battleship: Slower, heavily armoured and heavily armed. Good for fighting. Can have any plating, and can have Steel, Fireball and Seaforium Deathcharge Cannons. Protected bridge. Costs 30,000g to buy.

As well as the two types of boats you can have, there are a number of other features:

Controlling the Ship Edit

To control a ship, a Guild Captain must be assigned. The Guild Captain has permission to take the boat from the dock which it was bought at. When he/she is within melee range of the controls, they will get a box in the centre of the screen which says "Leave Dock". When this is clicked, the ship will be completely under the Captain's control.

After carefully steering the boat out into open waters, the crew will be notified. While the Captain is in control of the ship, he can not control the cannons, but he CAN turn on PvP or FFA on or off. A ship that is flagged for either will have a small, glowing flag at the top - A faction flag for PvP and a sword flag for FFA.

Whilst sailing, the ship may be slowed down by obstecales such as rocks or iceflows, both of which can be targeted and destroyed using Javelins or Steel Cannonballs. Also, the ship may come under attack by hydras, naga and other aquatic-hostile lifeforms. These can be destroyed by ranged attacks and/or by cannons. Hostiles at sea -will- drop items. For example, in and around Old Azeroth (Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms) Essence of Water and Elemental Water can drop. In Northrend, however, Primal Water, Motes of Water and Crystalised Water can be found.

As in WotLk (flying the Frostbrood Vanquisher), the Captain's interface will change. He will have a overall health bar, a durability displace, giving the status of the Port, Starboard, Stern and Bow, and a basic idea of how everything else is going.

Guild Boats, although costly, can be useful to get from one place to another without flightpaths, running or hearthstones. They can also be used to travel across the ocean - e.g. from Kalimdor to Northrend and so on.

In and After PvP Combat Edit

Whilst in combat, the Captain's interface will display that the ship is in combat. Also, a number of other things must be realised:

Using Cannons Edit

A cannon works the same way the Frostbrood Vanquisher did - You use the left and right arrow keys to turn the cannon and you use the up and down keys to pivot the gun higher or lower. A cannon can NOT change from (e.g.) Javelin to Fireball, so you must place the cannons strategically along the ship.

A cannon also has a durability. When the cannon is on low durability, the movement will be much slower. If a cannon gets completely screwed (it dies), though, the cannon will disappear and the Guild must go through the Reapiring Process.

Sentries Edit

Sentries will alert the crew members when an enemy ship passes close by and when a hostile is nearby. For the Horde, these sentries are Arcane Guardians, and for the Alliance they are Shredders.

After PvP Combat Edit

After PvP Combat, the crew will get a 'Quest Log' sort of thing that tells each player what they have found from the destroyed ship. For example, if a ship with Khorium plating on all sides is destroyed, the crew of that ship must go through the Reapiring Process, and the victorious ship will gain 'Scavenged Khorium', which can be used like Leather Scraps - they can be turned into Khorium plating, which can be turned into Khorium Flanks:

20 Scavenged Metal => 1 Metal Plate
4 Metal Plates => 1 Metal Flank

However, only a small amount of scraps are dropped pure. Some can be rusted, burned or punctured, which means that to refine them to useable scraps the Guild must take them back to the Alliance/Horde Shipmaster in one of the docks and go through the Refinery Process.

Buying Equipment for the Boat Edit

Equipment can be bought from any Shipmaster for a certain price:

  • Tables and Chairs: 100g
  • Crates: 10g per deck
  • Lifeboats: 1000g per boat
  • Armour plating: (pF = Per Flank)
    • Iron: 100g pF - +500 armour
    • Steel: 250g pF - + 1000 armour
    • Mithril: 500g pF - + 1500 armour
    • Thorium: 750g pF - + 2000 armour
    • Fel Iron: 1500g pF + Revered Rep with HH or Thrallimar - +2500 armour
    • Adamantite: 2000g pF + Revered Rep with HH or Thrallimar - +3000 armour
    • Khorium: 3000g pF + Exalted Rep with HH or Thrallimar - +4000 armour
    • Cobalt: 5000g pF + Revered Rep with Horde/Alliance - +5000 armour
  • Cannons: (pC = Per Cannon)
    • Javelin: 200g pC - Normal Damage
    • Steel Cannonball: 250g pC - Normal Damage
    • Frostbolt: 500g pC - Frost Damage + Slowing Effect
    • Fireball: 600g pC - Fire Damage + DoT
    • Seaforium Deathcharge: 2000g pC - Heavy Damage
    • Net: 1500g pC - Medium Damage + Slowing Effect
  • Sentries: 500g per sentry
  • Portable Guild Bank: 10,000g
  • On-deck Bar: 5,000g
    • Hearthstone Set to Boat: 25,000g
    • Portal Room: 25,000g
  • Ice breaker: 1,000g

The Refinery Process Edit

If an enemy ship is destroyed, you will gain Scavenged Metal (depending on what each side was made of). However, sometimes this can be 'Burned Metal', 'Punctured Metal' or 'Rusted Metal' - which means that it must be refined.

This process takes a day to complete PER STAGE. First, the Guild Master must take the Burned/Punctured/Rusted Metal to either the Blacksmith Supplier in Ironforge of the Supplier in Orgrimmar. This works the same as Badges of Justice - You trade in the Metal, they give you a ticket to collect Scaveneged Metal a day later.

IF you have a ticket, a blue question mark will appear above the Supplier's head to signify that the Metal is ready and you can trade it in now.

The Repairing Process Edit

To repair your ship, or any part of it, your Captain must speak to the Shipmaster in any dock. The ship will be out of service for three hours. The reapiring proccess costs 1g per damaged item on the ship.

The Transformed World of Argus Edit

Argus, once the great homeworld of the Eredar, now a burning wasteland of the Burning Legion. This will be the key focusing point of levelling in Shadow of Sargeras, with the Burning Legion's masterminds waiting for the forty-man raid groups in Mac'Aree.

And since this isn't a happy "awamfgd we've been here before" planet... Looks like Caves are going to be the best we have

Arriving in Argus Edit

When arriving in Argus (through a Portal from Dalaran) the first thing you'll see is a burning valley and a lot of demons... And a lot of Azeroth's forces as well. Every now and then you'll hear a good-guy die, and a few demons... Maybe Sargeras somewhere in there.

You'll be asked to speak to the Commander in a cave to the west of you, which could be Commander Trollbane, I don't know. When that's done, you'll quickly realise that the huge cavern system is moreorless the friendliest community on Argus, despite the Alliance and Horde being dumped in the same place.

Basic Questing Edit

During the Questing, you'll be asked to help push the demons further back until they're on the edge of the next areas. Slaughter. The main point of the attack in Argus is to push the demons into Mac'Aree - the Eredar Capital - so that the Azerothian forces can kill them all in quick succession.

The quests will yield rare items, don't worry :P no greens.

The Final Target: Mac'Aree Edit

At level 89/90, you'll be asked to lead the final attack on Mac'Aree. This will involve the moment everyone was waiting for - the chance to fight Sargeras in a foruty-man raid. Sweet. Sargeras will pretty much stand in the centre of Mac'aree, where he promised Kil'Jaedan and Archimonde eternal power. Upon entering the event, there will be whispers of the past, where the entire promise is made over and over again until you attack, where the langugae turns from known to unknown. Now swamred by demons, the fight begins. Drops are obvious, really - Tier 8 and stuff.

One Last Thing Edit

Thanks for reading this, it's taken me ages to write it all with a laggy compuet, but it's finally done. Type any comments and suggestions onto the WoW-Europe Suggestion Forums that you found the link on. Until the next time =)

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