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The CitadelEdit

Warchief Thunderaxe stood with his advisors before the Throne of Damnnation, deep within the Hellfire Citadel. Things hadn't been going to well for the Fel Horde. For some time now a constant stream of death knights had been flowing through the Dark Portal as more and more agents of the scourge were freed and recruited into the Ebon Blade. The warchief got up off his throne and paced for a moment before stopping, his armor clanked and rattled as he stopped.

"What is the status of the Horde forces stationed around the path of glory?" He demanded.

One of his advisers spoke up. "They remained contained within the road, sandwiched between the demons to the east and the horde and alliance forces to the south, they are of course heavily supplemented by Death Knights of the Ebon Blade organization, sir."

The adviser ducked as the Warchief grunted and a knife whistled past the advisor's head. "That is not good enough!." The warchief shouted turning around for a moment, his hand on the hilt of the large axe on his back. He drummed his fingers on the axe and picked up a map from his throne and tossed it to one of his advisors. "What say you? Do you seen anything good on that map?"

The adviser scanned the map and drew a quill from his pocket, making several marks on the map. "Our forces stationed at Zeth'gor remain strong, we will however need to appoint a new commander. We also have back up in terrokar."

The Warchief thought for a moment. "Yes, yes, that is all well and good, but what about the death knights!? I am due to report to the council very soon, and what bodes ill for me bodes ill for all of you as well!" He shouted at the advisors.

"The ebon knights are not tactical!" Said an advisor suddenly.

"What do you mean?" Warchief Thunderaxe said, walking up to the adviser. "Rise."

The adviser stood up "While there a great many of the Death Knights, they travel alone, mostly. And thankfully they seem to travel into Zeth'gor alone to die."

The warchief laughed heartily. "That will have to do for now. Send for a messenger, we must report to the black temple."

Hellfire SuperiorityEdit

Varion and Emailon had been hearings all day regarding various matters throughout the ranks of the Illidari. Deathlord Varion had performed two executions so he was in less of a foul mood, but he still felt unease, he was not used to issuing direct orders with Emailon, normally he left the decision making to the other three council members.

"When is the Grand Blood-Lord scheduled to return?" Varion asked.

Emailon scowled. "By the sun are you ever impatient." Emailon sighed. "Radinius left to retrieve him less then twenty minuets ago."

"Can't be soon enough, he's good at talking to people." Varion said, sitting back in his chair.

The door creaked and a Bloodwarden Steward walked in, escorting a Fel Orc emissary. "My lords." The Orc said, kneeling down. "I bring word from the Hellfire Citadel."

Emailon began to stand up and walk over to the messenger when he heard a voice from above.

"What is it, Emailon?" Gathios asked almost lazily from the top of the ramps leading to the temple summit.

The Orc gasped. "Highlord!" and dropped fully to his knees, pressing his forehead to the floor.

Emailon took the missive and motioned for the Orc to rise. "thank you, you may leave." The Orc rose and left bowing as he did. Reading the letter he scowled even more so.

"Something troubling you?" Gathios asked.

"It is...troubling, Highlord. We're behind schedule in hellfire peninsula, once more the Fel Horde is..."

"A disappointment!" Varion cut Emailon off, jumping out of his chair. "If we just threw some demons at-"

"Know your place Deathlord!" Gathios shouted.

"Yes master, sorry master."

"But you are right, Deathlord, go do what you want, see to it that you get results, we cannot risk falling further behind schedule in the southlands!"

"Of course master, I hear and obey." Varion said with a bow and turned around and walked down the stairs, taking a deep breath and letting out a piercing shriek, making Emailon twitch his head slightly, and a death gate appeared. Inside the gate, shifting shadows in the shape of darkfallen.

"I'll be back later." He said, and walked through.

As the death gate gate closed, shadowy hands appeared midair and dragged a shadow portal open and Akairos and Radinius stepped out of the portal.

"Anu'belore delana Emailon." Akairos greeted, Radinius nodded.

"Greetings Blood-Lord." Emailon responded.

"Where is the Deathlord?" Akairos asked.

"On deployment." Gathios said. "Welcome back Grand Blood-lord, did you finish your mission?" He asked as he walked down the side ramp to the floor of the Chamber of Command. "But he isn't needed for now."

"My Lord." Akairos said, kneeling before Gathios. "What would you have of me?"

Gathios scowled behind his faceplate. "You are aware of the situation at auchindoun?"

"Yes Highlord, I am aware you have deployed a large amount of demons and Eclipsion magi. They are making limited progress against the Auchenai Draenei."

"Then you will go there Akairos, inspire your legions, gather what you need and depart for the crypts immediately" Gathios said and waved his hand casually, a silver gate opened behind Akairos. "Once you reach the...end...Blood-Lord, you know what to do."

"I do, My Lord." Akairos said and rose, he turned to Emailon and Radinius for a moment and nodded and walked through the portal. The two demon hunters turned to face Gathios.

"Hunters, take who you would want, go to the shadow labyrinth, wipe out the shadow council there..." Gathios paused for a moment, and he grunted slightly, seeming to focus off into the distance. Radinius cocked his head, watching the flow of energy within Gathios and was immediately took a step back, letting out a small gasp. "Is there something wrong, Commander?" Gathios asked. Radinius shook his head. "Good, take whoever you want, make sure to be swift."

The two Demon Hunters nodded and rose, Radinius focused for a moment and held his arms in from of him, slowly spreading them as multiple dark gates, from one gate walked a small group of demon hunters, from another gate walked a group of Blood Lords, Radinius motioned for them to remain, and through the third gate walked a group of Illidari special forces. An assassin, two archons, two battlemages, and a demonstalker. Radinius took in a deep breath and pointed two fists out in front of him, closing the dark gates and opening two more behind him. Breathing heavily, he motioned for Emailon to go through the portal on the left.

"Of course, I'll meet you there." Emailon said, and walked through the portal with the Illidari forces.

Radinius motioned to the Blood Lords to go through the portal on the right and he followed them to Eclipse point.

"Hurry up Akairos." Gathios said to himself, and disappeared in a flash of silver light.

Deathlord Varion stood at the southern Rampart of the Hellfire Citadel with a small army of Darkfallen, three hundred strong, Varion motioned for them to move forward and they marched towards the main complex. As they went, groups of darkfallen broke off into the main ramparts, the Blood Furnace, and to take point overlooking the Path of Glory. Many Fel Orcs looked up from the Hellfire Basin and yelled protests, some even had the tenacity to attack a few darkfallen near the back, but were swiftly killed a torn apart, food for the machine, many orcs in front of the group knelt before Deathlord Varion. As Varion reached the gate to the shattered halls he found a gate blocking his path, varion held up his hand and slowly moved it across the gates width and watched as it crumbled into rust and then walked inside and his army followed. Varion paused for a moment in the grand hall, a Shattered Hand legionnaire was yelling at a group of Fel Orcs as they trained. The legionnaire turned to greet Varion, but was shoved aside as he walked by, as Varion passed a Darkfallen Captain went over and bit the neck of the legionnaire and tossed the body aside and began directing the orcs. As they marched deeper into the citadel pairs of tacticians to take positions, biting, killing, and replacing sentries, Darkfallen soldiers broke off into groups alongside alongside the orcs, and commanders began restructuring formations of the orcs. The Darkfallen reached the grand warlock's chamber and three bloodmancers encased him in an anti-magic zone while Varion took the remaining Darkfallen onwards, pairs of Darkfallen broke off and lined up against the walls. They passed the Arena of the Warbringer, an ogre-magi had replaced the one lost in the last assault on the shattered halls. Eventually reaching the hall of the Warchief Varion paused for a moment, the sixty or so Darkfallen halted behind him.

Do not think to hide from me, worms." Varion said as he bound the pair of Shattered Hand assassins in chains of ice and death gripped them to him, holding each of their heads in each hand. "Just what were you doing?" Varion asked.

"We-we, we patrol the halls for invaders." One said.

"Please spare us." the other finished.

"You should be out there FIGHTING THE WAR!" Varion yelled and twisted the head of the one that begged for life till he heard the bones crunch. "Get out of here!" He yelled at the other one, who quickly made his way towards the front of the halls.

Varion dropped the orc and walked up to the Warchief's throne, Darkfallen forming up along the walls. As Varion drew closer, Warchief Thunderaxe rose from his chair, kneeling before Deathlord Varion. "D-Deathlord Varion" he stuttered, obviously afraid, "what can I do for you?"

Varion glared at him for just a moment. "You! are. moving. TO SLOW!" Varion yelled, clutching his fist in front of him.

"My lord! I beg your pardon, we are moving as fast as we can! The near constant stream of Ebon Blade death knights continues to hinder us. Though we have made great strides against the remaining Legion demons." The warchief said, almost begging.

Varion thought for a moment, bringing a hand up to rub the back of his kneck, he turned a little bit and contemplated attack plans. "The Darkfallen are in command now." Varion said, turning back towards Warchief Thunderaxe. "Lets use the last of the Pit Lord blood from Magtheridon. We' regarding further action, I need to get an idea of just how incompetent your soldiers are." Varion said in an almost threatening tone, and turned to walk away. "Oh, and Warchief?" Varion stopped walking for a moment.

"Yes Deathlord?" Warchief Thunderaxe said, rising to his feet

Varion put his hand on the hilt of his runeblade and drew it from his back slightly. "Do not fail the Illidari." He said and continued walking down the hall.

The Ruins of AuchindounEdit

Akairos took a deep breath, savoring the magic saturated air of Eclipse Point, he rolled his shoulders and cracked the vertebrae in his neck and turned around to watch the Eclipsion Archmages inscribe and enchant his shield with new runes. Akairos looked over at a group of Bloodwarden Legionnaires and centurions overseeing the training of a new group of Eclipsion squires.

"It is done, Grand Blood-Lord." One of the archmages said as they released the spell cage. All four archmagi hefted the shield and presented it to Akairos, holding it out to him. Akairos took the shield easily and put it on his arm, doing some basic stances and shield bashed a lone stone pillar. Are you pleased, My Lord?" The Archmage asked.

"Very, but lets test it out." Akairos said with a smile. "you, mage." Akairos said, pointing to one of the archmagi. "Cast your strongest fireball at me."

"Yes, My Lord." One said, charging a ball of fire in his hands and threw it at Akairos, who raised his shield and smacked the fireball with it causing the fireball to bounce right off.

"Beautiful! The Eclipsion Magi prove their worth once again, dismissed. Go enjoy a bloodcrystal or two before the mission." Akairos said as he put the newly completed shield on his back saluted the archmages before walking away. Approaching the command building, he pushed aside the veil and walked into the lavishly decorated room and sat down on a couch, putting his feet on the table, and resting his head back and closed his eyes, trying to get some much wanted sleep. Before he could drift off, he was awoken by the sound of two pairs of plate boots walking towards him, Akairos stood up as the two Blood Lords approached and saluted him, he returned the salute and sat down, motioning for the two to sit.

"We have been deployed by Grand Commander Radinius to aide you, sir." One said.

Akairos smiled. I don't need help Radinius. he thought to himself. "Fantastic." Akairos said. "Maybe you can teach some of my men a thing or two. Now, would you both report to, many of you are there?"

"Seventeen, sir." The other Blood Lord responded.

"Allright then, report to fifth battalion, with you lot, I can move more then double that to twelfth battalion for deployment to Netherstorm. Tell your men to be ready to mvoe out within the hour, dismissed." Akairos said with a salute and the two Blood Lords left. Waiting a moment, Akairos stood up. "Why did you send them Radinius?" He asked, Radinius said nothing, merely walking over to Akairos and grabbing his arm, sending a stream of images through Akairos's head. "Fair enough, take however many demonstalkers you need, it is a fair enough trade."

Radinius opened a portal and nodded at akairos

Moments later, Radinius stood over a kneeling Emailon and the group of special forces, who were looking down into the ruins of auchindoun from their perch above the ground. Welcome Silent One.” Emailon said without turning towards Radinius. “Is this all we will be using?” Radinius sighed and turned around as an arcane portal opened and Commander Dawnseeker stepped out, bowing slightly to Radinius and Emailon.

“My Lords.” She said, rising.

Emailon turned his head towards her and the corners of his mouth flickered for a moment in a smile. “I knew he’d be bringing you, you’re growing predictable Radinius.” Radinius made an annoyed sound and joined Emailon in looking down into the ruins. Commander Dawnseeker stood behind them and looked down. At the bottom the remnants of the Sha’tar army risen by Deathlord Varion wandered about amidst the corpses of Draenei soulpriests and risen Draenei, no doubt from the Auchenai necromancers. “Ugh, undead! Disgusting. Each and Everyone should be wiped from existence! How can we let them exist? Let alone let one serve on the council?!” Commander Dawnseeker said, slightly shrill. Radinius vanished from his kneeling position and reappeared behind Commander Dawnseeker, grabbing her in his vice-like grip just under the neck. “Grand Commander Radnius the Silent wishes to express his dissatisfaction with your opinion of Deathlord Varion.” Emailon said while going over a map with the two demon hunters. Dawnseeker made her best attempt to turn her head upwards to look at Radinius and he looked at her and sighed almost apologetically and let her go. “Right, Radinius and I are here to make sure that the assault is successful. We will be making a two pronged attack against the Shadow Labyrinth.” Emailon said. As he continued speaking, Radinius noticed and almost invisible twitch of Emailon’s eye socket and a small crackle of energy that dissipated almost instantly. “…and Radinius will be making use of his portal magic to send the special forces directly inside to start fighting something wrong Radinius?” Emailon said, sensing Radinius looking at him. Radinius shook his head. “Anyhow, we know that the central group of warlocks are in the middle since the destruction of Murmur shattered the deepest part of the place. Force them out towards us Commander.” “Of course, My Lords.” She said with a bow. “Shall we go?” Radinius nodded and opened a portal and Commander Dawnseeker walked through it with the special forces, save for two Demon Hunters and a Battlemage. Radinius closed the portal behind them as the sounds of battle rang through the portal and nodded to the Battlemage and jumped off into the ruins, gracefully falling under the effect of the battle-magi’s slowfall.

Grand Blood-Lord Akairos Shadowsun was unhappy. He had commanded his mages to transport him and 150 soldiers from Eclipse point to the Eclipsion base within the crypts, and the Auchenai Deathpriests and Necromancers seemed to be keeping his men at bay. The Eclipsion forces had pushed into the crypts and were currently halted at some type of bridge over what Akairos could only assume was a pit of souls. Earlier, Akairos had looked down and thrown a rock in, he hadn’t heard it hit the bottom. More importantly, the Remaining Auchenai were drawing on the souls to empower themselves and keep a barrier up that was mostly keeping the Eclipsion out, it would not last forever though. “Pathetic weaklings…” Akairos said to himself and turned and held up a fist in front of him and it glowed with Light for a moment and he turned around and grabbed the air, suddenly a ghostly apparition appeared beneath his grip, a ghostly blade in its hand. “Unwilling soldiers are the least effective. Be free, trapped soul.” Akairos said as the glow around his hand increased and the ghost seemed to smile for a moment before vanishing. Akairos turned his attention back to the battle on the Bridge for a moment and then pointed towards some of the Illidari Bloodlords to go join the battle and start exorcising the shades. He motioned the other group towards him.

“Sir!” They said, saluting Akairos.

“We’re going to take care of the soul pit, follow my instructions precisely.” Akairos said with a smile.

“What would you have us do, My Lord?”

Akairos let out a short laugh. “We’re going to perform a reckoning.”

Radinius and Emailon were enjoying themselves as their plan worked, small groups and individuals were streaming out of the deepest parts of the Shadow Labyrinth, getting picked off one by one. “I almost regret not just leaving this job for Commander Dawnseeker.” Emailon laughed, parrying an axe swing with a glaive and discharging a arc of Fel lightning at another pack while Radinius gutted another warlock with his metamorphosised hands now claws. “I wonder what Varion is doing?”

The Legion’s End Draws NearEdit

Fear is a great motivator when it comes to Fel Orcs. They may not fear the enemy, in fact they welcome a glorious death at their hands. But what really gets them, as Varion had found out, is a dishonorable death with no final reward. The Fel Orcs of Hellfire Peninsula had set out to start ridding Hellfire Penninsula of the Legion. So far they were doing a pretty good job, now that the Darkfallen were at the forefront of the groups. Deathlord Varion stood next to Warchief Thunderaxe and his advisers at a table situated at a captured alliance forward post that had been used during the Alliance and Horde’s Outland Campaign.

“So Warchief, what should we do next once these demons have been taken care of?” Varion asked.

“I say we crush Honor Hold! To long have they been a thorn in our s-!” An adviser yelled with an outburst, but didn’t finish his sentence. Varion had moved with inhuman speed and driven his hand through the breastplate of the orc and into his chest, gripping the orcs heart and then driving a plated boot into the abdomen of the orc, knocking down the adviser and leaving his heart in Varion’s hands.

“Control your advisers Warchief!” Varion yelled, crushing the heart of added effect. “Now, what would you do? Keep in mind I am being extremely tolerant here.”

“We cannot attack the Alliance and False Horde’s outposts, not without bringing them down on us from Azeroth. I say we move into Nagrand.”

Varion contemplated for a moment. "We cannot do that, the presence of the elements is to strong there, there would be to much resistance. And our intelligence suggests that the Warchief of the Azerothian Horde is situated there, a powerful shaman such as that would only unnecessarily tax our forces." Varion examined the map of Outland for a moment. "We shall move north, into Netherstorm. There is nothing in Blades Edge for us to-"

Varion was interrupted by a great bellowing roar, a Pit Commander was storming across the Legion front, scattering the Fel Orcs like paper in the wind and was burning a swath of destruction through the Darkfallen battalions. Warchief Thunderaxe started barking orders to the Fel Orcs as Deathlord Varion ran out onto the battlefield, drawing his runeblade. Groups of Orcs and Darkfallen flanked Varion as he charged towards the Pit Lord, who flapped his wings and sent a strong gust of air towards Varion's group, knocking several down and causing Varion to stumble.

"So the pawn of Illidan finally shows himself." The Pit Commander growled. "Sit still so I can kill you swiftly, there are more important things to do."

Varion shouted and a Darkfallen orb lodged in his chest glowed for a moment and large bone spikes began protruding from Varion's left arm, Varion slammed his fist into the ground and a wave of bone spikes started shoving up from the ground underneath the pit commander, impaling through one of it's feet. The pit commander roared in pain and yanked his foot off and charged towards Varion. Varion ran to meet the demon with blurring speed and leaped into the air, landing on the back of the Pit commander and with a sweep of his sword, sliced the wing of the pit commander off. The pit commander holed in pain and reached a hand onto it's back to try and find Varion. Varion dodged the fingers of the pit commander and shoved his runeblade into the back of the demon and leaped off.

"FIRE!" yelled warchief thunderaxe, as the fel orc's ballistics rained razorblades down onto the pit lord, most of which missed or were swatted out of the air.

Varion backed off for a moment and focused on his sword, taking advantage of the distraction the Fel Orcs were providing, he began to channel a resurrection spell. As he focused the bones of the slaughtered Draenei that paved the path of glory began to rise up and take shape. The Pit commander noticed and began to crush the constructs, but not before they began to hack and his legs, the hundreds of tiny cuts caused searing fel fire to seep forth. Varion once again focused on his sword and leaped into the air, he charged green and blue tinted necromantic energy in his hands and thrust his hands in front of him, discharging a lighting-esque barrage of energy that struck the rune blade on the pit lord's back. The pit lord howled in pain and staggered about as Varion fell back to the ground, Varion death gripped his sword back to him as the pit lord tried to make another swipe at Varion with his spear.

"Curse you...filth." He bellowed.

"Curse all you like, I'm about as damned as you can get." Varion said with a smirk, holding his hands together in front of him and then thrusting them apart, the Draenei bone constructs suddenly surged with necromantic energy, and exploded causing massive burns all over the pit lord. The pit lord staggered about one last time, and then fell to the ground with a crash.

"See to it that your warlocks shut down the remaining portals, Warchief." Varion said as he sheathed his runeblade.

"At once Deathlord. Lok'tar!" Warchief thunderaxe responded, thumping his chest in salute as Varion conjured a Death Gate back to the Black Temple.

Inside AuchindounEdit

Grand Blood-Lord Akairos stood in the center of the circle of Blood Lords, channeling Light energy into him.

"Bash'a no falor talah!" Akairos chanted, channeling the Light into himself, focusing it at the magical barrier ahead of them. "Warlocks! Be ready!" Akairos yelled, breaking the chant for a moment. The Eclipsion warlocks held open demonic portals, ready to unleash the Illidari demons. Akairos resumed the chant and knelt down, bowing his head and folding his hands, Akairos closed his eyes for a moment and stood up.

"Blood Lords! Break channel." Akairos said, and the Blood Lords ceased channeling and stumbled as they felt the loss of power. Akairos opened his eyes and they glowed with the light. Akairos walked forward down the stairs and started running across the bridge. Angry souls appeared next to Akairos and burned away in holy wrath. A pair of Draenei soulpriests ran up to him, raising their staffs, Akairos blocked the swings and yanked the staffs from their grips and left them stunned with two small blasts of light. He reached the barrier and drew out Dawncrusher, Akairos yelled and smashed his hammer into the barrier, shattering it and sending a wave out light out, the souls across the bridge evaporated and a wave of light rushed down the hallway cleansing and burning away any undead or any remnant souls that stood before it. The Draenei Soulpriests stood before him and stared at Akairos.

"What have you done?" The female one asked.

Akairos smirked "I laid some innocent souls to rest. Why? What have you done? Aside from imprison hundreds of thousands of souls and whatnot."

Akairos turned away the Priests and nodded to the warlocks. The Eclipsion warlocks released the barriers on the demon portals and Illidari demons surged through. Satyr Boneslicers, Fel Guards, Infernals, and Imps of all kinds streamed through swarming deep into the crypts. The two Draenei Soulpriests were overcome by the demonic horde and Akairos walked back to the Eclipsion, the Demons taking care not to run into him.

Emailon and Radinius had run out of fleeing foes to kill. Emailon motioned to Radinius to move forward and they sheathed their weapons and ran into the deeper halls of the Shadow Labyrinth. As they ran Emailon stopped suddenly and fell to his knees clutching his head, Radinius stopped as well and looked around for a moment and turned and ran to Emailon, kneeling next to him.

"No! No!" Emailon said to himself.

Radinius put a hand on Emailon's shoulder and looked at him from behind his blindfold, Emailon's head jerked up suddenly.

"Get away!" Emailon yelled and punched Radinius in the chest so hard that Radinius was knocked back several feet. Emailon rose, his demon hunter tattoos glowing with energy for a moment before he bent over in pain, clutching his head. Radinius got up and carefully walked over to Emailon and looked at him with his magical sight. The demons inside Emailon were twisting and writhing, fighting for dominance. "I am in control!" Emailon shouted and suddenly stopped. Radinius sighed with relief and then tensed as he heard heavy footsteps approaching.

"A thousand pardons Silent One, I seem to have attracted the attention of the rabble."

Radinius nodded and drew his sword and separated from his demonform and charged into the group shadow council warlocks and warriors. Emailon followed suit spraying a wide arc of fel lightning that caused several warriors to fall. Only to have them get up moments later.

"Acolytes in the back, Silent one!" Emailon yelled.

Radinius nodded and threw his sword to his demonform and turned invisible, rushing through the horde of fighters to reach the healers keeping them going. He eventually reached the group of healers and ran into the middle of them and reappeared, the healers immediatly noticed and one began to casta spell at him and was met with a swift kick to the throat. Radinius drew a small knife from his belt and began to attack, he spun and whirled, kicked, and slashed and while a few fell. Their healing power was to great and Emailon was beginning to be overwhelmed. Radinius rendered himself intangible and rushed back over to Emailon and his demonform and took his sword back. Radinius and Emailon were back to back, fighting off warrior after warrior but they were relentless, then both of them sensed demonic presence. Huge Fel Guards were running at them, summoned by warlocks that hid behind the warriors.

"By the Light of the Sun..." Emailon muttered as Radinius fused with his demonform and grew wings from his back and leaped into the air. "Hey! Don't leave me here!" Emailon shouted and shifted into his defensive demonform and began to wade through the horde. Radinius hovered in the air just beneath the very high ceiling and looked for the warlocks, he spotted them and dived, turning invisible in the process. The warlocks never saw it coming, the small group lay eviscerated on the floor before they could react. Radinius's wings vanished and he began a bladestorm, repelling those that attempted to overwhelm him in a flurry of steel.

Emailon was repelling the warriors and they were starting to thin, they couldn't break his defenses. Emailon's caster demonform emerged and began to cast chaos blast at the fel guards. Emailon was shocked, he had not called for his caster demonform, he concentrated for a moment and the other demonform was absorbed back into himself. But in a moment of distraction he had not noticed the relenting of the attackers and that he was surrounded with warlocks who were attempting to bind him. Emailon returned to elven form with a look of horror on his face, he could feel the demons inside of him clawing at his consciousness, striving to break out of him and this new binding.

"No! Nooo! I am the master!" Emailon screamed. "Radinius! I..can't..contain...them!"

Radinius stopped and looked over at Emailon just in time to see him explode with energy. Radinius attempted to erect a shield but to no avail, he was picked up by the wave of energy and throw painfully against the walls of the refectory, leaving a slight dent in the wall, and fell to the floor. Radinius looked up quickly and saw all others had been blown away and scattered body parts were strewn about the room, their owners all dead. Emailon stood still, slightly hunched over. His head snapped up and stared at Radinius, his eyes glowing a bright red from behind his blindfold.

"Radinius! Something is influencing...the demons within me...inciting..."

Radinius picked up his sword and began to walk towards Emailon when he heard heavy footsteps behind him, coming from the top of the stairs in the back of the room.

"Inciter...that good good." The figure said. "Is true!"

From the shadows, a large ogre-magi stepped out. The Ogre's skin was tinted purple from warlock magics and he was dressed in a rich purple toga. "Your friend not doing so good. That means it's....time for fun!"

Radinius cringed at the last word as he felt the psychic assault on his mind. beckoning him to just go over and assault Emailon. Put him out of his misery.

Yes, yes. Put him out of his pain, it'd be so simple. Radinius thought to himself and drew his weapon. Radinius then whipped around and faced Blackheart, who was standing there with his eyes closed, giggling. It's so easy. Radinius thought and leaped into the air, vanishing and reappearing on the back ogre-magi. Time for fun. Radinius thought as he thrust his sword through the back of the ogre's left head. The ogre's other head yelled in pain for a moment before Radinius conjured a ball of felfire in his free hand and shoved the screaming head on fire, it's headpiece catching fire quickly.

"" The ogre said and fell to the ground as Radinius leaped off his back.

Radinius sheathed his weapon and ran over to Emailon who was kneeling down, breathing heavily. Emailon looked up at Radinius for a moment and took his glaives off of his back and rising weakly, Radinius did the same.

"Incoming." Emailon gasped.

Radinius whipped around, anticipating a fight, only to see Commander Sunseeker and her troops walking through the door behind the now dead ogre.

"Ah, Commander. Did you find Vorpil?" Emailion asked.

"I did. If you'll follow me M'Lords." Commander Sunseeker said and turned, walking back past the ogre.

Radinius and Emailon looked at each other for a moment and followed her, keeping their weapons drawn. They followed Elanor Sunseeker through the halls. As they walked Radinius vanished and reappeared next to Commander Sunseeker. She looked up at Radinius and sighed.

"It wasn't my fault Grand Commander." She said as they entered a large room full of dead orc women. Piles of bones were littered all over the place. At the head of the room were two bodies laying on the raised platform, a dead orc and surprisingly, a dead draenei. Emailon put his glaives back onto his back and squinted to see the dead orc, its magical signature was fading.

"Vorpil..." Emailon said with a growl. He stepped over the bodies of the shadow council zealots, warriors, and warlocks to reach the body. Once he reached the body he knelt down and put his hand on the orcs neck, no pulse. Emailon shouted and kicked the body over, revealing more prominently the penetrating stab wound. Emailon moved on to the dead Draenei and put his hand on it's neck, again no pulse. Emailon looked at the body of the Draenei, in it's hand was a bloodied crystal sword.

"He was to be mine!" Emailion shouted and kicked the blade away, an Illidari Assassin picked up the blade and examined it before putting it into his pack.

An Illidari Battlemage stepped forth and stood at attention for a moment. Radinius nodded at him and the Battlemage conjured a lesser power circle around the two bodies, focusing on the two.

"Sir." The Battlemage said. "I'm sure you're aware of the fading magical signature, My lords. But the Warlock here, his strong it keeping his soul bound here. The Draenei was even stronger...a necromancer it seems." The mage said, breaking off his circle.

"Well if he is still here...lets...greet him." Emailion said with a scowl. Emailon crew back his fist and charged it with green fel energy till his hand became almost ethereal. Emailon yelled and plunged his now transparent hand into the chest of the orc and with a horrible ripping sound, tore the dark soul from the dead orc.

"Ahhh...Grandmaster Vorpil I presume?" Emailon spat, holding the writhing spirit in the air at arms length. "You did not think you could get away from the wrath of the Illidari so easily could you?"

"You!" The spirit yelled in fear. "Cursed one! Why are you here?!?"

"Why?" Emailon asked. "Because my Master wishes it?"

"Illidan is dead!" Vorpil snarled. "He had no interest in his place."

Emailon smirked. "The Illidari has a new Master now." Emailon twitched and cracked his neck, a demonic face flashed across his face for a moment. "So you're a binder, eh? You incite demons and bind must have been pretty good at it to rile me up in death."

"I gave my life gladly! I do not fear you!"

"You will learn to...for your crimes against the Illidari!"

"My...crimes?" The spirit asked.

"Yes. Your warlocks hurt my sister!" Emailon yelled, his burnt eye sockets smoldering with increased fire. "And for that you will pay! If she cannot take her vengeance..I will!" Green energy coursed across the spirit and Vorpil screamed in pain, his cries of agony merely ghostly wails. "Your soul will fuel the Fel Reavers once your latent magic is no more." Emailon turned around to face the group of Illidari. "Magi, open a portal to the Black Temple, the Master will be interested in him."

"At once My Lord!" The Magi said, and began casting a gateway to the Black Temple. Once it was complete Emailon stepped through and vanished.

Once Emailon had vanished, Radinius sighed and looked over and Commander Sunseeker.

"What do we do with the Draenei, sir?" She asked.

Radinius looked at the body for a moment and then held his fist in front of him and focused for a moment before it turned into a demonic claw, Radinius made the same motion that Emailon had made, ready to grab the spirit and yank it out. But when Radinius made contact there was a flash of light and Radinius was propelled back a few feet, the smell of burned flesh permeated the air. Radinius's hand returned to normal and he grabbed it in pain, the flesh was blackened and torn, ugly blisters covered the back of his hand and the palm was almost completely blackened. Despite the pain, Radinius made no sound, only an ugly grimace on his face.

"My Lord! What happened!!?" The two demonhunters yelled and drew their glaives.

A ghostly image appeared over the body, a large muscular Draenei, a vindicator in life. "This Draenei is of the hallowed dead, the Light does not abandon its champions. Be gone foul ones! You who seek to corrupt this place."

"Why you!" Commander Sunseeker yelled and drew her sword and shield and her aura glowed with the light slightly, the Illidari behind her drew their weapons as well. They charged at the spirit and the spirit simply vanished, reappearing several yards away, at the back door to the room.

"If you will not leave this place on your own..." The spirit said as an army of ghosts of fallen Draenei appeared behind him. "...then you will be made to leave. You and the Usurpers in the sacred crypts."

Radinius drew his sword and held it in his good hand, motioning for the group to get behind him. He waved his bad hand in a famillar way and dark hands appeared in mid air to drag open a dark gate. This is a battle we cannot win. Radinius thought and motioned for everyone to enter the portal, he followed shortly after.

Completing the PlanEdit

"This must have been how Kil'jaeden felt!" Deathlord Varion laughed wildly as he tore another small piece from the spirit of Grandmaster Vorpil.

Once Emailon the Cursed had returned to the black temple, he had brought the spirit before Lord Gathios for questioning. Gathios had summoned the recently returned Deathlord and put him and his Darkfallen to work...extracting...information from the late Vorpil. Presently Grandmaster Vorpil's spirit hung in mid air, suspended in a crucifixion on a stone slab held aloft by the Darkfallen Bloodmancers in the Halls of Anguish, which the Darkfallen had taken as their own.

"What do you mean?" Emailon asked as he watch Varion work his magic.

"All those that were attached to the Lich King know his pain. How he was once the Orc Shaman Ner'zhul. How Kil'jaeden captured him and tore his soul apart..." Varion removed another chunk of the spirt's flesh. "...piece..." Another chunk "" Another chunk "...piece. Ahhahaha!" Varion laughed.

"Deathlord Varion! Focus on the task at hand!" Highlord Gathios Dawncrusher shouted.

"Of course, My Lord." Varion said. "Bloodmancers! Increase the spiritual pressure!"

The spirit of Vorpil shrieked in agony once more. "I...will tell you...NOTHING!"

"We'll see how long that lasts..." Gathios said to himself.

Grand Blood-Lord Akairos stood in the doorway of the Crypt of Rememberance, admiring the decorated lights and the fallen bodies of skeletons, bone golems, and gooey piles of dissolving ecoplasm. Akairo's gaze finally came to rest on the red armored Draenei sitting in meditation on the far side of the room, facing away from him. From behind him an Eclipsion Centurion approached, Akairos turned around to face him with a salute, the Centurion returned the salute, relaxing after Akairos did.

"What have you to report Centurion?"

"News from the strike team deployed to the Shadow Labyrinth, sir."

"Please continue." Akairos replied.

"There is a large enemy force heading our way, an army of fallen souls it seems. It is advised that we complete our mission swiftly and depart."

Akairos thought for a moment. "What do the magi say is the time of arrival for the soul army?"

"Probably within thirty minuets or so, Grand Blood-Lord."

"Very good, summon the entire Bloodwarden Division and the arch-magi. Our prize is close." Akairos said with a smile.

Akairos took Dawncrusher off of his back and held the familiar weight in his hand. He held the head of the hammer in front of his face, feeling the very faint chill radiating off of it. Soon my master, he will be ours. Akairos thought. Akairos began walking around the crypt to the large red garbed Draenei slinging the hammer over his shoulder, listening to his boots echo off the walls. As he got closer the Draenei lifted his head and began to speak.

"So...the armies of the betrayer finally descend upon us."

"I don't know what you mean." Akairos said. "The Betrayer is dead."

"Oh?" The Draenei said. "Then perhaps you can explain why you came here, as the shadow council did, to collect all these souls?"

"I did no such thing, fallen paladin."

The Draenei immediately turned to look at Akairos. The Draenei was old and scarred, he had no hair, but a strong chin, his dark blue skin was ever so slightly tinted with grey. "Who are you?" He asked.

Akairos's smirked, shifting the weight of his hammer. "I am Grand Blood-Lord Akairos of the High Illidari Council. High Paladin of the Illidari, supreme commander of the Eclipsion and..." Akairos's golden eyes glowed brighter for second. "...binder of the Naaru." Akairos took the hammer off of his shoulders, planting the base of the hammer on the ground and resting his hands on top of the head. "I am here for no souls, I am here for a much bigger prize." Akairos grinned wickedly, gesturing to the large tomb in the center of the room.

The Draenei leaped to his feet in realization of what was going on. "You have defiled the resting place of our ancestors. For this offense, there can be but one punishment. It is fitting that you have come to a place of the dead... for you will soon be joining them!" Maladaar drew his hammer, very similar in appearance to Dawncrusher. "Die!" He yelled and charged at Akairos.

Akairos parried the first strike and the second, he was being forced back towards the stairs. Akairos bared his teeth and growled and the ground beneath him consecrated, forcing the Exarch to back off. Akairos discharged a flash of light, temporarily blinding the Exarch, Akairos took the opportunity to swing his hammer into the Exarch's side, he heard a crunch of armor as the Exarch fell down, a few fragments of armor fell from the strike. Akairos stomped his foot and the ground consecrated beneath the Exarch and Akairos let loose the holy chains to shackle the Exarch. He quickly put his hammer on his back and held his fist behind him, charging light energy in it.

"Selama amor'anore!! You are judged!" Akairos shouted, discharging the light in a slicing upward motion towards the exarch. The laser-like beam of light struck the exarch like a sledgehammer, stripping him of much of the armor covering his upper torso. The blast had broken the chains and the exarch got up, grabbing his hammer. The exarch charged at Akairos again, dark magic gathering around him. Akairos tried to stun the Exarch but it was to late, the ribbon of soul energy struck akairos, flinging him against a wall, leaving an Akairos shaped dent in it.

"You will walk with our ancestors!" Maladaar yelled. "They will be here soon enough!" He said, charging dark magic. "Rise my fallen brothers! Take form and fight!"

Akairos scrambled to his feet and his eyes glowed brighter for a moment and glowing wings appeared on his back. He took Dawncrusher and leaped towards Maladaar, flying through the air close to the ground on his wings like a holy torpedo, but before he could strike the exarch his hammer was parried by a large spirit of a Draenei Vindicator. Akairos was also alerted by the presence, of running feet, his Bloodwardens had arrived. Akairos smirked and erected an immunity field of holy energy and leaped backwards, instilling holy energy into the avatar, compelling it to flee in terror, which it did.

"Vindicators! On me! Centurions, the Exarch! Akairos yelled and the soldiers fell into position, charging into attack.

"You will all stay here forever!" Exarch Maladaar yelled, a wave of necromantic energy pulsing from him and the fallen constructs and necromancers began to get up from the floor. Akairos directed the vindicators to deal with the raised army while he pressed the attack. Akairos ran/glided over the avatar and charged light energy into his hammer and struck the avatar square in the chest, followed up with a few bursts of holy light to disorient it. The avatar was beginning to become incorperal again and Akairos shackled it in holy chains.

"Not getting away easily." Akairos said, charging more light energy into Dawncrusher and hurling it at the avatar. The avatar shattered into pieces with a ghostly wail and dissolved into piles of ectoplasm. The hammer returned to Akairos and he turned to face Maladaar once more. He had gotten a few centurions and was charging after a Duskwielder. Akairos ran over to he Exarch, charing Light energy as he went and hurled the ball of light energy into the face of Maladaar. Maladaar yelled and dropped his hammer, using both hands to clutch at his eyes. The break in concentration caused all the resurrected beings to fall to the ground again. When Exarch Maladaar opened his eyes, all he could see was white, he swivled his head around, seeing only white, then amidst all the white, was Akairos, who smashed him in the gut with Dawncrusher.

"Bind him Bloodwardens." Akairos said, sheathing his hammer.

The Bloodwarden vindicators and Centurions backed off, allowing the Bloodwarden Lightbenders and Duskwielders to come forth, they used chains of light and shadow to hold the exarch in place. Akairos stood in front of the Exarch and waved his hand, clearing away the blindness.

"Neccromancy is well and good. But, by the Sun, if you have just taken the power right in front of you!" Akairos said and turned towards the huge casket in the center of the room. "Reveal yourself...Naaru!" Akairos looked back towards the Exarch. "Watch."

Akairos extended his hand towards the casket, slightly curling his fingers and turning his palm up, his hand glowing slightly with the light as little sparks and crackles of energy were siphoned from the coffin. "Delicious." Akairos said. "Archmages!" Akairos yelled. The Eclipsion were filing into the Crypt to watch what was about to happen and a group of Arch-magi stepped forth and saluted in front of Akairos. "Take this Draenei to the Black Temple."

The Exarch yelled. "No! This is...where I belong!" Out of the Exarch's mouth spewed a dark ball of energy. Akairos tried to raise a holy barrier but it struck him right in the face. Akairos broke his channeling of Light and grabbed his face, clawing at the darkness. "Stare into the blackness of your soul!" The Exarch shouted, then died. Akairos scratched at his face and was doubled over in pain. He breathed hard for a moment and light started to shine through the blackness till it broke off of Akairos's face.

"Disgusting magic." Akairos said, looking at the now dead Exarch. "Search the body. He was the keeper of the crypt, he can access the the tomb. Lightbenders, fall into position around the tomb like we practiced."

A Bloodwarden Steward came forth and started searching the body while the Bloodwarden Lightbenders formed a circle around the huge tomb. The tomb was totally silent except for the sound of the Stewards rustling through armor and the distant wail of souls. "Got it sir." A steward said. Akairos took the small piece of metal and inserted it into the hole at the head of the tomb. The roof of the tomb began to crack and slide off and glow with the Light.

"Magisters! Fall into position behind the Lightbenders!" Akairos said assuming his binding position.

The tomb of D'ore opened and the Naaru rose from the rubble. Akairos could hear the beautiful singing music inside his head. "Steady Eclipsion." He said, holding his hand in the air.

"Naaru D'ore! You have slept here for a long, long time!" Akairos said to the Naaru. "And you will sleep a long time further...Lightbenders! Magisters! Begin!"

Beams of energy radiated from the hands of the Lightbenders, they manipulated the strands of energy as if they were lassos, tightening them around the Naaru. The Naaru shook back and forth, trying to break its bonds, but it could not budge beneath the iron will of the Eclipsion Bloodwardens, the Lightbenders were to strong.

"Magisters! Battlemages! To the Black Temple!" Akairos shouted. The magisters started opening a portal above the Naaru, at the very roof of the room. It descended down upon the Eclipsion and all were transported to the Shrine of Lost Souls where Highlord Gathios the Shatterer waited with the rest of the Illidari spellcasters.

The Time to StrikeEdit

D'ore had been imprisoned with Xi'ri in the shrine of lost souls by means of careful magical binding. Meanwhile in the Halls of Anguish, Deathlord Varion and Emailon had finally been successful with Vorpil's spirit. Radinius the Silent, Grand Blood-Lord Akairos, and Highlord Gathios the Shatterer walked down the hallway to Varion was.

"Radinius what happened to your hand?" Gathios asked as they entered the room where Vorpil's now dismembered spirit hung. Radinius, as usual said nothing. "Here." Gathios said as silver energy enveloped his mangled hand for a moment before sliding off, leaving the flesh unblemished.

They approached the slab suspended by Bloodmancers. "Report Deathlord." Gathios asked.

Varion turned to Gathios and knelt before him, Emailon turned and did the same. "We got it, My Lord. The secret to conquer a thousand worlds. To re-open the portals of Outland."

Lord Gathios smiled behind his helmet. "Excellent."

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