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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

Neutral 32 The Second Illidari

Banner of the Illidari.

Main leaderLord Gathios Dawncrusher
Secondary leadersGrand Blood-Lord Akairos, Radinius the Silent, Emailon the Cursed, Deathlord Varion
Membership573,392 and growing
Race(s)Blood Elves, Night Elves, Orcs, Demon
Character classesPaladin, Necromancer, Mage. Rogue, Warmage, Demon Hunter, Death Knight (1).
CapitalThe Black Temple
Other major citiesEclipse Point, Illidari Hold, Dragonmaw Fortress
Theater of operationsOutland
Main languageOrcish, Thalassian, Demonic, Common
AlignmentNeutral evil
Purple Trophy Tabard of the Illidari

The Illidari tabard

The Second Illidari are the rulers of the reforming the legions of Illidan Stormrage, the Lord of Outland. After the defeat of Illidan Stormrage, the Illidari was without leader, the majority of it's forces in chaos or scattered. Once the invaders were driven from the black temple, the high Illidari Council stepped forth to reunite the shattered forces and expel the Alliance and the Horde from their home of Outland while they still distracted in Northrend. The Ultimate goal of the Illidari is to amass enough forces to continue the plan of the late Lord Illidan, and begin conquering worlds to fight the Burning Leigon and anyone who would stand in their way. This faction is composed mostly by demons of many species, particularly Nathrezim, Sayaad, Fiends, Felguards and Satyr, former minions of the Burning Legion who switched their allegiance after the defeat of Magtheridon and Blood Elves, formerly loyal to Kael'thas or to Quel'thalas. Since the fall of the Lich King, the Illidari's greatest threat on Azeroth has been eradicated, and and the Illidari seek to conquer Outland for themselves.

Current goalsEdit

The former goals of the Illidari have been replaced with new and more adventurous goals. In the past the goals of the Illidari were to hide from the Burning leigon, since the installation of new, non-insane leader, Gathios the Shatterer, the Illidari have turned to become conquerors.


- For full list of battles see Illidari Wars.

The Illidari have waged many large battles since the reformation into the new Illidari against the Sha'tar, Legion, and 3rd party forces.

Victories thus FarEdit

- Demon armies sent to Tothrezim home world to recruit engineers into the service of the Illidari. The infernals that the Tothrezim produce are bound to contracts, and the contracts mass distributed throughout the Illidari's forces, increasing their bombardment power 10 fold.
- Horde and Alliance bases decimated, Orcs of Shadowmoon village were recruited into the dragonmaw clan to replenish Fel Orc population. Alliance base was totally decimated, bodies taken back to the Black Temple and given to the Shadowmoon Deathshapers.
- All Ata'mal crystals recovered.
- Slaying of the Lich King
- Expulsion of Legion forces from Shadowmoon Valley.

Future PlansEdit

- Completely remove Leigon influence from outland
- Capitalize on the now leaderless Cult of the Damned. Possibly bringing in necromancers to supplement their armies.
- Restore the mana forges of Netherstorm in order to start building weapons for the conquest of new worlds.
- Dominate Azeroth

Command StructureEdit

The Illidari military was restructures Slightly. Noteable changes are:

- Special forces division created
- The Illidari Felsworn; various races that have drank demon blood. Sub-faction of the Eclipsion.
- Darkfallen order established
- Chain of command listed below.

Chain of CommandEdit

Supreme rulerEdit

High Illidari CouncilEdit

- High Illidari Council

Special Combat divisionsEdit

The Illidari special forces are squads of Illidari forces that have shown exemplary skill or leadership ability. Regardless of race, one can find themselves on a squad. The special forces units answer directly to Lord Gathios and are commanded by Radinius the Silent.

Illidari demon huntersEdit

A legion of demon hunters that exist to purge the enemies of the Illidari from existence. Composed mostly of Blood Elves there are also Night Elves within the hunters.

Eclipsion Blood ElvesEdit

The Eclipsion Blood Elves are an elite army loyal to the Illidari composing of the strongest warriors of the Blood Elves. The Eclipsion also encompasses the forces of the Crimson Sigil, the elite guards to the Black Temple.

Fel Orc ClansEdit

Illidari DarkfallenEdit

The Illidari Darkfallen are undead Blood Elves that were formerly in service to the Illidari. The Elven forces were slain by the Scourge in Northrend and were risen into the service of the Lich King. When the Lich King was slain and the control over the Darkfallen was broken, when they were risen by Deathlord Varion they returned to the last affiliation they had, the Illidari.

Illidari Fel-SwornEdit

The Illidari Fel-Sworn are Blood Elves that have consumed large amounts of demon blood. Although their power is great, their decision to "devolve" to such a base state puts them near the bottom of the ladder within the Illidari. The Felblood Elves are often deployed with demons which hey can draw power from or feed upon. Felblood Elven powers also synergise well with demonic power.

Illidari DemonsEdit

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