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Powers of the 3rd generation council of The Second Illidari.

Grand Blood-Lord Akairos


-Consecration: Consecrates the ground, causing damage to enemies
-Hammer of the Righteous: hurls a hammer of light energy, causing holy damage to a foe and all enemies within 10 yards.
-Avenger's Shield: Hurls his shield, striking a target and jumping between enemies before returning to him, the force of the impact breaks the focus of casters
-Avenging Wrath: Golden wings erupt from his back, allowing Akairos to deal near fatal blows very fast.
-Shield slam: hits the target with shield
-Judgments: refreshes seal DoT duration
- Judgment of Stolen Light Light: Any ally who strikes the target is healed for large ammounts
- Judgment of Corrupted Insight: reduces a casters mana in half and all foes around the target within 20 yards.
- Judgment of Harsh Justice: Huge amount of Holy damage and DoT
-Seal of vengeance: stacks a DoT on the foe.
-Radiance: Explodes with blinding light, incinerating all demonic or undead units friend or foe and blinds humanoid targets.

While using Dawncrusher

-Illidari Strike: Strikes the target with holy might, this strike is powerful enough to burn holes in metal
-Banishing Strike: Invokes the power of the light to banish a foe to a limbo for up to 30 seconds
-Crushing Strike: invokes the power of the light to incinerate bones on weak powered targets
-Divine Strike: Invokes the power of Lord Gathios, eradicating the target completely, using this ability renders Akairos unable to use his powers for up to 5 hours.


-Divine shield: Akairos is immune to everything for 20 seconds
-Divine Sacrifice: redirects 100% of damage allies are taking to himself for 45 seconds. Increases his healing taken by 10,000%
-Hand of Protection: makes a target immune to physical damage for 15 seconds
-Hand of Spell Warding: Makes a target immune to spells for 15 seconds
-Devotion aura: Reduces Physical damage taken by 25% by allies in 50 yards, increase attack speed with weapons for allies in 50 yards.
-Death Prevention technique: every 2 minuets Akairos comes back to life if killed. If slain before 2 minuets is over. He is dead.
-Redemption: Restores a fallen ally to life

Mistress Insentus


-Arcane blast: huge amount of magical damage
-Holy fire: consumes target in divine flames
-Holy Nova: AoE holy damage and heals allies for large amounts
-Fire Ball: shoots fire at target
-Frost nova: freezes targets
-Penance: Damage enemies, heals allies.
-Blizzard: summons a raging blizzard
-Holy Flame strike: Consecrates ground and burns foes within.
-Holy Bolt: Burst of magical power
-Circle of Destruction: AoE holyflame damage within 20 yards.
-Megamorph: Turns the enemy into a grotesque creature that lasts until Insentus wants it to stop.
-Purifying Bind: Forces enemy to sleep where they live out their worst deeds over and over till they repent.


-Prayer of reverse mending: heals an ally and jumps to a new target, increasing in strength and amount healed. Jumps 5 times.
-Greater Heal: big heal
-Circle of healing: Heals closest 10 allies.
-Divine Hymn: heals all allies within earshot off Insentus, restoring them to full health
-Renew: heals an enemy over time
-Blink: Short distance teleport, up to 60 yards
-Mana shield: Surrounds a target in a shield of hardened mana, absorbing medium amounts of damage
-Reflective Shield: absorbs huge amounts of damage, all damage done to the shield is felt equally by the attacker.

Emailon the Cursed

No Defensive powers to speak of Offensive

-Fel Lightning: Arcing bolts of demonic energy
-Fel Immolation: Ignites a target with unquenchable flames
-Emailon's clutch: Infests the target with parasitic shadowfiends that eat the target away, upon death of target will return to Emailon, healing him for a tremendous ammount
-Fel Poison: Coats his warglaives, causes unbearable agony to those who touch it, demon or non demon.
-Fel Immolation Aura: Ignites air around himself, ally and foe within 5 yards are burnt horribly by unquenchable fire, most metal melts before striking Emailon.
-Teleportation: If Emailon can envision the place, Emailon can go there, oftentimes right behind a foe.
-Demonic Empowerment: Emailon can empower himself or an ally to move and attack many times as fast as normal.
-Felflame bolt: shoots a ball of felflame at a foe.
-Bladestorm: Emailon spins around, slicing every target to ribbons within reach.
-Spell breaker: Reduces a spellcaster's magical ability by 75%
-Cripple: reduces a target's running speed, casting speed, attack speed by 100%.
-Banishing strike: removes a target from plane of existance for 30 seconds.

Demon form Demon 1: The Spell Caster Very low health level

   - Can drain life force from beings, healing the group 
   - Can fire Chaos Blast inflicting heavy fire damage 
   - Can distract the minds of casters and counter their spells. 
   - Can use Mind Control 

Demon 2: The Defender really high health level

   - Redirects all damage taken by the other 2 demons to itself 
   - Can drain life force from beings, healing the group 
   - Can cast spell reflecting barriers around the group 
   - Can become immune to all damage 

Demon 3: The Melee Fighter mid level health

   - Extreme proficiency with warglaives equal to normal form Emailon 
   - Can perform spellbreaker 
   - Has extremely fast movement speed 

Deathlord Varion


-Pestilant Swarm: Carrion insects devour the flesh in a wave in front of Aspaerus
-Dark Simulcrum: Any spell cast at the Deathlord, he can absorb and store it for a later time at which point he can use as he pleases.
-Necrotic Strike: turns heals into damage for 3 seconds.
-Virulance: infects a target with diseases
-Necromantic Strike: hits for physical damage then for shadow damage
-Animate Dead: creates zombie minions
-Reaping strike: Drains medium ammounts of life from the target, healing himself.
-Death grip: pulls enemies to him
-Debilitating Strike: Instantly break metal on contact with Aspaerus's weapon.


-Dark pact: Sacrifices nearby Undead minions, healing him for tremendous amounts for each minion sacrificed.
-Anti-Magic Shell: Renders Aspaerus immune to magical damage for 10 seconds, magic is absorbed and converted into runic power.
-Eternal Death: Whenever Aspaerus is killed, he will return to life within 30 seconds unless his head is removed.
-Icebound Fortitude: reduces damage he takes by 50%.
-Strangulate: Crushes a target's windpipe, probably killing it or at least braks it's focus with spellcasting.

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