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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.


Mistress Alessandra was dead and Radinius took her place, it was time for the Illidari High Council see to it themselves that the death of Alessandra was avenged.

Lord GathiosEdit

"Was I right?" Gathios thought to himself, sitting on the edge of the Temple Summit. "Yes, I was. It was worth showing my power. Or was it? Did I know on some level about the other rogues in there? What should I do with that Naaru? Could it communicate to its brethren?"

Gathios stood up and walked to the center of the Temple summit and looked down into the Chamber of Command for a moment before walking to the southern part of the summit where his Halberd lay resting against the wall. He picked it up and started doing basic exercises with it.

"Has everything I've done been right? Gathios thought to himself, thinking back about his rise to power, closing his eyes in memory.

It was a bad day to say the least. The demon hunter program was failing and Lord Illidan was receding further and further from command of the Illidari. I couldn't remember the last time he gave us an order directly. The last thing he did was have some dreadlords question and punish the overlord of the Dragonmaw orcs and send out some couriers with messages. I never liked that Ambassador Sunleaf. Then the great temple was attacked, I remember that most of all. I directed forces within the temple the best I could and set up a defense of special forces as a last bastion when Illidan's damned concubine of all things tried to defend her master. The Chamber of Command was breached and the council attacked. I remember Lady Malande trying her hardest to maintain the council's health and Veras managing to fell a few attackers. But that damned warrior attacking me, I could not tear my attention from her. No matter what I tried to do to kill her, I couldn't. Eventually the council fell, one by one, till I was on the brink of death myself. Then Akairos came and managed to resurrect us all, yes, Akairos. Now my most loyal general. I remember back in Silvermoon so many years ago, with that Tauren Druid, Zo'shi. I don't even remember why I left to fight. But whatever, it was worth it. Was about my deception even now? How will that end? Will Akairos and Emailon find out abou-

Lord Gathios opened his eyes and stopped swinging his weapon about, finding Akairos holding it.

"What is it Grand Blood-Lord?"

"The council is about to leave Highlord."

"Very well, see to it none survive."

"It seems like you could do all of this yourself, why not come with us to the Sha'tar Altar, surely you have as much reason to see them dead as I, Emailon, or any us do." Akairos said, drawing his sword and shield.

The two started to spar a bit.

"You know as well as I that I cannot reveal my power to so many at once." Gathios said as he performed a jump attack.

"As if it'd be a problem." Akairos said as he dodged the attack and thrust his shield into Gathios's chest. "I don't even understand what you do."

Gathios absorbed the blow. "It's hard to put it into words someone can understand." Gathios replied, sticking his halberd into the floor and swinging to kick Akairos away.

Akairos blocked the kick and parried him, Gathios leaped off the shield and landed on his feet. "Try me Gathios."

"Very well Blood-Lord." Gathios said, putting his weapon on his back and sitting down. "There is good, then there is evil. The light." A holy flame appeared in his right hand. "And the darkness." A black and green flame appeared in his left hand. "Separate they are powerful indeed, you for example command great amounts of light mastery. And Varion commands great darkness." Gathios took the dark flame and pressed it to his arm, searing it and leaving it black. "The darkness beings ruin, while the light..." The burned flesh healed "...can repair anything. But as you know has it's place dealing vengeance."

Akairos nodded, his eyes flickering to the place on Gathios's arm where the black flame burned it.

"Combined these two are more powerful then anything, but it is not easy." Gathios produced a light and dark flame and put them together resulting in a small explosion. "But anything can be forced together if enough pressure is applied." Gathios produced another black flame in his left hand and pressed it to the white flame in his right hand, instead of an explosion, there was a glow within Gathios's hands and Akairos's eyes opened wide. When Gathios opened his hands there was a gray flame that crackled silver. "What lies between good and evil is more powerful then either of them separate. This isn't even really power, this is a concept, an idea. Even I don't know how to define it."

"So you're some kind of Fel-Paladin?" Akairos asked.

"I guess." Gathios said, standing up. "But in time this world shall be ours and my power unleashed upon the world when the time is right. For now, see to it that the filth that taints our home is eradicated."

"It will be done my lord." Akairos said, walking towards the stairs down into the Chamber of Command.

"See to it Akairos." Gathios thought to himself, and went back to practicing with his halberd.


Emailon knelt beside the body of his sister, still holding her. Fel acid tears dripped from behind his blindfold melting small holes in the floor where they landed. One had landed on Alessandra's shoulder before and he thought of the chastisement she would have given him before mending her wounds. Varion and Radinius stood behind Emailon.

"Do you think we should have attacked the Horde base first?" Varion asked Radinius, who shook his head.

"You're right, the Alliance base was closer, and better tasting." Varion said, wiping some blood off of his mouth. "Emailon! You almost done?" He yelled.

Emailon looked up and turned towards Varion. "I swear Deathlord, if you interrupt my mourning once more I shall spend the rest of my days taking out my anger on your body rather then the bastards across the valley."

Varion laughed. "Settle down. I do have a soul, morals even, they're just very flexible."

"You mean non-existent?" Emailon asked.

"Well that is just how flexible my morals are." Varion said with a smirk.

"You rotting inconsiderate..." Emailon snarled and drew a glaive, Varion drew his sword. Radinius stepped back as they clashed weapons.

"Enough!" Akairos shouted, physical immunity shields appeared around Emailon and Varion. "If you want to fight then we can take it out on those who deserve it."

Varion put his glaives away. "You're right. There is work to be done my friend." Varion grunted and put his sword away as well. Emailon looked at Varion again. "My apologies Deathlord, the loss of a council member is just so irksome...might I ask you a favor?"

"Favor being?" Varion asked with a shrug.

"To the west of the Altar of the Sha'tar lies the horde base and in between the two, an alliance remnant camp. Take your Darkfallen, see to it my vengeance is not interrupted."

"Hahahaha! Oh my friend, I would be delighted to." Varion said, rubbing his hands together.

"Good. Lets go, I had the Drakelord send us some Netherdrakes to help us." Akairos said and motioned for the rest of the council to follow. Emailon paused for a second and knelt beside Alessandra again, kissed her on the forehead and followed Akairos. On the way out he stopped a group of Crimson Sigil guards.

"Prepare the prisoners for interrogation upon my return, and...take Mistress Alessandra to her room I'll get her ready later."

"Yes sir." They said with a salute, and walked into the refectory.

The council members departed out of the Illidari training ground, the Wyrmcallers saluting them as they went, peons ran about carrying various things about and Drakeriders hovered about in the air. Drakelord Ergos and Drakelady Almara flew highest in the air, commanding various riders. Akairos closed his eyes for a moment as he felt a semi-cool breeze for a moment. When he opened his eyes when he bumped into Radinius, who was pointing up into the air, Akairos glanced up where he was pointing and saw a ballista bolt flying through the air. A brief smirk appeared on his face for a second and he raised his hand, as it flew towards them it collided with an immunity shield and fell to the ground. The Drakelord began barking orders and the Dragonmaw drakeriders flew to attack the origin. Drakelady Almara pointed three drakes to the ground, the netherdrakes landed before the council, who proceeded to mount them.

"Make sure Shattrath doesn't interfere, Deathlord." Emailon said.

"As you wish." Varion replied.

Varion turned around and looked up at the temple as the Drakes flew away, he rolled his eyes for a second and let out a piercing shriek that made nearby Illidari grab their ears and several Fearbringer demons stumbled. Varion tapped his foot and waited a moment and several large Death Gates opened, two-thousand Illidari Darkfallen marched out in formation.

"Soldiers!" Varion screamed in the language of the dead. "Time to sate the thirst of the Darkfallen. Bloodmancers, if you would be so kind, to Illidari Hold, we are going to put ourselves in the middle of the path of the Sha'tar. Should they decide to come, blood, if they don't come. We get to find our own." The Darkfallen soldiers cheered. "To the hold." Varion said, and Bloodmancers began to open portals to the hold.


The three council members were nearing the Altar of the Sha'tar, they could see the fortress below them, glowing with crystalline lights and filled to the brim with Aldor Draenei, Scryer Blood Elves, and various other races. Akairos looked back to Radinius and saw his face twitch for a moment, he looked back ahead and motioned to stop. They were right above the Altar, Emailon began to dismount.

"Wait! Emailon!" Akairos shouted, but to late, Emailon was falling towards the fortress.

"Damn it." Akairos mumbled to himself.

Radinius and Akairos jumped off their drakes, black wings and glowing wings erupting from their backs to slow their descent. Below them Emailon split into his demon forms, each one flapped their wings for a moment to slow their descent and continued to the ground.

In the middle of the Altar several Draenei looked up in the air, many of them pointed at the three demons moving quickly towards the ground and the two figures behind them. One of the commanders ordered to fire at the targets and volley of arrows flew up towards the falling beings.

"Lovely." Akairos mumbled to himself as he erected immunity barriers around the group against the volley of arrows. They fell for a few more seconds and Emailon's demons hit the ground first one by one then merged back into Emailon. After him Akairos and Radinius landed behind Emailon, and stood up.

"You! Cursed one!" An Aldor shouted.

"The Illidari Generals!" Another shouted.

The Aldor forces started shouting and several charged towards them, only to be repelled by Akairos's immunity field.

"Now, now, there are things that must be said." Akairos said, keeping his hands raised as he continued channeling the shield.

"Drop the shield Blood-Lord." Emailon said quietly.

"No, not yet, even these people deserve last words."

"Drop the shield!" Emailon said, banging on the shield.

Commander Hobb of the Scryers and General Steele of the Aldor stepped forward.

"There will be no words, elven traitors." Hobb said, drawing his bow.

"Good, less to think about later." Emailon pounded at the shield.

"The armies of Shattrath will come. Make your last words as this is where you shall fall." Steele said.

Radinius stepped forward, putting his glaives onto this back, and opened his mouth. "Listen..all of you...listen well, listen to the words of the Silent one...for these are the last words you shall hear."

Akairos nearly dropped the shield out of surprise.

"I exist to serve the Illidari, I have rid the world of demons and slain many Draenei, orcs, undead, Dwarfs, I have slain many Blood Elves."

Several Scryer Blood Elves started yelling.

"For all the atrocities I have committed for my brother, for the Illidari, and for my own gains, those can not hope to match what you have done today. I shall take from everyone of you what you hold most dear. I shall take from you all what you took from us. You took our moral. You took a youth from the world. The heart of the Silent One can take the punishments of the void, the brutality of demons, and the pandemonium of all that is chaotic. But the soul of the Silent One will not stand for this...I hope you have all made peace with your demons..." Radinius's voice began to grow deeper and his demonic wings encircled him. "...Because you will have to..." Radinius began to glow and increase in size. Horns grew from his head, his skin turned black, underneath his kilt, hooves demonic legs appeared and his hands grew vicious claws."...BECAUSE YOU WILL HAVE TO FACE MINE."

Radinius stood up, roaring and taking his glaives from his back. Akairos dropped the shield. "YOU DID THIS! YOU DID THIS! YOU ARE TO BLAME!" Shouted Emailon, demonic faces flashed across his face. "I will kill you all for my sister!" Emailon tore off his blindfold and in his eye sockets black fire burned, fel acid tears dripped from his face. Many of the Sha'tar forces recoiled, many looked away. "If you have nothing left to say, Silent One, I have business to attend to."

Akairos dropped the shield and stood up, with a flash, the Sword of the Sunwell appeared on his waist, his shield on his back, and in his hand, Dawncrusher appeared. Akairos slung the hammer over his shoulder. "You will all pay for your crimes against the Illidari. When we're done here, Deathlord Varion will be along to clean up our mess."

"The mess of your bloody flesh!" An orc shouted.

"Oh orcs. So simple, your village will become fodder for our Infernal engines, and your people war machines of the Illidari." Akairos said.

"I can wait no longer Blood-Lord! Today these mongrels will feel my curse!" Emailon said and leaped into the air and into the Sha'tar forces.

Throes of combatEdit

Varion stood before the massive gate that was the exit to the Shadowmoon Valley. Back in color and apparently constructed of bone and black stone, it blocked the entry entirely to the valley. Varion looked down at the Shadowmoon village, it's defenders lay dead or dying, and those that surrendered were being transported back to the temple.

"Ahh, glorious times are to be had." Varion said turning around and away from the gate and towards the captured commanders. "How to start?" Varion said to Overlord Or'barokh. "I think we'll start with the liver..." Varion tapped the side of the orc with his smaller sword. "Then next the eyes, maybe Emailon will give you some nice views later? Oh what to do? Hahaha!"

A Darkfallen Commander approached the Deathlord.

"Lord Varion." He said, and knelt.

"What is it commander?" Varion asked, sheathing his short-sword on his back.

"From Shattrath City, a regiment of what I can only assume to be Shattered Sun warriors is heading this way. We have no connections to Firewing point as of this time, sir." The commander said and stood up.

Varion pondered for a moment. "Well the choice is clear, I'll go greet them. Commander, go take some Darkfallen and clean out the Shadowmoon Village, surely there will be some nice Blood Elves to join us, anyone of importance put them with the Overlord here, kill the rest." Varion turned back towards the portal and drew his sword. "Oh I love this part. Hahahah!" He cackled and stepped through the gate.

Emailon landed in the middle of the Sha'tar forces, with an arcing slash a wave of fel lightning knocked down several warriors. He turned to face another warrior and crossed his glaives in front of him, the ground beneath the warrior and his companions turned to acid and they plunged in, screaming as they melted.

Akairos hummed to himself he crushed skull and bone and flesh. He pulverized the skull of a priest and stunned a tauren warrior, before judging him with stolen light. The sha'tar around him cried in pain as dark light pulsed from the tauren and Akairos laughed as he felt it radiate into him, giving him renewed vigor. Akairos quickly turned around and took his shield off his back, throwing it with his free hand and decapitating two vindicators. He put his shield away and caught one of the heads, tossing it into the air and smashing it into an orc shaman, desperately trying to give life to his allies. The shaman was off balance, stumbled, and drew two maces and charged at Akairos. Akairos side stepped the shaman, grabbed the elder orc by his cloak and spun, tossing him into the fiery aura surrounding Radinius.

Radinius uttered not a word, nor a cry of pain, even as the Sha'tar around him assaulted him with insults and taunts. Radinius saw the shaman flying towards him and slashed him drew his glaives and merged them into his sword, cutting the shaman in half before starting a powerful bladestorm, quickly ridding himself of nearby foes. Radinius stumbled for a moment when several paladins assaulted him, their holy magic cutting deep into his darkness fueled powers. Radinius fired bolts of fel flame and managed to hit one.

"Keep the pressure on men!" He heard commander Hobb yell.

Radinius turned his attention to Hobb and roared, Akairos heard the roar and placed a Hand of Spell Warding on Radinius, who now had a smug look on his demonic face. He leaped into the air and grabbed Commander Hobb. Akairos turned away from the Aldor paladins, consecrated the ground and threw a hammer of the righteous at the paladin, who fell to the blood corruption that was inflicted with every attack. Akairos looked towards the source of some bellowing roars and saw the three demonforms appearing, Akairos ducked a stray chaos blast as he ran over to Radinius who help Commander Hobb outside of the effect of his immolation aura range.

"Do you intend to just hold me here all day, demon hunter? My armor is crafted from the bones of monstrosities like you, I do not fear you." Hobb shouted at Radinius. Hobb turned his head to look at the soldiers battling the demon forms of Emailon. "More forces are on the way from Shattrath, you are doomed."

Akairos walked up to Radinius and Hobb and glared at Hobb and raised an eyebrow for a moment.

"Hello Hobb." He said.

"Traitor." Hobb spat at Akairos.

Akairos wiped the spit off of his face and snarled at Hobb, drawing his sword and drawing his arm back to impale Hobb through the stomach. An immunity shield surrounded Hobb and radinius dropped him, turning towards the Aldor paladin who saved Hobb and firing a bolt of shadowflame, and began peppering the shattrath forces that were gradually overwhelming Emailon's demon forms. Radinius drew his glaives off his back and leaped into the air, landing with a crash on several Draenei, lighting the ground on fire. Akairos turned to Hobb for a moment and judged him with harsh justice, Hobbs fell back, a look of shock on his face. Akairos laughed and turned as Avenging Wrath wings shot from his back and followed Radinius. Akairos hovered in mid air and threw his shield at a group of Draenei. He gasped a moment and erected an immunity shield as a volley of Scryer arrows fired at him. Dawncrusher materialized in his free hand and he held the sword of the sunwell in his other, he swooped down and and impacted the ground in a glowing crater, a huge area of consecrated ground radiating out from beneath him. Emailon and Radinius shrieked in pain and Emailon returned to elven form, and Radinius held his head in agony and stumbled about, his claws raking at his flesh. The Shattrath forces were doing much the same, some were tearing off their plate boots as they were melting. Akairos turned to another group of screaming Shattrath forces and pounded the floor with this hammer, a wave of light shot through the ground and struck them, they armor burned with holy fire. Emailon recovered from the influx of holy magic and snarled, he lashed out with his glaives, sending arcing bolts of fel lightning and he starting bladestorming through the aldor. Akairos took a quick glance at Radinius, he was shrieking and roaring and clawing at his flesh, he stomped the ground and it melted in places to fel acid. Radinius leaped into the air and beat his wings and kicked and clawed at nothing and a piercing yell forced Emailon, Akairos, and the Shattrath forces to cover their ears, then crashed to the ground. Emailon looked back at the weakening Sha'tar troops and folded his arms across his chest and slashed the air with his glaives, sending arcs of fel lightning and releasing parasitic demons into the sha'tar, Emailon laughed and transformed into his demonforms, he took began decimating the weakened sha'tar forces, till he started feeling a pain, he saw Akairos kneeling, clutching his chest and Radinius doing the same, his Demonform dissolving into nothingness. Over the top of the hill, the grand anchorite of Shattrath appeared, his arms were raised in prayer, he was followed by several anchorites following the Grand Anchorites chanting. It was a binding spell.

The Armies of Shattrath had finally reached the Black Gate, Varion grabbed his sword from the ground and looked up at them as they came to a stop before the gate. The army was a varied force, some bore the tabards of the Aldor and Scryers, some of the Sha'tar anchorage, and many more of the Shattered Sun. What appeared to be the leader stepped forward, a Draenei vindicator of the Shattered Sun, garbed in similar armor to Akairos, though reddened in parts and it's glow seemed dimmer.

"The Deathlord himself has come to greet us men." The Vindicator joked, and several chuckles and laughs came from behind him.

Varion slung his sword over his shoulder. "I'm hardly here for pleasantries. You will all die in the name of the Illidari."

The Vindicator laughed. "Ohohoho, that is rich. We know of your...special...powers. We've consorted with the Dragonqueen herself about how to remove them. BINDERS!" he yelled and two Blood Elven mage-priests lunged forward and holy chains erupted from their hands, flying towards Varion, quickly binding him in place, and chaining him to the floor. "You may fire at will men." The vindicator motioned.

Vairion chuckled. "Doesn't I get a last meal? That fine lady over there looks delicious." Varion licked his lips. "Or that tauren over there, oh man I could go for some steak."

The vindicator squinted at Varion. "Bind his mouth to." The mage-priests increased the holy chains.

"SIMULACRUM!" Varion yelled, the holy chains loosening and began flowing around him, disappearing into a void on his chest and hands. Varion stood up and grabbed the holy binding chains, grabbing them and yanking the mage-priests through the air. The priests stopped the incantation and they broke free of the chains and landed with an audible crack on the ground.

"Charge! Break the gate down! Tear the Deathlord apart!" The vindicator yelled, Sha'tar troops began to charge forward, but stopped, finding themselves slowed, desecrated chains bound their feet.

"You cannot pass by you filthy warriors of the Light."

"What madness?" A soldier yelled.

"We're stuck!" Another yelped.

Varion held his arms up and Darkfallen walked through the black portal and assembled behind Varion. "You will not pass, for we are the one's that have made the gate to this place, and we are the ones who guard it, the dead made it, the dead keep it, if you want to pass through this gate you will do it in two ways. Dead or Undead. Which existence do you choose? Draenei!"

"I choose to cleanse the scum of the Illidari from this world, you're just another bump in the road."


"The Grand Anchorite..." Emailon snarled.

"Ka-see'uha-mu-sarenda..." The anchorites stopped chanting and holy stones burst from the ground and holy chains bound the three council members. The Grand Anchorite stepped forward. "Blessed be the Naaru, for today we have bound the generals of the Illidari." The grand anchorite walked over to Radinius.

"You will need some work, my friend." Radinius roared at the Grand Anchorite and he moved on to Emailon.

"I'm sorry Cursed one, but you are beyond redemption." Emailon snarled at The Grand Anchorite, but couldn't talk, The Grand Anchorite stood up and looked at Akairos, walking over to him.

"But you my friend, you will be punished most of all. You have not merely taken darkness into you, you keep the light bound to you by your darkness." The Grand Anchorite hit Akairos across the face. "I can hardly think of someone more pitiful then you, no power alone, no power over others, so you bind the Light for our destructive purposes. The Armies of Shattrath will descend upon this tainted place and you shall be brought before the Naaru to be judged for your crimes."

"No army...will come...Draenei." Akairos said, struggling against the bindings.

"Sadly they will, the empowering Light of the Naaru has blessed our soldiers, the Deathlord will not inhibit us."

"Then they'll" Emailon uttered.

"Silence Heathens!" The Grand Anchorite yelled and the bindings strengthened, he turned towards the Sha'tar forces. "Now men and women of Shattrath. We shall raze the Temple of Darkness, and finally purge this foul!"

The Grand Anchorite turned to Akairos. "Despicable!"

"Taint from our lands!" The army cheered and the Grand Anchorite began a Divine Hymn, his Anchorites joined in, the soldiers of the Sha'tar altar were being healed.

"You talk of the Light as righteous, pure..."

The Grand Anchorite turned his head to Akairos once more.

"You're right..."

Akairos closed his eyes and a few seconds later, the holy binding chains began to seethe and burn with holy fire.

"...Bow before me..." Akairos said.

The Grand Anchorite stopped his Hymn and turned his full attention to Akairos. "Anchorites! Bind him!"

It was to late, Akairos opened his eyes which burned yellow. The chains broke, the holy stones falling to the ground and Akairos rose to his feet, Avenging Wrath wings appeared on his back and Akairos rose into the air and glared at the Anchorites.

"How can you do that?" The Grand Anchorite asked.

Akairos glowed with greater intensity, when he opened his mouth a faint glow could be seen in the back of his throat. "The Light serves you if your cause is right! I stand over you today, the paragon of mastery over the Light, mightier then even the great Tirion Fordring or Uther the Lightbringer. I kill those that oppose the Illidari, those that seek to attack my lands, and those that oppose me."

"Impossible." The Anchorite said.

Akairos's wings glowed blindingly white for a moment then solidified into white feathered wings.

"This goes beyond the visions."

"You call yourself a priest of the Light? You think you know what is right, or what true power is?" Akairos cackled. "Pray my blows are swift enough to kill you before you realize just how weak you truly are."

Akairos held up his hands and balls of light appeared, he threw them at Emailon and Radinius. The binding chains vanished and each rose to their feet. Radinius separated from his demon form, which vanished back into him and he picked up his Warglaives and sheathed them on his back, Emailon did the same.

"In your words...Time to cleanse this foul "Despicable" taint from our lands!" Akairos yelled.

Emailon and Radinius stood perfectly straight and put their palms together in an almost what appeared to be a mocking imitation of prayer, they slowly raised their arms above their heads and released their hands, channeling dark energy. The holy binding stones which served as part of the binding spell suddenly lit up and then turned black, raising into the air, growing larger. The remaining Sha'tar troops watched the stones in dismay as they floated apart then drove themselves into the ground with surprising force treads of green and black lightning shot between the stone pylons, the Sha'tar altar was sealed.


The Sha'tar had been unprepared for the Darkfallen forces which continued to stream through the portal. The Darkfallen commanders and Lieutants tore through the field while Bloodmancers and mages rained destruction down from afar. Darkfallen Necrolytes raised the fallen Sha'tar forces where they could. Deathlord Varion was loving every moment of it. Varion smiled as his sword bit into a Shattered Sun Archer, he picked up the squirming elf and held him above his head, bit into his neck, then tossed him aside, briefly glancing over at him as the archer rose up as Darkfallen, Varion laughed and continued to fight.

"Be still!" He heard.

Mage-Priests and Anchorites once again attempted to bind Varion, holy chains burst from the ground and wrapped around his wrists, Varion dropped his sword. Several Darkfallen swarmed around him, yanking at the chains and breaking one of his hands free.

"MOVE!" he yelled and raised his hand towards a group of anchorites.

"SIMULACRUM!" Varion yelled and a small black portal opened in the palm of his hand and dark, vile, and corrupted chains rattled out, snaking through the air with blinding speed, and wrapping around the Anchorites and mage-priests. A burst of inferno flame and holy fire from remaining mage-priests blew away two of the Darkfallen and his bound left arm.

"Damn it!" Varion yelled. Varion clenched his teeth in frustration and screamed in the language of the dead "YOUR MASTER IS IN DANGER! KILL THEM ALL! KILL THEM ALL!"

The horribly screeching was to much for the closest troops to handle and several passed out. Varion tugged on the unholy chains, and wrapped them once around his hand to gain leverage against the writhing Draenei and Blood Elves. Varion turned his head and saw his arm, laying on the floor. Snarling, Varion began to drag his captives over to his arm. But he didn't reach it in time, the grand vindicator had picked it up and began to pray, moving his hand back and forth. The bound Sha'tar forces began to pull the other way, and Varion watched as the vindicator began to remove the lifebinder's flame from his dismembered arm. Varion felt pain for the first time in years, he watched his arm writhe and squirm as the dragon's flame formed into a ball, floating in the vindicators hand, and then turned to dust, the armor and gauntlet fell to the ground.

Varion turned for a moment back to the chained captives and gave the chains a whip like crack sending vile, dripping, energy down the chains, and the dozen or so sha'tar forces melted into goo, leaving only bones behind, which soon rose.

"I still win, Draenei." Varion spat. "The Darkfallen are winning." Varion said as the chains sucked back into the simulacrum. "And your bindings no longer work on me." Varion picked up his sword with his one arm.

"I need a new one of these." He said, nodding his head towards his stub of shoulder. "I think I'll take yours." Varion closed his eyes and focused for a moment, tilting his head back. The skeleton arm of a recently melted scryer rose into the air and shot towards Varion, attaching itself to his empty shoulder socket. "This will do for now though!" he said and charged at the Grand Vindicator.

"What are you doing?!" The Grand Anchorite yelled, managing to erect a shield against the barrage of light against him. "How can you command such power?!"

Akairos said nothing and dove at a Draenei warrior, impaled him through the chest, and threw him at another vindicator. Akairos flew into the air, and aimed an open hand at a group of Scryer mages, their magic suddenly failed, and holy chains burst from Akairos's gauntlet and wrapped around the three mages, Akairos roared and yanked, taking them high into the air, the whiplash snapped the neck of one mage and Akairos threw a burst of holy energy at another, blowing hole through the elves chest, Akairos swung the mage around mid air, and constricted the chains so rapidly that when the elf's robe was being gripped by Akairos he probably broke several ribs.

"Scryer filth!"

"Illidari swine!"

Akairos flung the mage at the ground, the Grand Anchorite sowed his decent and began to heal him, Akairos dove down and drove his feet into the falling mage, sending him careening down to the ground and crashing with a crater. Akairos jumped out of the crater and hovered in the air momentarily, Dawncrusher materializing in his hand. He brought the hammer above his had and smashed it into the ground, a raging consecration shot out in all directions, and pillars of Light shot down from the sky to incinerate several Draenei, along with orcs, and dwarves, and several Blood Elves. Akairos turned his full attention towards the grand Anchorite, and turned to wards him, smirked for a second, and disappeared in a flash of light. The Grand Anchorite gasped and looked about wildly, from the distance he heard.

"Bring down the darkness!"

The Grand Anchorite looked at Emailon and Radinius, they had changed postures and the area within the seal grew darker until all faded to black, te only illumination coming from the extremely faint and distance glow of the demo hunter's eyes. The Grand Anchorite tried to conjure the light to him, willing it to appear in his hand, looking down at his hand, he felt the warm power of the light in his palm and for a moment felt relief in it's glow. Only to late did he realize that the glow came not from his hand, but from the Winged Paladin standing before him.

"For your crimes against the you stand ready to receive judgment?" Akairos asked, his voice devoid of all tone.

"Grand Anchorite!" Akairos heard General Steele yell.

General Steele was charging through the blackness towards Akairos, who didn't even look in his direction.

"Face me! Coward!" Steel taunted, raising his warmace as he ran.

Akairos Snarled and disappeared in another flash of light, reappearing in front of General Steele to drive the wind out of him with Dawncrusher's head, shattering his plate armor and knocking him back. Sensing the use of power, Akairos turned quickly and bound the Grand Anchorite with his free hand, holy chains burst from his gauntlet and wrapped around the Anchorite.

"You can't face me with one hand!" Steel yelled, and got up, bringing his hammer from an upward swing from the ground, but he was to close. Akairos grabbed Steele's forehead and he stopped, gasping. There was a spark across his eyes of the light, and Steele began to twitch, Akairos pulled the chains towards him and started draining the holy power out of the Grand Anchorite, burning it into General Steele.

"General!" Commander Hobb yelled, running over, bladed bow in hand, he rose it over his head and felt a pain in his chest as Emailon drove his fist into his sternum.

"You're next." Emailon said, dropping Hobbs to the ground.

Akairos gripped the chains tighter and continued the flow of Holy energy into General Steel. Steele's eyes began to burn the same yellow as Akairos, the light began to shine out his nostrils, ears and mouth, Steel's twitching finally broke him free of Akairos's iron grip and he staggered about, raking at his chest as it glowed brighter and brighter till he fell to his knees, and collapsed, the holy light burning him away.

"You have been judged, unworthy." Akairos said, now looking back at the Grand Anchorite. Akairos looked around in the blackness and the area immediately illuminated by his aura. "Grand Anchorite." Akairos said.

" hell." The Anchorite wheezed.

"That's hardly nice for what I am about to do."

"Your twisted defilement of the Light will not stand..." He panted.

"I hereby judge you damned, you are drained of the Light, of your healing power..." Akairos said as the Grand Anchorite began to breath heavily. "...release the darkness Demon Hunters."

Emailon and Radinius clasped their hands together and the black binding stones dropped to the groud, some of them impaling or crushing several Draenei, as the darkness lifted, the Grand Anchorite looked around at the Sha'tar Altar. Bodies upon bodies were strewn every which way of all races, some Draenei vindicator's stood panting.

" then, priest. Your men have been poisoned with Fel Acid, I understand your back-up is at the entrance to the valley, walk with them there, and watch them die, till all that remains is yourself." Emailon said as he picked up Hobb.

"Hobb!" Emailon shouted at the commander.

"I'm not asleep you idiot!" He shouted back.

"You ordered your spies into the Black Temple?" Emailon asked.

"Yes, I hear it was a great success." He sneered.

Emailon's steely expression relaxed for just a moment, replaced with sadness and anguish, it quickly faded. The black burning fire in Emailon's eye sockets took on a more slightly more greenish hue, and Emailon closed his eyes, holding Hobb at arms length.

"Commander...bear My CURSE!" Emailon yelled, his eyes snapping open, glaring into the eyes of Commander Hobb. "Remember this day you pathetic excuse for an elf, for until you die, this is all you will know. You will see your friends dying, your men slaughtered, and your family slain. Your sight will be bound to me, for each kill I make, you will add it to your own memory!"

Emailon dropped commander Hobb, who now had scorched sockets where eyes used to exist and a dull brown fire pulsed in the back of his eyes. Hobb lay there, mumbling.

"Go now Draenei, take your men and leave this place. AND NEVER RETURN!" Akairos shouted, a blast of holy light knocking the Anchorite off his feet.

With a last look of contempt, the Draenei got up and staggered out down the steps of the Sha'tar Altar, the dozen or so remaining men and women survivors staggered out behind him. Radinius walked over, olding Emailon's blindfold, and offered it to him.

"No thank you, silent one." Emailon said, taking the blindfold, taking it over to Hobbs and kneeling down in front of him, tieing it over his eyes. "There we go...what's this?" Emailon said, reaching into one of Hobb's pockets and taking out a dark brown/black strip of cloth, drawing it further out of the pocket, Hobb's hand grabbed his wrist, Emailon pulled it off and yanked the cloth out, at the end of the cloth was a picture of his wife and children, back home in silvermoon, outside their house in eversong woods. Emailon looked at the picture for a second, Hobb's daughter reminded him of Alessandra. After a moment, he yanked the picture holder off and squeezed it in his hands before throwing it back on the ground next to Commander Hobb, who quickly grabbed it in his fetal position. Emailon tied the cloth around his head, and over his eyes. Akairos smirked for a second and leaped into the air on his feathered wings, landing behind the Grand Anchorite to bind him once more in holy chains to lead him like a dog out of Shadowmoon Valley.

Varion was having a bit of trouble, sustained combat was taxing on the skeletal arm, and it made sword usage difficult.

"Come now! Is that the best a highlord of the Illidari can do?!" The Grand vindicator shouted with something of a triumphant tone.

Varion felt the bones clicking in his arm and he could feel his body, incomplete, and unwhole. Varion charged again at the vindicator and made slash after slash, the vindicator blocking and parrying his attacks. Varion roared and his eyes glowed a brighter blue, he kicked the vindicator with tremendous force, sending the Draenei flying backwards through the air, Varion cackled and death gripped the Vindicator back, driving another spiked, iron boot deep into the paladin's stomach. The paladin coughed blood and fell to the ground, Varion rose his sword over his head to decapitate the vindicator, but was stopped by a spray of arrows in his back from shattered sun archers.

"Rargh!" Varion screamed as an arrow shot through his chest, and piercing his dead heart and he dropped his sword.

Varion whiped around and rose several ghouls from slain Sha'tar forces to occupy the archers and death gripped them one at a time to impale them on his sword, before launching death coils at the rest. The vindicator rose up off the ground behind Varion and knocked aside a charging Darkfallen Commander and his hand glowed with the renewing dragonfire that he siphoned out of Varion's arm, and thrust it into the arrow hole in his back, burning clean through his chest, black blood dripping from the hole.

"Fire cleanses, the fact that you've corrupted it so does nothing before the life giving dragon flame."

The Vindicator now raised his sword to decapitate Varion, who was on one knee clutching his chest. Varion growled loudly and the Vindicator found his blow blocked by a wall of bone, which collapsed into reinforcements for Varion's armor, covering his back and neck. Varion, reached for his front storage pocket and took out the Orb of the Darkfallen from his pocket, gripping it tightly. He stood up quickly and turned to face the vindicator, who swung his sword at Varion again, who grabbed it in hand, the searing light blade cut through the chain-mail on the palm of his gauntlet and the blade bit into his flesh and black blood ran down his arm. Varion held up the orb of the Darkfallen and the Grand Vindicator recoiled slightly from the darkness within the orb. Varion laughed breathily to himself and grinned with an almost insane look on his face and his eyes grew wide, he slammed the Darkfallen Orb into the hole in his chest, and a shockwave of darkness burst forth from Varion, knocking the Grand Vindicator on his back and blowing all surrounding fighters away. Varion was staggering about, his hands clutching the back of his head and the sound of cracking bones was audible.

"Eternal soldiers of Lord Gathios, immortal army of the Illidari! Let the ground run red with the blood of the fallen!" Varion half shouted, chuckling insanely.

Varion straightened up and shrieked in the language of the dead, the hole in his chest was vanishing, bone and necrotic tissue filled in the gaps. Flesh grew over Varion's skeletal arm, and the cracking of bone grew louder. Darkfallen got up from the ground and began to channel power into Varion.

"What trickery is this, Death Knight?!" The vindicator shouted, half sitting up on the ground, his sword to his side.

"No....not death knight...DEATHLORD!" Varion shrieked, bracing himself with one leg forward as he roared again and clutched his fists as necrotic bat looking wings sprouted from Varion's back. Varion felt his bones poking through his flesh, and he knelt again, his head slumped as he grew in size by several feet. Bone claws grew from his fingertips and sliced through the gauntlet finger-guards, the blue glow in his eyes turned blood red and skin stretched to compensate for the new additions, and holes formed on his cheeks and exposed flesh.


The vindicator moved out of the way just in time to avoid being crushed, he rolled and grabbed his sword and threw his avenger shield at Varion. Varion caught the shield and gripped it for a moment and tossed it away.

"SIMULACRUM!" Varion yelled, firing a dark avenger shield at the Vindicator, who managed to block it just in time.

"Your black heart will rot forever in damnation!" The vindicator yelled back at varion, activating his Avenging Wrath ability.

"HOW do you expect to make it do that? Your damned archers just SHOT IT OUT!" Varion said with a smile, his elongated fangs bared.

Varion darted forward to the vindicator, and flitted side to side, avoiding bursts of holy light and avenger shields, each step that he made contact with on the ground sent out a wave of desecration. Shadow blades formed around the fists of Varion as he beat relentlessly at the Grand Vindicator.

"I will take such pleasure in raising you, Draenei, maybe I'll keep you alive, barely, I heard tales of...HAHA!" Varion laughed, dodged crusader strikes and hammers of the righteous. "COME NOW PALADIN! VANQUISH THE EVIL!"

The vindicator glared and redoubled his efforts, and fired blasts of holy light at Varion, who absorbed each and every one with antimagic shells, the vindicator managed to get a shield slam off and distract varion with a holy wrath, and stuck Varion through the abdomen, but couldn't pull his sword out. He felt the blade growing intensely cold till he could hold on no longer and let go with a yell. Varion had frozen the black blood in his veins, he pulled the frozen sword from him and broke it in two tossing each to his side and sneered at the vindicator, he dove forward towards the Vindicator, hissing and bared his fangs, he slashed and raked at the Vindicator, who jumped and glided back on avenging wings.

"Archers!" He yelled, but no response, the rest of the Sha'tar forces were dead, and only Darkfallen remained, standing at the ready, Varion death gripped the Vindicator back towards him and bound him in unholy chains. Varion smiled and grabbed the Draenei's head, holding it to the side.

"No! No! Noooo!" The vindicator yelled.

Varion strangulated the paladin, who fell silent, gasping for air, Varion opened his mouth and bit down, drinking the blood from the Vindicator. When he was done, he held the paladin at arms length. "Ahhh, fresh, warm blood. A delicacy." Varion dragged the half conscious Grand Vindicator to the Black Gate to Shadowmoon Valley.

"Remember what I said before, Draenei? You go through this gate dead or undead. Now is the time to choose." Varion smiled.

The semi-conscious Vindicator shook his head and turned his neck weakly toward Varion and tried to spit on him and mumbled a last prayer.

"Light, please, grant me a final blessing, please, grant me strength to repel..AUGH!" The Vindicator yelled as Varion snapped his neck. The vindicator felt his eyes roll back and muttered. "I come to family." then he went limp in Varion's grip.

The Grand Vindicator opened his eyes again, a white blur in front of them, the Grand Vindicator smiled, expecting the bliss of the afterlife. There was no bliss, he stared into the eyes of Deathlord Varion.

"You're not getting away from me that easily, you little bastard." Varion whispered in the Vindicator's ear. Varion stood up and laughed. "Your soul! is bound to ME now! Ahhahaha! Oh this is great, the Grand Vindicator the savior of Shattrath felled by little old me? Tell you what! I'll make it up to you!" Varion turned away. "Stay here." He smiled.

Varion jumped into the air and hovered mid air, flapping his wings, he growled for a moment, and roared, beams of necromantic energy shot out from him in all directions, spreading over the bodies of fallen Darkfallen and Shattrath forces. The Darkfallen rose up, falling back into formation, the Shattered sun, Sha'tar forces just stood there, lifeless. The Grand Vindicator wanted to cry, but no longer could, he wanted to die, but he was unable to, he wanted to run, but was bound by his own flesh. Varion landed, his bones began cracking once more and he shrunk to normal size, his wings being reabsorbed into his body and his skin regained it's normal complexion and deathly beauty.

"Come on now Mr. Vindy." Varion chuckled. "Lets get your men in order. Call them to attention."

"Men! Attention! Fall in!" The Draenei yelled against his will and forces shambled into formation.

"Very good, now send them off to Auchindoun, clear it out, rid us of the Shadow Council."

"You heard the Commander! Fall out!' The Grand Vindicator yelled, trying to stop himself from doing so.

Varion grabbed the Vindicator and pointed him at the Black Gate.

"March." Varion yelled, the Darkfallen army began marching to the gate and Varion watched a Death Gate open before the portal to Shadowmoon and the Illidari Darkfallen returned to the Black Temple. "I have a special treat for you." Varion kicked the Vindicator in the back. "Through the gate."

The two walked through the black gate and appeared on the other side to see Akairos leading the Grand Anchorite on holy chains.

"Grand Blood-Lord! Sir, I trust everything to be in order?"

"That it is my friend, did you have fun?" Akairos replied.

"Oh yes sir, say, nice wings. What angel did you have to pull out of Heaven to tear those wings off?"

"These are mine, this worm here can attest to that." Akairos shook the Anchorites chains. "Forward!" He yelled.

The Grand Anchorite shuffled forward and Varion kneed the former Grand Vindicator in the back, he stepped forward. The Anchorite sobbed upon seeing his friend.

"My comrade, you were late." He chuckled, and the vindicator nodded his head. "Do you remember me?" He asked, and the former vindicator nodded again. The grand ancorite turned back to Akairos. "You truly are a monster. The Light will eradicate all of you, by the Naaru I swear this. No evil escapes the..." The Grand Anchorite didn't get to finish his sentence, Varion motioned to the former vindicator to stab the Anchorite through the chest. Varion motioned for the Vindicator to turn around, and he glanced at the gasping Anchorite. At that moment Emailon and Radinius appeared, having teleported from the Altar. Radinius walked over to the Anchorite and held his head up and put his ear to his mouth and whispered:

"Nobody escapes the judgment of the High Council. Make sure to let them know that in the next life." Radinius said and held a orb of fel fire in his hand, and burned the rest of the life from the anchorite, who's body was consumed by fel fire. Akairos stretched his arms and flexed, straitening his arms again as his wings vanished, his eyes remained their new golden glow.

"What to do with this one?" Akairos said with a shrug.

"He's nothing." Varion said with a smirk. "A toy to play with until I grow tired of it."

"Can he talk?" Akairos asked.

"Let's see!" Varion said, and snapped his fingers.

"CURSE YOU! CURSE YOU ALL! RELEASE ME!" The vindicator yelled, the rest of his body remaining rigid.

"He can." Varion said and snapped his fingers again and the life drained from the body with a bang and flowed into Varion. "Death pact works wonders at times, delicious energy, eh Emailon?" Varion looked around. "Emailon?" But Emailon had returned to the black temple.


Emailon was outside Mistress Alessandra's room, he sighed and took the warglaives off his back and put them next to the door and pushed the door open. His sister lay on the bed, and for a moment Emailon wanted to believe she was still alive. He walked over to her bed and knelt beside her, patting her hair once, then picking her up, and bowed his head for a moment and opened a demon portal to Quel'thalas.

He appeared on top of a hill above Sunspring Village, attracting the attention of a guard, who ran up the hill to confront him as he walked down.

"You!" A guard shouted. "The Hopebringer family that abandoned us so long ago!"

"I have no time nor a desire to debate family conflicts with you, stand aside worm."

The guard drew his glaive and looked ready to attack. "Come on..." Emailon sighed and kicked the guard in the chest, sending him rolling down the hill. Emailon walked past him out into the deep woods, finding the waterfall his sister loved as a child and set her down. He stood up and metamorphosed into his melee demonform and began rapidly slashing at the ground, till a hole about 3 feet deep was made, long enough for Alessandra to lay in. He picked her up once more at set her down in the grave, and moved the dirt back over her. Emailon returned to elven form and knelt over the grave, a fel acid tear dripping from his eye, sizzling as it hit the ground. He stood up and put his hands together, then slammed them into the ground around the grave and a circle of fel fire appeared, the grass didn't burn, the spell would prevent anyone from approaching or unearthing the grave.

"Forgive me sister, I was unable to protect you." He whispered and opened another demonic portal. "Emailon Hatebringer the Cursed will always love you...Mistress Alessandra Hopebringer, my sister." He said and bowed his head and walked back through the demonic portal, which closed behind him.

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