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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.


The first Battle of Legion Hold took place during the time of the third incarnation of the High Illidari Council The assault was planned hastily and poorly planned, resulting the loss of many demon hunter and Eclipsion units, including high council members Veras Darkshadow and Lady Malande.

Prerequisite to WarEdit

The call to arms bell resonated throughout the Black Temple and the master of the council heard its call. Akairos from his position in the training grounds, watching the orc clans train, and picked up his hammer, slinging it over his shoulder and walking into the gates of the Sanctuary of Shadow. As he walked through the gates, stationed Eclipsion and demon forces snapped to attention and saluted as the Grand Blood-Lord walked by. Akairos ascended through the Den of Mortal Delights, his angry scowl and posture keeping the concubines at bay as he walked by, any that approached him were quickly swatted away. Akairos entered the Grand Promenade, smelling the eversong trees as he walked by, he passed the several groups of Illidari Special Forces, each group snapping to attention as he walked by. Akairos approached the door to the Chamber of Command and pushed open the massive doors.

“What is the meaning of this?” Akairos shouted as he stomped into the room. A table had been set up in the center of the chamber of command with a map of Shadowmoon Valley and the other members of the council briefly looked up and returned to looking at the map.

“Well?” Akairos said as he walked over to the table, holding his hammer at his side.

“We called a meeting. It’s about fighting and stuff.” Mistress Alessandra said with a wave of her hand.

“What my sister so inelegantly tried to say is that we’ve been attacked and we must respond promptly else the temple gates fall.” Emailon quipped, not looking up from the plans

“What’s the status of the attacking force?” Akairos asked, looking at the attack plans.

“We’ve deployed a small force of Felguards to the temple gates. Fortunately the Shattrath forces seem to have retreated back to base for now, even the Naaru stationed in the Valley seems to be absent so they did not interfere with us. As such the invading forces have been repelled; they seemed to be merely a preliminary force.” Emailon replied.

“So they’re gonna come back right?” Alessandra asked.

“It would seem so m’lady.” Akairos said with a smirk. “Guards!” Akairos called out and three Crimson Sigil Bloodwardens entered the chamber of command.

“My lord!” The guards said loudly and kneeled.

“It is time for war, send a courier mage to Eclipse Point, have him return with the commanders for briefing.” Akairos commanded.

“Sir!” They acknowledged, and rose leaving the room.

Battle Before the GatesEdit

Over the next few hours Commander’s Ruusk, Sunfury, and Felbreaker were briefed by Akairos and Emailon, Varion made comments now and then. They were given their orders and they returned to Eclipse point to prepare the troops. After the briefing they returned to the Chamber of Command to find Mistress Alessandra sitting on the map table, humming to herself.

“How you ever got onto the council I’ll never know.” Varion said, rolling his eyes.

"I don’t have to explain anything to you.” Alessandra said winking as her breasts jiggled slightly. With a sigh Varion went to his command chair and sat down.

“Something troubles you Varion?” Akairos asked.

“Yes. I’m not killing anything yet.”

“You’ll have your fill soon enough….and then some.” Emailon sighed, fiddling with his blindfold.

“It cannot come soon en-“ Varion said as a blast shook the halls.

Shouts and yells could be heard from outside the Chamber of Command and the council ran outside to see the image of Lord Gathios fade away and the Illidari Special Forces rise and their battlemages begin mass teleporting groups of Illidari out of the temple. Emailon stood there observing as he watched Akairos barking orders to various Crimson Sigil guards. Akairos dismissed the guard with a salute and put his hammer on his back, holding his hands out as his sword and shield appeared in his hands with a flash of light.

"Deathlord! Wake your legions! It is time for the Illidari to take steps to remove the Legion, the sworn enemies of our late Master Illidan! They assault the Black Temple!” Akairos yelled to Varion.

“Fiiiinally! It will be done Blood-Lord!” Varion happily shouted amongst the sounds of battle.

Varion began channeling a dark spell and hundreds of death gates opened up, Illidari Darkfallen walked out.

“Immortal soldiers of the Illidari! The time for blood is at hand!” Varion shouted to the Darkfallen.

The Darkfallen cheered and Deathlord Varion and his soldiers ran down the stairs of the Grand Promenade and leaped off the edge of the temple into the horde of attacking demons who were in intense combat with the Illidari Fel Orcs.

Deathlord Varion was in bloodlust. Varion viciously cut demons down, wading into battle, he diseased a group of demons before unleashed a carrion swarm that stripped the demonic flesh of the demons. A group of Darkfallen commanders and Bloodmancers ran past Varion, blasting demons apart before an Infernal plummeted from the sky, crushing them. Varion took a brief glance at them and turned back to the Infernal. The Infernal shot a fiery blast towards Deathlord Varion.

“SIMULACRUM!” Varion yelled and a dark void opened up in front of Varion, absorbing the blast. Varion then jumped and sliced the Infernal in half. As he landed he was knocked to the ground by a shadow bolt from a Shadow Council Warlock. Varion rose to his feet and death gripped the warlock to him and promptly cut off his head and started to drink the blood from it.

“MOST REFRESHING!” Varion yelled, turning towards the crushed Darkfallen.

“Rise my soldiers! Rise and march for me!” Varion commanded as the darkfallen rose to their feet, saluted Varion and continued to fight. Varion turned ducked a sword behind him from a felguard and froze him in place with icy chains. As he chuckled to himself another felguard slashed Varion’s head off.

“SIMULACRUM!” the head yelled and the body fired the fel blast that he had absorbed earlier. Varion’s body then walked over and picked up his head and put it on with a cackle.

Back up on the temple walls Mistress Alessandra made a facial expression of disgust.

“Ugh! Eww! I’ll never get used to that!” She said.

“I don’t think I will either.” Akairos said. “My lady, our troops need fortitude to repel the invasion, reports from the field tells me that demons are pouring out from Legion Hold continuing to head this way but special forces are holding them back, if you would be so kind to back up the Deathlord before we’re overwhelmed.”

“Yes Blood-Lord.” Alessandra replied and teleported to a ledge above the battle. “Soldiers of the Illidari! Hear me! Take my blessing and crush our foes! For the Illidari!” Alessandra yelled and blessed the Illidari forces with fortitude as she began to get to work. Alessandra opened up holy flamestrikes on groups of legion demons and power infused an Illidari Boneslicer, enabling it to make short work of a legion Satyr. Prayers of mending bounced around the troops.

The battle was at a standstill and Akairos and Emalion knew that. As they readied themselves to enter the battle they heard a deep booming voice emanate from the temple summit.


A blast of golden/green light shot out from the temple summit and incinerated all the demons before the temple, Legion and Illidari alike. Varion stood there disappointed, no longer possessing things to kill. A courier mage appeared beside Akairos and kneeled, giving him a field report informing that the Eclipsion forces were ready, and teleported away.

“To late.” Akairos said, crumpling the letter up and tossing it off the side. “Illidari! Regroup!” Akairos commanded. “The special forces are to the east on the road to the Legion hold past the Alliance base. They are stemming the flow of demons for now, but you will hurry to them! Varion, Alessandra! To me! Battlemages! Prepare for transport!”

Planning for the AttackEdit

The Illidari high council regrouped at the Chamber of Command.

“What are our losses Varion?” Akairos asked.

“For the scale of the battle, rather substantial My Lord.” Varion replied. “We lost almost two regiments of Fel Orcs, totaling at 173 lost fel orcs, and no thanks to Lord Gathios’s intervention, over 200 demons. But there will always be more of those I’m sure.”

“So there will be-“ Emailon started to say but was interrupted by a courier mage.

“Sir! Eclipsion forces are standing by and the Special Forces have returned, losses are minimal as our forces managed to intervene in time. Legion forces are regrouping for now.”

“Thank you courier.” Emailon replied as the mage teleported away. “Though I’m sure you are still aware that they possess infernals, ready to bombard us with.”

“This is true.” Akairos said, rubbing his chin. “Send for Radinius the Silent.”

No sooner had he asked did the Silent One appear before the council, kneeling in obedience. Akairos walked over to him and put his hand on his shoulders.

“My brother...” Akairos said. “ is of critical importance that we discover what the forces are like at Legion Hold. You are to take one of the Dragonmaw’s dragons and make haste to the hold and report back as soon as possible.”

Radinius nodded and vanished and the council returned to the table of plans.

“And now we wait.”

Preparation for the assaultEdit

Shortly later Radinius the Silent returned to the chamber of command, large demonic wings still growing from his back as he knelt before the High Council.

“Report. And rid yourself of your wings.” Emailon commanded.

Radinius’s wings vanished into his back and he rose and walked towards the table before the council. He turned his head towards Emailon and they both nodded. Radinius drew three X’s on the map and left the Chamber of Command. Emailon rose from his seat and walked to the map table.

“Radinius tells me that there are 3 primary bases for the Burning Legion forces. The Legion Hold, the Deathforge, and a new base we were not aware of, Invasion Point: Cataclysm. Our Coilskar allies to the north tell us it is substantially guarded by a small group of Fel Reavers.”

“But what is the overall size of the invasion point?” Alessandra asked.

“Why do you want to know? Got any good ideas for once?” Varion sarcastically asked.

Mistress Alessandra stood up quickly, her chest bouncing.

“As a matter of fact I do thank you very much.” She said loudly as her eyes glowed yellow for a moment and Varion screamed as holy fire burned on his chest.

“Enough!” Akairos shouted, standing quickly and pointing his hand at the fire and put it out, Varion’s eyes glowed momentarily to and his flesh began to mend itself. “Cease My Lady, and continue.” Akairos sat back down glaring at Varion and Alessandra.

“Very well.” She said. “If the size of the overall base is small enough in, for lack of a better word, “manpower,” then a smaller force could be deployed there while the…how many infernals did Radinius say, brother?”

“Hundreds, but all dormant. Get back to the point.” Emailion snapped.

“Mmmhmm, anyhow. Commander Sunseeker has returned from deployment in Azeroth with her team, perhaps if we assign her, and I know she’s up to the job, to go with a group of demon hunters led by Radinius to take out the force at the invasion point and destroy the infernals dormant there. Leaving only two bases which to split our forces between.”

“And why would we split our forces Lady Alessandra?” A voice said from the top of the room.

Lord Gathios Dawncrusher walked down the side ramp, the council members immediately rose and knelt before their command chairs as Gathios walked up the stairs and stood before them.

“Assuming you mean to split us between the Deathforge and Legion Hold, I recommend against it.”

“Stupid of ‘er” Varion snorted.

“I was however, going to commend her decision to send a group to the third base, it is a good plan.”

“Well what’da ya know, the bitch is useful.”

“I will sear the flesh from your bones and leave you to wallow in penance for all eternity!” Alessandra said loudly and angrily, turning around to face Varion.

“ENOUGH!” Gathios shouted. “You two are like Children and if you continue to behave as such you shall be punished as such.”

Varion and Alessandra quickly knelt and nodded before returning to their seats.

“Continue Mistress.” Gathios said, motioning to Alessandra.

“Yes master, I was going to propose that while Commander Sunseeker and Radinius the Silent’s forces assaulted the invasion point, we would send Varion and the Darkfallen and me to the Deathforge to remove the legion and their mortal followers, the Shadow Council. At the same time, Blood-Lord Akairos and my brother would take the fight to legion hold, the combined might of the Eclipsion and our demon hunters would surely be a match for whatever forces linger there.”

Emailon nodded in approval and Akairos did to.

“I suppose. But I do not think I will be requiring the aid of the good lady.” Varion snapped.

“I shall inform Commander Sunseeker of her assignment immediately, get to work, all of you.” Gathios said, and as the Illidari Council saluted him, he teleported back to the Temple Summit.

"Council adjourned. Tomorrow we go to war" Akairos said, and left the Chamber of Command with Varion and Alessandra glaring at each other.

Assault on the LegionEdit

The next morning Akairos woke to a loud banging on the door and a pounding headache. Quickly looking around his bed he noticed several remnants of Mana-Thistle laying on his bedside table, his incense burner still slightly smoking and two temple concubines to his sides. The banging on his door persisted, Akairos rose, not disturbing the sleeping women. Akairos concentrated for a split second and his armor appeared on him with a flash of light, the two concubines stirred briefly, Akairos cast cleanse on himself and his headache dissipated. Akairos opened the chamber door to a spellbound attendant holding a message from Emailon, informing him that he had taken his groups of demon hunters to Eclipse Point. Akairos gave the letter back to the attendant and headed for the Chamber of Command.

Radinius the Silent looked down at the invasion point and turned to Commander Dawnseeker who was talking quietly to her team and drawing little maps in the dark soil. Commander Dawnseeker turned to Radinius and nodded then turned back towards her dirt maps. Radinius took his sword out and stuck it in the ground and concentrated for a moment, his hands changed into demonic claws and huge black wings erupted from his back, he jumped into the air and instantly vanished. Commander Dawnseeker shook her head and rose from her position heading to the edge of the hill and crouched down, continuing to observe legion forces.

At Eclipse Point commanders Ruusk and Dawnfury walked about the assembled battalions standing at ease in formation, all around the base were demon hunters, most of them meditating. There was a flash of light as a portal opened up and Akairos walked through the portal, the Eclipsion forces snapped to attention as Akairos walked by and approached the front of the courtyard. Emailon the Cursed and Mistress Alessandra stood at attention, waiting for Grand Blood-Lord Akairos.

"You could have woken me earlier my Lady." Akairos snarled.

"But you looked like you were sleeping so peacefully. You were with Jainice and Joyce. Aww you were so cute together." She smiled innocently.

Akairos rolled his eyes and drew his hammer of his back and banged it on the ground, calling for attention. Emailon motioned for the demon hunters to rise.

"Eclipsion!" Akairos yelled. "We march to war, the beginning of our conquest of this world. We will purge the legion from this world. For this world is ours! The Legion is but a shell of its former self, but do not think lightly of them, they have weapons in their base that I assume right now are brutally slaughtering our demonic allies at Legion hold, the only thing keeping them going is the brilliance of our Commander Felbreaker. But these weapons are for demons killing, killing our demons, but we have weapons of our own, Emailon..."

Upon mention of his name, a few Eclipsion members whisper his title back and forth.

"...and the rest of the demon hunters! While they are strong, I am counting on you all to show your strength is equal to these demon hunters and that you are superior to any damned demon the Legion can throw at us..." The Eclipsion soldiers cheered loudly with battle shouts as Mistress Alessandra stepped forward.

"Eclipsion! You know why we fight! This world belongs to the Illidari! Those that are not with us are against us and foes to the dream of Lord Illidan! Go now Illidari! Go knowing that while you fight here our allies fight elsewhere to ensure our success. Go now with prayers of fortitude, go now with your Lord's blessing, knowing that as long as he fights you shall have sanctuary! For Lord Illidan!" Mistress Alessandra yelled dramatically.

"For Lord Illidan!" The Eclipsion roared back.

"For the Illidari!" Alessandra screamed.

"For the Illidari!"

"And for the Sunwell!" She yelled as she and Akairos blessed their troops.

"Warmages! Portals!" Akairos commanded and sheathed his hammer.

Deathlord Varion was happy as he looked down as the metallic structures, he turned his head to his tacticians and whispered a command to them. They saluted and jumped down to the structures and faded away. Varion would rather charge into the Deathforge and get to the killing, but he knew that he was expected and he could not afford to lose to many troops as his powers of raising the dead were not strong enough to reanimate his entire army should they fall into a trap. As he thought about this he received a mental report from his tacticians, the soul anchors for the deathgates were in place, there would be no escape for the Shadow Council and the demons of the Deathforge, those who tried to run would find themselves running through death gates, death gates that led to the chambers of the Darkfallen. Varion mentally ordered his tacticians to hold position and a group of Darkfallen Bloodmancers stepped forward and began opening a large death gate for the army to enter the deathforge with all doors sealed. Varion entered the portal and the Darkfallen marched in behind him.

Radinius the Silent reappeared before Commander Dawnseeker and bowed briefly before transforming his hands back into normal hands and placing a hand on Commander Dawnseeker's head, showing her the images he had gathered. The Fel reavers, thousands of inactive infernals, and the engineers and Terrorguards that stalked he rows. Radinius took his hand off her head when he head a bang in the distance, the Battle for Legion Hold had begun. Radinius pointed towards the Black Temple, Commander Dawnseeker nodded and ordered Captain Lightquiver to use her medallion to return to the temple to gather more Special Forces units, she quickly vanished. Radinius sat down on the ledge in a meditative position and waited.

The Eclipsion left the portal and found themselves in a small forward base with Commander Felbreaker and a few Illidari Felsworn furiously reviewing battle plans, two battlemages were holding the portal open. Akairos looked towards the hold, the demonic army was massive and not even all of it was currently engaged, it was hard to distinguish foe from friend. Akairos could see towering pillars of fel smoke and Infernals landing within the hold, ready for use against his forces. As soon as the last Blood Elf came through the portal closed and the battlemage's knelt down to rest, and Akairos and Emailon yelled.


The Eclipsion and the demon hunters surged forward and immediately Infernals started dropping, Akairos reacted as fast as he could and managed to place Hand's of Protection on several Elves, though he missed several. Alessandra began healing, ordering the blood priests to get to work. Akairos walked over to Commander Felbreaker for an update on the situation.

"It's been looking grim sir, our forces have been repelled from our initial attack. Two pitlords, sir, they are equipped with what I can tell to be Demonslaying Weapons, capable of instantly killing any demon struck with them."

"So how are the frontal forces doing?"

"Our warlocks are summoning in more as we speak."

"Very good comman-hold that thought." Akairos said drawing his sword and shield and leaping over the barricade wall and threw his shield, striking 4 demons sprinting up to the forward base and reducing them to ash.

"Emailon!" Akairos yelled, turning back towards the fort.

Emailon was way ahead of Akairos, Akairos turned back to the battle and saw Varion cutting swaths of demons down as more poured in. Akairos directed his attention to his Eclipsion forces, taking a fel fireball for 2 soldiers and rendering 3 fel guards dead. Akairos ran to a captain and pointed towards a demon gate and ran off into the fray. The Eclpsion captain directed other Blood-wardens to follow him and began charging holy light and so did the others before shooting it up into the air in a bright flash.

Emalion was busy to say the least. With one fluid motion and a smile he cut the chest of a Mo'arg engineer open, the bolt of fel lightning killing nearby Gan'arg. Emailon briefly looked up to see four infernals heading right for him, he knelt for a moment and split into his magic demonform and dodged the first infernal impacts. He shot down two more and shifted into the defender demonform and projected an energy barrier to shield them before merging back into Emailon who with 3 strikes shattered the remaining Infernals who were still rising from their craters.

Deathlord Varion was in a state of ecstasy, he felt his troops in a similar mood. As he stood there drinking the blood of a fallen Deathforge guard he saw two Darkfallen Lieutenants charge by him and engage four Deathforge guardians, the bloodmancers sucking the magic from them. Varion smiled and charged forward, death gripping warlocks and hellcallers and decapitating them, and taking particular care to crush the skulls of the Mo'arg engineers. Varion picked up a severed head and threw it at a warlock stunning him, and cast Dead and Decay on a group of Imps and laughed as the fell over. As Varion rushed forward to continue his slaughter he fell on his face, his feet bound by shadow chains and his arms paralyzed. Varion writhed and struggled as three darkfallen sought to rid his bonds from him, they got one leg free before they were reduced to bones by a tremendous blast of Fel flame. Warbringer Razuun was making an attempt to repel the invaders. Varion tried to get up but his limbs were rebound to the floor. Warbringer Razuun walked over to Varion, blasting away Varion's tacticians and several acolytes who had finished reanimating several fallen Darkfallen.

"Try and move again and you end up like the the first three. Order your troops to stand down."

"Never." Varion flatly said.

"Do as I say!" Razuun yelled.

"I'll kill you. I'll kill you. I'll kill you. I'll kill you." Varion warned.

"I shall order them to stand down, no force would sacrifice the commander so easily." Razuun yelled as he began shouting orders to surrender at the Darkfallen while he fired off blasts of fel fire.

Varion lay there on the ground cackling, Razuun looked down at him.

"Why do you laugh, there is no hope!"

"NO HOPE!? YOU THINK YOU KNOW WHAT IT MEANS TO HAVE NO HOPE? HA..oh that is rich..." Varion laughed. "DARFALLEN! Undo my bonds so that we might teach this poor deluded creature what hopeless really means..."

The Darkfallen Bloodmancers turned to Varion and broke his magical bonds as a Darkfallen Commander charged Razuun, slicing a large hole in his thigh before being swatted into the fel lava.

"You shall pay!" Warbringer Razuun yelled and teleported deep into the Deathforge.

Varion got up and popped a shoulder back into place and resumed his killing, taking a moment to watch a Deathforge guardian run out a door into a death gate, and could hear the screams as the Darkfallen on the other side tore him apart and sucked him dry. Varion laughed.

The Battle ProgressesEdit

Akairos was angry, he had just watched a dozen or so Eclipsion fall to Mo'arg land-mines, such a cowardly way to die. Akairos was charging towards the secondary legion area to the south of the hold where the Fel Reavers and other mechanical monstrosities were produced. Akairos stopped momentarily and faced the soldiers accompanying him. He directed the two Eclipsion Centurion's the three Blood-Wardens to circle around the back and shoot another burst of light into the air and wait while the last three soldiers, a demonstalker and an archmage followed him.

Emailon watched proudly as his former students wrecked horrible carnage upon the demonic legions, Emailon even while watching was aware of his surroundings and to the Wrathguards charging behind him. As the clash of their swords and stomp of their hooves grew every closer, Emailon dissipated, the demons stopped in their tracks, hacking and slashing at the air. Emailon reappeared behind the demons and immobilized them in a shadow prison, the demons roared and screamed within as the prisons got smaller and smaller. Emailon turned away from the prisons and continued hacking and slashing at a battalion of fel guards until he heard the sound of blood spatter and cracked bones and allowed himself a smile momentarily.

Mistress Alessandra had her hands full. Around her were the corpses of demons and the charred remains of warlocks. Her robes were torn and burnt but her eyes glowed a brilliant yellow and her expression of anger and concentration kept the injured and wounded from interrupting her. The demons were trying to get into the forward base, not a lot of demons but they were strong. Alessandra spawned holy flamestrikes beneath attacking terrorguards and bound them in place with holy shackles as they burned and fired arcane barrages at a pair of Wrathguards all the while keeping continuing to utter her prayers to hasten the mending of the wounded Eclipsion, demons, and demon hunters. Hearing a sound behind her, she tried to turn around in time to throw up a shield but she was knocked ot the ground by the butt of a Felguard's axe. She raised a reflective shield but a shadow council warlock stripped it from her, the Felguard swung his axe and Alessandra closed her eyes, waiting for the strike, but it never came. An Illidari Demon Hunter in metamorphosis form had blocked the axe, the blade embedded in his chest. Alessandra gave a determined smile and filled the Demon Hunter with healing energy who promptly took the axe out of his chest, and threw it at the warlock who stripped the Mistress of her shields before taking his own glaives out and slicing the demon in two. The Hunter uttered a demonic grunt and jumped into the air, gliding on demonic wings into more combat.

Varion and the Darkfallen had reached a problem, an enchanted gate blocked access deeper into the Deathforge and the Bloodmancers were having a tough time breaking the seals, and to the rear of the Darkfallen more Deathforge warriors continued to appear to fight. Behind the gate, Deathforge Warlocks and warriors laughed, smiled, and watched when behind them their ritualists spawned infernals to send to the Legion Hold. Varion walked to the gate and shook the bars, they wouldn't budge. He smiled for a second and stuck his hand through the gate and waited, soon enough a Deathforge Guardian had severed his hand and most of his lower arm, a Darkfallen Commander knelt before Deathlord Varion and sliced his own arm off, offering it to Varion temporarily. Varion took the arm and screwed it to his elbow and wiped the blood off his tabard. Varion watched the Deathforge guardians throwing his arm back and forth, taunting Varion. Varion turned to his bloodmancer's for a status report, they informed him it would be another 15 minuets at least. That was no good, Varion thought, 15 mins is another 10 infernals sent to the hold. Varion decided to act on his plan now. Varion turned back to the gate and held his other arm up and pointed at his hand that the guards were still tossing about. The hand stopped mid-air and twisted and writhed, and from the flesh crawled carrion insects that quickly swarmed over the guards, getting under their skin and devouring them from within. Varion directed his hand to twist into further dark hand signs and death and decay spread upon the ground, killing the last survivors. At that moment the Bloodmancer's broke the gate's seals, and Varion laughed as his soldiers stormed the inner sanctums of the Deathforge. The warlocks fell to the ground writhing as Bloodmancer's boiled their blood, the sound of hacking and slashing rang throughout the steel halls. When it was all said and done, Varion called his hand back to him, he tore off the replacement hand and threw it back to his commander, who reattached it and saluted. Varion looked at the fallen bodies and walked over to his acolytes.

"Get to work, let them serve the Illidari in death as we do." He said and sat down on a chair to drink the blood his sword had absorbed.

Radinius awoke from his meditation to his name being called, Commander Dawnseeker was already fighting the demons in the invasion point. Illidari Special Forces swept through the rows of infernals eliminating forgemasters and engineers. Radinius got up and saw what the problem was, 2 collosal Fel Reavers were activating and one was walking towards the special forces. Radinius got up instantly, grabbed his sword, grew his demonic wings and jumped down to engage the Fel Reaver. He landed and absorbed his wings and began killing demons, he cut the leg off of terrorfiend and stuck his sword in it's chest then turned to a group of Mor'arg engineers and unleashed a blast of Fel-fire towards them and turned around and picked his sword out of the terrorfiend and roasted the injured demon in fire. Radinius ran over to Commander Dawnseeker to help, but she punched him in the shoulder and pointed him towards the oncoming Fel Reaver. Radinius nodded and ran towards the Fel Reaver, he let out a brief gasp as a laser-like beam of fel energy swept towards him from the chest of the Reaver. Radinius backflipped and his inner demonform emerged from him and took the blow for him. Radinius beckoned to two Illidari Blood-Lords and they followed him and the demonform towards the Reaver. As it got closer the demonform jumped into the air towards the chest and began taking out it's conduits for fel blasts. Radinius pointed to the legs of the Fel Reaver and the Blood-Lords and Radinius to the right. The blood-lords jumped onto the foot and attacked the joints while Radinius ran up the leg and held on to the knee. The Reaver had stopped now, realizing the threat to itself and began to try to swat them off, Radinius looked down at the blood-lords to see that they had activated their divine shields, so they were safe for now, Radinius called his demonform back and it flew at him at top speed, disappearing into him, Radinius transformed his hands into demonic claws and began to tear through the knee circuitry and wiring and armor. He looked down to see the other foot of the Fel Reaver crumbling and Radinius felt the fel reaver stumbling backwards. He jumped off the knee and transformed his hands back and swooped down to grab the Blood-Lords to carry them away as the Reaver stumbled back and collapsed into the second fel reaver, destroying both. Radinius landed with the Blood-Lords, gave them a nod, and unleashed his demonform to go slay more while he started destroying the dormant infernals.

Akairos stood atop a pile of demon bodies while his soldiers fought to guard him, he pulled out a map of the hold, and he saw that the construction grounds were just ahead. Akairos looked back towards the temple and finally saw what he wanted, the Illidari Fel orcs had responded to the light signals and were quickly approaching on Netherdrakes. The soldiers cheered as they unleashed bombs to destroy the demon gates for reinforcements and Akairos blessed the riders as they flew by.

"Onward men!" Akairos yelled.

Akairos and the rest of the soldiers regrouped, with Akairos at the front no assault breached his defenses, demons fell before their blades and broke their weapons upon his shield. They reached the end of the construction yard, the entire force of demons behind them, dead. Akairos smiled for a second, but his smile didn't last, the Eclipsion soldiers behind him screamed in agony as fel lightning shot from pylons surrounding them, it struck Akairos and he fell to his knees in agony. Above him Akairos heard a bellowing laugh, a pit lord with a large spear, many Illidari Demon heads impaled on the many spikes stalked towards them.

"So this is the mighty Akairos...head of the Illidari Council, supreme commander of the Eclipsion and military forces. Your demons did nothing to me you miserable bastard." The pit lord said, waving his spear about and the heads of demons fell to the ground. "Fortunatly this spear will work equally well against you." The Pitlord then let out a bellowing yell and many wrathguards appeared as the Pit Lord closed in on Akairos. "Just in case." He said.

The Pit lord walked over to Akairos, who was still pinned down by the bolts of fel lightning, Akairos rose to his knees and drew his shield and sword ready to fight, but it was to late, he felt the point of the spear go through his stomach and he coughed up blood. The Pit lord laughed in victory. But so did Akairos.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha. Hahaha, you think you can defeat the Grand Blood-Lord? Very impressive Morgroron..." Akairos said, still impaled on the spear.

"What trickery is this Blood Elf? What are you doing?"

"Morgroron the Pit Lord..." Akairos said, pulling the spear out of him and causing it to burn searing hot with Light energy, the pit lord dropped it in agony. Akairos's wounds were mending with the light as his death was prevented. "Morgroron the Pit have caused the death of my soldiers and have dared to assault me..." Akairos said, getting louder. "You foul, wretched, disgusting insect..."

"Wrathguards! KILL HIM! KILL HIM KILL HIM!" Morgroron screamed as the Wrathguards surged forward in futility, a wave of blinding light radiated from Akairos, incinerating them.

"Morgroron the Pit Lord..." Akairos said, glowing white wings sprouting from his back, carrying him into the air. "...You have been judged..." Akairos took out Dawncrusher and dived into the pit lord, and in one mighty swing, obliterated him into fragments of energy "...unworthy..." Akairos said and turned his attention to the other demons racing towards him. Akairos raised his other hand and fired a blast of light energy, incinerating the demons. Akairos flapped his wings and headed to the main hold.

Varion had told his troops to stand down, he walked into the last sanctum alone, at the end he could see Warbringer Razuum furiously assembling infernals to send to the hold. Varion walked past Deathforge guardians, warlocks, and warriors of all kinds, and approached the Warbringer. The Warbringer paused and shouted for his guards, but none came, they stood at attention. Only as Varion drew closer did he realize that his guards' eyes glowed with a deathly hue, they were in Varion's control. As Varion drew closer the Warbringer shot blasts of fel fire and lightning and tried to throw infernal stones at him, Varion absorbed the fire and lightning into his simulacrum and slashed the stones in half. Varion bound the Warbringer with chains of ice, and placed death and decay beneath the Eredar. Varion chuckled as the Eredar yelled in agony and the risen Deathforge forces surrounded them.

"Told ya I'd kill you!" Varion said with a smile, and chopped Razuum's head off.

Varion called for a Bloodmancer and gave him a note that read, mission complete, and told him to take it to Akairos. The Bloodmancer saluted and teleported away.

Emailon had met up with Alessandra and both fought back to back against the demons.

"Having fun sister?" Emailon asked

"Some...Look out!" Alessandra yelled as a shadowbolt volley flew towards them.

Emailon split into all three demonic forms and shielded them and the surrounding demons and demon hunters with barriers.

"I know." The three demonform's said in unison.

The caster demon form began firing chaos blasts into the demonic hordes and melee form continued to tear and rend demonic flesh from bone. The small group gradually made its way towards the hold's gates. As they reached the gate, the Illidari Demons formed a wall against further attacks while the demon hunters and Eclipsion demolisher broke the gate down. Alessandra watched as Emailon's caster form blew apart a group of Doomguards and as the melee form tore legion forces to pieces, all the while the defender form channeled shields around them. Alessandra's attention suddenly turned towards a regiment of Eclipsion that was being boxed in by Legion demons, they were badly injured. Alessandra shouted for Emailon to put a shield on her as she rushed out into the fray. She focused for a second and began singing a divine hymn. Time seemed to slow down for those Eclipsion soldiers as their wounds simultaneously mended and they felt new energy, Alessandra performed a circle of healing and blinked into the group of Eclipsion, and unleashed a circle of destruction, teleporting away back to Emailon with a wink and a smile as she megamorphed the demons in range into hideous sheep/wolf/demon lumps of flesh. The Eclipsion made short work of the flesh lumps to say the least.

The invasion point was clear, Commander Dawnseeker's team lay on the ground, chests heaving from activity, the Illidari Battlemages were getting ready to transport the injured and dead special force units back to the Black Temple. Radinius gave Commander Dawnseeker a curt nod and she followed the special forces back through the portal with a wave and a shake of the hip. Radinius grunted and sprouted his demonform wings and took off at dizzying speeds towards the Legion Hold.

The hold gate was breached! Illidari forces stormed into the Legion hold, tearing through the last defending forces. Towering infernal constructs shattered from the ranged ballistic strikes of Blood Elven ballista's and bombs from the Fel Orc Netherdrake riders. Demon hunters tore through the remaining shadow council warlocks and several had gone into demonform to engage larger demons. Emailon and Alessandra quickly surveyed the are and the melee demonform pointed to a tower.

"There!" The demonform rumbled, and picked up Alessandra.

"Hey! What are you doing?" She yelled.

The three demonforms took flight to the top of the tower and landed on a balcony. The three demons merged back into Emailon and they opened the balcony door. Inside was a small group of shadow council warlocks, as they entered a large part of them walked through a shadowy portal, and the other warlocks muttered.

"Thank you Master Vorpil."

Emailon teleported over to one and sliced it's head off, the ensuing bolt of fel lightning roasted several other warlocks. While Emailon finished executing the warlocks, Alessandra walked over to a door and opened it. It was a door to a balcony, a balcony containing the last problem of Legion Hold, Deathbringer Jovaan. Jovaan quickly turned and fired a blast of Fel Fire at Alessandra, knocking her off the balcony.

"Brother!" She screamed.

"Sister!" Emailon yelled, leaping out the balcony door and splitting into defender and melee demonforms, the defender form leaped off the balcony to catch Alessandra, while the melee demon form angrily and brutally killed the Deathbringer. Alessandra was trying to levitate herself, but couldn't concentrate while trying to dispell he fel fire off herself. Emailon caught her 20 feet from the ground and put her down, the fel fire and seared her robes, arms, and left side of her face, her left breast was exposed and blistered and her face and arms were a burned red, her left hand was black. Alessandra gasped with pain and sat down, resting against the tower wall and began attending to her wounds. The defender demonform looked up to see the melee demonform flying down, the two merged into elf form and Emailon knelt next to his sister momentarily, before getting up and viciously killing all those that approached.

Akairos had landed in the middle of the hold, right in the thick of things, his wings still active, Akairos used his flight ability to land crushing blows to enemy forces. Akairos found Commander Ruusk and ordered him to collect a squad of Eclipsion to defend him. Once Ruusk ran off, Akairos rose into the air, and took his sword and shield out, putting Dawncrusher on his back. He threw his shield and vaporized many demons and unleashed bolts of holy power in all directions rendering them stunned. Akairos heard the flapping of wings and looked up to see Radinius land. Akairos smirked, he pointed to Emailon guarding the fallen Alessandra and he nodded, both guarded her with their lives against the last throes of demons. Akairos motioned several battlemages over to him and a Illidari Bloodmancer appear before him and gave him a message. Akairos laughed and crumpled the paper. He ordered the battlemages and the bloodmancer to open a portal for the darkfallen forces, who soon appear at the hold.


Many hours later the last demons were purged from the Legion Hold. Several Illidari looked around for a moment and began cheering, the entire hold eurupted in the cheers of the Illidari. Akairos's wings disappeared back into him and he joined in the cheers. At the entrance to the hold, remnant demons knelt, pledging service to the Illidari. As the battlemages readied themselves to transport the legions of the Illidari, Akairos saw Varion walking over, slicing the heads off fallen warlocks as he went.

"I take it you enjoyed yourself Deathlord?" Akairos asked.

"Yes." Varion replied. "It was a good experience, sadly most of the blood in these demonic types is so foul it's not even worth drinking. What a waste."

Emailon walked over to Akairos and Varion, holding Mistress Alessandra, who despite having healed most of her wounds, was unconscious, a piece of robe draped over her chest and waist. Radinius stood at Emailon's side, who took Mistress Alessandra and disappeared back to the Black Temple.

"Eclipison division three! Division 8! Report!" Akairos yelled.

"Demon unit 10 and unit 19 report!" Emailon Yelled.

"Darkfallen Battalion seven report."" Varion commanded.

The named units fell in and saluted.

"You will stay here, watching over the hold and the new demons. Make sure the Illidari is fueled with infernals and ready the machines of war for battle with the rest of Outland." Akairos said.

"Sir! Yes, sir!" They yelled back.

"Good. Dismissed." Akairos said, and turned to the portal followed by the rest of the council and Illidari forces.

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