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Neutral 32Radinius the Silent
Radinius the Silent
Title the Silent
Gender Male
Race Blood elf (Humanoid)
Level 80
Character class Demon Hunter, formerly Paladin
Affiliation The Second Illidari
Kingdom of Quel'Thalas formerly Alliance
Position Leader of the Illidari Demon Hunters
Location The Black Temple
Status Alive
Relative(s) Grand Blood-Lord Akairos (Brother)
Mentor(s) Illidan Stormrage, Emailon the Cursed
Alignment Chaotic Neutral


Radinius's personality ranges from good humor to serious determination, usually shifting between them drasticly and randomly. In earlier life he was a ranger captain. fighting off amani troll incursions when they arose and living an easy life on the whole. that all changed when the second war came. his mother Alwynna, a higher ranked ranger captain before him, fell to the orcs during their invasion of quel'thalas. While he himself almost died to the dragons flames aa the horde burned quel'thalas, the pain could not compare. He feels constantly lonely as a result of the loss of his mother, not speaking a word to anyone if he can help it.


As the Third war and fall of quel'thalas came. Radinus was first among those to see the undead coming. he stood with Sylvanas as she adressed Arthas outside the pass into the golden land of the elves. yet the scourge attacke almost immedietly. Sylvanas ordered Radinius to flee to Silvermoon and deliver a message to the convocation of silvermoon. knowing one bow and sword would nt make a difference. Radinius hated himself for being forced to run. bur carried out his duty in his dying comrades memories Radinius eventually returned to the front lines as the scourge crossed the elrendar river. only to see the scar of death the Scourge had cut across the land. he and the other rangers. joined now by the silvermoon assassins and his friend and ally. kaylljen ravenwing. they fought with fire and magic and bow and sword to stop the Scourge. but in the end everything fell. even radinius. he lay unconsious in silvermoon and the scourge passed him by to the sunwell.

Radinius Ranger

Radinius; Ranger of Quel'thelas.

RAdinius woke a month after the fall of quel'thalas. being with a small band of Rangers. sodiers and assasins. Radinius had been saved by kaylljen. and the scourge haunted the land. he and kaylljen and their part scoured quel'thalas for months. destroying any scourge they could and trying to fin surviors. all this time. they began getting weaker. their bodies were starved of magic after having it in abundance for so long. They needed to feed on magic. so they turned to any powers avalible. namely. demons. Undead were not the only things to roam the plaguelands. the shattered ley lines in silvermoon called foolhardy Warlocks and demons to the ruined city. when they came. they would ambush them. but there was never enough. in time. their party grew smaller and smaller. as the months and then years rolled by. they knew they could never survive this way. finally. radinius left Kaylljen and the others. deciding to follow kael'thas into outland. the so called promised land to the Sin'dorei.

after a month of traveling. forcing his way to the blasted lands. he made his way to the dark portal. and crossed through into a world gone mad. Outland was nothing like radinius could have expected. Ifrst. there were alliance here. a faction Radinius saw had abandoned them and the burning legion was here in force. but they only fed his growing hunger. having no way of direction. he fought and stumbled across outland. and in all those months searching. he found no promised land. no cure for his hunger. only a dying world and a horde of demons. with the dark portal now closed and no way home. radinius fell into despair, he fell to his knees, sobbing at what he had lost and passed out into unconsciousness. He dreampt of a strange night elf wielding strange double blade weapons. The night elf hauled radinius to his feet. and told him all destinies lie in the future. not in the past. yours is yet to come. as he finished those words. a wave o nausea washed over Radinius and he awoke, still in hellfire penninsula. But now before him, was a magical portal, a gate to silvermoon. Radinius briefly said thanks to whoever or whatever had saved him and walked through the portal. Before him stood stilvermoon, magically rebuilt. With one final tear. this time of joy. He returned to his homeland to behold the wonders the Blood elves had in store.

Radinius would not be dissapointed. massive arcane crystals hovered over buildings. magisters practiced strange magics with new life. and most shocking of all. a new arm of the Elven millitary. the blood knights. casting off his bow. Radinius joined the blood knight order. His skill in wielding the stolen light was immense. second only to among the greatest of Blood-Knights such as Lord Bloodvalor. Grand Blood-Lord Akairos, and Lady Liadrin. wielding this new strength. The Blood knights fought. and together. reclaimed much of their ancestral home from the scourge. While Radinius enjoyed the power. the light did not sooth his hunger as the demonic fel magics did. and begin tapping into arcane crystals when he could. after a few months of service to the blood knights. Akairos shadowsun and his regiment were sent to outland to aid kael'thas. Upon arrival in outland. Radinius was struck by the memory of his dream that he had in hellfire penninsula of the night elf who returned him to azeroth. he remembered he feel of power the night elf had. and the more Radinius thought of it. the more he desired it, and to find this being. Journeying back to Outland, Radinius became a soldier of the sunfury. From his command post at Manaforge Duro he slaughtered all who would oppose him and his prince. all this time. never once did he forget the strange night elf from his memories.

months passed and Radinius rose in the ranks. Eventually. he was assigned to lead a regiment of Blood Elves to Shadowmoon valley to aid the forces of Kael'thas' master. Illidan Stormrage. upon entering the land. the senses of ley energies here overwhelmed him. and he knew he would find his destiny here. Radinius found himself among the ranks of the eclipsion. He was granted the rank of Captain within the Eclipsion and he participated in many battles for the Illidari such as

SRadinius Eclipsion

Radinius as a Eclipsion Blood-Knight.

-Claiming the Ata'mal crystal at the Ruins of Sha'naar.
-Driving the Draenei from the city of Baa'ri. later occupied by Ashtounge broken.
-Freeing the Death Knight Teron Gorefiend to serve under Illidan Stormrage.
-Capturing Hundreds of Demons and forcing them into the ranks of the Illidari.

Radinius eventually earned the eye of Lord Illidan Himself. and brought to the Black temple itself to undergo what he. and the thirty or so other blood elves were told to be training. it was at that moment. he laid eyes upon the very same being who brought him out of despair so long ago. the Night elven demon hunter Netharel. They were told by Lord Illidan himself they would undergo demon hunter training. they were told most of them would not survive and many that did would be driven insane. only four Blood elves had passed the test before him. But Radinius' resolve was uncompromising. From the moment he met a demon hunter to the moment his training began. he knew this was his destiny. He no longer needed the Light. As a rising demon hunter. he barely said a word. only obeying the words of his instructors without question. even killing off those that Lord Illidan saw fit and he did it without a sound or word of regret. earning him the name "The silent". As he neared the end of his training. he had gone beyond his Instructors, seeing his potential. he was placed as a student under the blood Elven demon hunter Varedis.

Ascension to powerEdit

Radinius has since risen to the High Council

Becoming a Demon HunterEdit

Radinius had power. and he had purpose. he knew what his destiny was. and he knew how to achieve it. Saying not a word. he approached his master. and drew his initiates warglaives.

Radinius Fights Vaerdis

Radinius confronts his master.

simultaneously. Varedis drew his and

the two fought. a massive clash rang through the temple walls as many initiate demon hunters observed the battle. throughout the ordeal. Varedis grunted and yelled but radinius remained silent. even through wounds to the flesh and strikes of his own. the only sound coming from him were his blades. at the end. Radinius completed his training on his own. As Varedis entered his unstoppable Metamorphosis form, Radinius back off momentarily, eyeing the new form, he had a plan. His heart raced and he dropped his glaives, he jump and clung to the demonic form, as the demon struck and sliced him with warglaives he siphoned essence from Varedis and felt his wounds heal. He jumped back, his heart pounding and his own body shook and his body dispersed for a moment, when he shimmered back into focus, a mighty demonic form, similar to Varedis stood beside Radinius, mimicking his movement. The demonform grasped Radinius's initiates Glaives and plunged them into Varedis' demonic wings, pinning him to the wall. As the demon held him in place Radinius delivered a series of vicious blows to the demons chest, unfortunately Varedis's demon form, being immortal absorbed the blows, though it meant nothing. By defeating Varedis he had won. Drawing his blades out of the wall as the demonic form merged back into him. Radinius had secured himself a place high in the ranks of the Illidari. He became one of the greatest warriors of the Illidari outside the Black temple. launching attacks against the legion and bringing back victory every time. repelling Aldor and Scryer assaults. his power would come to the test the day the colossal Doomwalker began battering at the gates of the Black Temple.

Ascension to the CouncilEdit

When Mistress Alessandra was slain during an attack on the Black Temple Gathios appointed Radinius to take her place. He was given command of the Illidari Special Forces so he could deploy them as necessary.

Forging his weaponEdit

Radinius's weapons were forged by fire. When the Doomwalker came he leapt from the top of the gates to sink the first blow into the doomwalkers headplate. leaving one of his warglaives lodged in there. as swarms of Illidari soldiers attacked the doomwalkers feet. radinius ram up and sprinted across the breadth of the machine's body. striking at it's joints.

The Doomwalker Falls to Radinius

Radinius's blade is forged in the heart of the Reaver.

The doomwalker pummeled the ground and soldiers along with it. massive quakes shook radinius off. as the doomwalker loomed over him to try and finish him off. Radinius performed a partial separation of his demon form and the inner demon's wings sprouted from his back. Utilizing the wings to soar up to the doomwalker's head level. and called upon the demonic magic that was so now a part of him. and called a bolt of Felfire to surge into the doomwalker's headpiece using the warglaive lodged in there as a conductor. overheating. the colossal Fel reaver staggered about aimlessly. part falling off of it. the machine shut down. falling and smashing against the wall of the temple exterior. flying back to the ground and pulling his warglaive out of the Doomwalker's head. Radinius examined the coating of strange power it had gained. knowing what this could mean. he joined his two glaives together. and plunged them into the core of the Doomwalker. when the machine's innards finally gave out. he drew the weapon out. forged into one colossal blade and endowed with more strength then his glaives ever had. Radinius strung his new weapon over his back. "Radinius the Silent" had won another victory.

Uniqueness amongst the Demon HuntersEdit

Perfect demon form

Radinius in perfected hybrid demon form. Demon Blood-Elf

Since Radinius's demonic form was taken from another demon hunter, he can never truly enter a demon form. Instead he can cause a demon form to separate from him and fight under his command. While the Demonform is active all damage and wounds radinius receives are transferred to the demonform. Radinius can also perform "partial separations" transforming parts of his body into demonic features. He can grow the demon's wings, gain demonic glaws, powerful leaping legs, etc. Radinius also has the power to become intangible, rendering him unable to be struck, though in this form he cannot strike anyone either, nor can he fire magical attacks. Radinius can render himself invisible upon command.

During the battle of the Sha'tar, Radinius perfectly merged with his demonic essence. In this form he takes greatly reduced damage from magical sources and the air around him burns. Also while in this form, his normal demon hunter powers are greatly magnified and gains the ability to fire chaos blast, similar to Emailon's demonform powers.

Current StatusEdit

Radinius resides in Shadowmoon Valley, pugring the land of remnant burning legion forces and other invaders.


"Listen..all of you...listen well, listen to the words of the Silent one...for these are the last words you shall hear. I exist to serve the Illidari, I have rid the world of demons and slain many Draenei, orcs, undead, Dwarfs, I have slain many Blood Elves. For all the atrocities I have committed for my brother, for the Illidari, and for my own gains, those can not hope to match what you have done today. I shall take from everyone of you what you hold most dear. I shall take from you all what you took from us. You took our moral. You took a youth from the world. The heart of the Silent One can take the punishments of the void, the brutality of demons, and the pandemonium of all that is chaotic. But the soul of the Silent One will not stand for this...I hope you have all made peace with your demons...

  • *Radinius removes his blindfold, his voice growing deeper*

"...Because you will have to..."

  • *Radinius mutates into a perfect demon Hybrid*


- Radinius confronting the Draenic forces after Murder of Mistress Alessandra.

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