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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

Emailon was in turmoil and had been since he had buried his sister. Some of his mental guards had been shaken and the demons within him sought to overtake his mind.

" I am the master..!" Emailon mumbled to himself, stalking about the Ruins of Karabor.

Emailon stopped walking about and looked down at the master Demon Hunters overseeing the training of the new recruits, sitting down on the edge to meditate, putting his glaives by his side. Behind his blindfold, Emailon squeezed his eyes shut and a demonic image flashed across his face for a moment, a psychic roar could be heard within a few feet of him before Emailon settled into meditation.

"Who's the master now?" He smirked to himself and settled into meditation.

Akairos walked through the Black Temple, heavy boots thundering across the stone floor, and a heavy scowl on his face, shield on his back and sword on his belt, Dawncrusher was sheathed on his back as well, glowing slightly. In stride behind him were Radinius the Silent and Deathlord Varion. The three councilmen walked out onto the Ruins of Karabor, where the demon hunters were training, walked over to Emailon, Akairos walked over and tapped him in the back with his boot.

"What is it Blood-Lord?" Emailon asked, not turning around.

"We've been summoned by Highlord Gathios, it's best we take heed." Akairos responded.

"Very well." Emailon said and stood up, walking next to Radinius as they walked off back into the main temple.

Walking up the stairs and hallways to the upper levels. Reaching the Grand Promenade and eventually to the chamber of command where Lord Gathios was waiting. The four council members kneeled before him and he turned around.

"Satisfied?" He asked, raising an eyebrow behind his faceplate.

"Indeed,my lord." Emailon said, his head down. "Most satisfied."

"Good. All of you, rise." Gathios motioned with his hand upwards and the Illidari Councilmen stood up. "I'm sure you are aware of the infiltrators within the Eclipsion and the Crimson Sigil, Lord Akairos."

"I am, Highlord." Akairos responded, folding his hands behind his back. "Brutally aware."

"I'm glad, you will go through the members of Eclipsion and find the betrayers, Emailon and I will be interrogating the captured rogues. Radinius and Varion are free to do as they please until summoned again."

"If I may m'lord. I've already taken steps to rid us of infiltrators, if I might take leave to take care of it?" Akairos said.

"Go then Grand Blood-Lord."

"Thank you." Akairos said with a smirk and bowed slightly and left the room, heading down to the Eclipsion administrative areas.

Akairos reached the administrative offices, inside the brightly lit stone room aids were taking dictations from ambassadors, commanders by the bright torchlight and having missives sent all over the place. When he entered the one's stood up quickly, Akairos smiled and motioned them to sit back down. He walked around the room for a little bit, he signed a few papers, authorized several missions, and eventually came to stop next to a a captain at a desk, filling out paperwork. Akairos looked over his shoulder at what he was writing. As he did the captain shifted his position so his hand covered the letter and he turned around and looked up at Akairos with a slight hint of nervousness that quickly vanished from his face.

"Grand Blood-Lord." He said sharply.

"Hello captain, is everything going well?" Akairos asked, sensing the unease within the captain.

"Everything is just fine, sir. What can I help you with?"

Akairos raised an eyebrow, he remembered this captain from the Campaign against the alliance and horde. "Yes captain, could you obtain for me the list of covert agents and spies?"

"Certainly sir." He said, snapping his fingers, motioning for an aid to come over, muttering Akairos's request and waiting a second, looking down at Akairos's feet.

The aid returned and gave the book to the Captain, Akairos quickly snatched it from his hand and flipped through the pages, turning on his light powers to see deceit, Akairos could see the changes that had been made to the book, and the true names of the false ones. Akairos concentrated for a second to recall the names of the captured blood elf scryer rogues, they were the same. Not showing any change in expression Akairos put the book down on the desk, this was one of the Scryer spies.

"Thank you for your service Captain, I will see you in the next life." Akairos he snarled, his eyes burning golden yellow.

All to late the captain realized what was going on. "P-please, m-m-my lord." The captain-spy said, kneeling on the ground.

Akairos knelt down to look him in the face. "Your actions caused the death of so many of your friends." Akairos smirked and stood. The captain looked up at Akairos and the Blood-Lord grabbed the captain's head, squeezing, sparks crisscrossed the elf's body and he learned back on his heels, twitching. Akairos grinned and gripped harder, the skin of the elf glowed and his armor melted in some spots, eventually the captain let out a scream which got the attention of even the hardest working clerks, and dissolved into a pile of ash. Akairos rolled his neck, hearing cracks in it, and shifted his shoulders.

Shouldn't have done that. Akairos thought.

"Good work all of you, I'm proud. If any of you see any suspicious activity, please do not hesitate to approach me or any of the High Generals." Akairos said and made a short bow and left the room.

Walking down the hall Akairos held his hand up and called a bit of light power forth to make his hand glow and it flickered and died when he clenched his fist.

Time to recharge. Akairos thought and walked off to where Emailon and Gathios were interrogating.

Rooted outEdit

"Mental shields Emailon?" Gathios said as he manipulated the gray prisons around the captured rogues.

"So it would seem, my lord." Emailon responded, sitting on the ground meditating.

"Perhaps we're going about this the wrong way?" Gathios said, releasing the Gray cages, dropping the three rogues to the floor where he bound them with energy coils on their hands and knees. Gathios's eyes glowed grey and he walked over to put a hand on the rogue's forehead, the blood elf's eyes grew wide as he felt information being drawn out of him. Emailon got up off the ground and stood next to Gathios, watching the blood elf rogue. Gathios took his hand of the rogue who slumped to the ground.

"I have what I need, go ahead and kill them Emailon." Gathios said turning and walking out of the room.

"Oh, with pleasure." Emailon said with a smile, taking the glaives off his back.

As Gathios walked out of the room, he met Akairos. "Ah, the Grand Blood-Lord. What is it?" He asked.

"I've found the spy captain, he is taken care of, there are two other spies to find without the Illidari."

"And?" Gathios replied.

"And I shall find them swiftly, My Lord." Akairos said with a bow, then turned around and left, walking back up to the upper levels of the temple, giving orders to his Bloodwardens on the way up.

Akairos finally entered the Chamber of Command and sat down on a sofa in the back of the room, he stood up upon hearing the door open once more seeing two Bloodwarden Vindicators enter. The two guards saluted and stood at attention while Akairos walked over and they handed him a document. Akairos took the document briefly and signed it and waved waved the two off, he heard the two shout jeers at someone and moments later he found out what, two Blood-Lords were carrying an Illidari assassin and behind them walked Commander Sunseeker.

"Just leave him there men." Commander Sunseeker said, and the two Blood-Lords nodded and left the Chamber. "He's all yours, My Lord." She said with a bow and left the room, closing the door behind her. Akairos walked up to the beaten assassin who was getting up on his hands and knees, Akairos put his foot on his back and pushed him back down to the floor.

"Stay down! Vile Scryer..." Akairos said, waving his hand and holy chains bound the assassin. Akairos turned away from the assassin and paced before whiping back around to face him again. And just what did you hope to accomplish here? Worming your way into the Illidari Special Forces?"

The assassin moaned. "Oh...we've been waiting for a chance like this, the Grand Blood-Lord...alone."

"I am no different alone then when slaughtering those that oppose the Illidari." Akairos said, his eyes turning from the normal green glow to a golden yellow. "Stand and receive judgment." Akairos broke the holy chains on the rogue.

The Scryer Assassin dropped a smoke bomb and vanished. Blasted rogues Akairos though, focusing through the light. Akairos consecrated the ground beneath him and reached for his shield. A little closer. Akairos thought. Akairos suddenly drew his shield and whipped around, smashing the rogue in the face and chest. Hearing the satisfying crunch of bone and the thud of a body hitting the floor. As the smoke cleared Akairos looked at the fallen body and cocked his head, there was a shiny gem clutched in his hands that glowed faintly yellow. Thinking it was a mana gem, Akairos picked it up with delight to suck the mana from it, a prize for his latest kill. Once Akairos clutch the gem, he felt something wrong, he felt his strength fading. The yellow glow in his eyes faded, he became hungry and wounds began to open up on him that were healed by his death prevention technique. Akairos felt things he hadn't felt since he was first empowered; he felt hunger, pain, his armor felt heavy on him and Akairos fell to his knees and dropped the gem, finally able to release it from his grasp.

"He had to die to make it work!" Akairos heard and another rogue jumped from the shadow and threw a dagger at Akairos, Akairos quickly raised his shield to block the dagger but the rogue was fast, shadowstepping behind Akairos to kick him in the back, knocking him over.

"Die, traitor!" The rogue yelled, and drew his dagger back.

"No!" Akairos shouted, and swung his now very heavy boot and slammed it into the ankle of the rogue, tripping him. "Guards!" Akairos yelled, getting up.

The guards banged on the door, finding it locked, the pounding increased. The rogue had got up and vanished, leaving Akairos standing there, his sword drawn, he hadn't picked his shield up for it was now to heavy.

"Come out, come out little elf." Akairos said quietly. "I am not totally drained, I can still sense you." Akairos lied.

The rogue burst out from behind a tapestry and Akairos grabbed his arm and twisted it, swinging him around and throwing the rogue into the wall with tremendous effort, the rogue hit his head on the ground and he heard the bones in his neck crunch and the body slumped to the ground as the guards burst in.

"And you couldn't have come in sooner?" Akairos said, panting and his chest heaving behind his armor.

"A thousand pardons my lord, are you well?" A Bloodwarden said, both of them kneeling.

" powers...drained from me..." Akairos said, falling back onto the stairs.

"Good." The wardens said together, and drew their blades.

"Oh...come must be joking?" Akairos wheezed.

"For the Scyers!" The Blodowardens yelled, before the sound of whirling blades filled the air, and their heads fell off and hit the ground. When Akairos's vision caught up with what he was seeing, Akairos saw Radinius the Silent standing before him. Looking up and him, he took his hand and stood up.

"Brother." Akairos said, Radinius returned a polite nod. "I'll never get a word from you will I?" Akairos chuckled as he hefted his shield onto his back and sheathed his sword, Radinius shook his head then grabbed Akairos by the shoulder. "What is it Radinius?" Akairos asked as Radinius activated his teleportation spell and they appeared at the temple summit before Highlord Gathios.

"My lord." Akairos said, kneeling and Radinius did the same.

"How could you of all people be so careless?!"Gathios said angrily, drawing the Halbard of desolation, sending a rush of pain through Akairos.

"My lord, forgive me." Akairos said, gritting his teeth as Radinius looked on. "It will not happen again...AUGH!" Akairos let out a short yell, but quickly stifled it.

"See that it never does." Lord Gathios said, stopping the pain and sheathing his Halbard. "But I will aid you." Gathios held a hand above his head, and the captured Naaru, X'iri appeared, encased in a Gray Sphere. "Take what you want from this Naaru, it is untapped, pure, and strong. A general in the armies of the Light. Affix a connection to it and you will be its sole benefactor, infinite power..." Gathios said, looking up at the Naaru

Akairos grinned and stood up under the weight of his armor and breathed deep, extending a hand towards the Naaru, focusing on it, hearing the soft chime in his head no! Don't do it! It isn't to late! Akairos smirked at the music in his head and began to tear power from the Naaru. It was unlike any power he'd tasted before, it flowed into him, rich, strong, and powerful. Akairos took power, draining the Naaru of as much as he could, he felt his strength returning, his wounds, hidden beneath his armor, closed up, and his armor was no longer heavy, he was empowered by the Light once more.

"Oh power! GLORIOUS POWER! This...this is...this power comes from your gift my lord..." Akairos said, clasping his hands together before drawing them apart, energy crackling between them and he held his hands up at ninety degrees in the channeling stance he had always known, and whiped about, discharging Light energy. "...the power of the Illidari!" Akairos shouted, grabbing the silvermoon shield from his back and flinging it to the ground. "I don't need the sunwell anymore!" Akairos shouted, laughing as he closed the siphon and knelt before Lord Gathios.

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