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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.


The Legion has been expelled from Shadowmoon Valley, the Deathforge taken and demon portals closed. The Illidari has delivered a crushing blow to the legion. The most significant threats in the valley remains the forces of Shattrath, and they continue to assault the gates and structures of the Illidari.


Commander Elanor Sunseeker was knocked to the ground with a crash, she was out of energy, her opponents heavy boot steps thudded towards her. Elanor wanted to run but she was cornered at the edge of the temple walls, she turned to the edge and prepared to jump and activate her immunity shield, but it was to late, the man had her by the leg and a look of terror washed over Commander Sunseeker's face.

"You need to conserve your energy more." He said, released her leg and offering her his hand.

Commander Sunseeker sighed and took the man's hand, and got up off the floor.

"Thank you Grand Blood-Lord." She said.

"Of course Commander." Akairos responded with a smirk.

Commander Elanor had been receiving training from the Blood-Lord since her exemplary actions during the siege of Legion Hold, together they walked down the Grand Promenade and Akairos sat down against a wall, his armor clattering as he sat down.

"It's not fair though sir, you have to much of an advantage."

"Oh?" Akairos asked, craning his neck to see who was coming.

"Of course, we started our sparing and then five seconds later I was flat on my ass in terror. Hardly fair to judge me like that." She replied.

"I guess, but you responded in kind and damn nearly melted my boots to the floor with that blasted consecrated ground." Akairos said, getting up as the walking person drew closer.

"Yeah, but I...sir? What're ya looking at?" She asked.

Radinius the Silent, one of the Master Demon Hunters of the Illidari was approaching. Akairos stepped forward to greet him and Radinius knelt before Akairos, nodding to Commander Sunseeker in acknowledgment. Radinius stood up and grabbed Akairos by the arm, in his head Akairos could see images of Alliance forces fighting at the Dragonmaw fortress and the Dragonmaw Chieftain being slain and the Netherdrake Matriarch being released along with several Netherdrakes.

"Curse them! Damn it! It took those tamers weeks to train those Netherdrakes. We lost over 20 during the siege and now we just lost, what? Maybe 10 more?" Akairos shouted, growing very angry. "How did they get in Radinius?" Akairos's head filled with images of rogue Netherdragons providing disguises Radinius stood there, his expression unchanging and showed Akairos images of him brutally killing the escaping Alliance.

"Serves them damn well right." Akairos said, taking Radinius's hand off his arm and storming off. "We'll continue tomorrow Commander!" Akairos shouted back.

Akairos stormed up the Grand Promenade and past the sentries outside the Chamber of Command and walked in, finding Mistress Alessandra stretched out on a sofa on the back of a platform, incense burner filled with mana thistle.

"Mistress!" Akairos shouted.

"Whoa!" Mistress Alessandra yelped with a startle, accidentally knocking over her burner. "My thistle!...What could be so urgent as to interrupt my personal time?"

"It's those damned, insignificant, stupid..." Akairos paused. "DEATHLORD VARION! Where are you?!?" Akairos shouted.

Varion's death gate appeared in front of his command chair. "What is it Blood-Lord?" He sighed.

"It's time to kill, take your Darkfallen and go kill, maim, and slaughter those alliance pigs who have just released our Netherdrakes! Capture the Netherdrakes back to, take a regiment of Fel Orc tamers for them."

"Of course sir." Varion said with a smile and walked towards the chamber door Emailon appeared, blocking Varion.

"Move you cursed hunter! I have things to take care of."

"Always the master of subtlety I see Varion." Emailon said, his eyebrows furrowing. "Yes, go kill them, slaughter them all, then wait for the Shattrath forces to get wind of it and they'll double their forces here. Our Satyr summoners almost can't keep up with the current assaults, we have two of our Dreadlords stationed outside too, I'd rather not be forced to deploy stronger security forces least we reveal all of the cats in our bag."

Varion sighed and walked back to his command chair and sat down, drumming his fingers on the armrest. Akairos paced back and forth, finally calming down a bit. Akairos walked to the door and sent a sentry to find Commander Dawnseeker. Akairos walked back over and sat down on the platform stairs and watched Mistress Alessandra lazily walk over and sit down in her chair. A few minuets later the sentry announced the arrival of Commander Dawnseeker.

"Sir!" She said and saluted crisply.

"At ease Commander." Akairos said, looking up at her. "You, right now, mobilize the special forces."

"Lord Akairos, I cannot. Lord Gathios does not authorize it."

"Fine then, get me someone who can!" Akairos said, pounding his fist on the floor, leaving a small dent which glowed for a moment before fading. "Fine. Go be useful and get one of your battlemages to go get Overlord Mor'ghor. I will have words with him."

Shortly Later Overlord Mor'ghor was dragged into the council chamber and thrown to the ground.

"Overlord Mor'ghor!" Akairos yelled as he walked over to Mor'ghor, his eyes in shadow.

"Yes sir!" Mor'ghor said, quickly standing up and saluting.

"I am aware of your involvement with the Black Dragonflight, and I am not in a good mood to hear of any excuses of you."

"But..but sir...I.."

"NO EXCUSES! YOU WILL BE JUDGED!" Akairos yelled with a look of great anger and anguish on his face, and propelled a sledgehammer like punch into Mor'ghor's chest, sending him flying flying clear acoss the room. "Take this traitor to the Netherwing pens, fresh meat tonight. I am in no mood for traitors to Lord Illidan's cause."

Mistress Alessandra looked at the Blood-Lord with a brief flicker of fear in her eyes. She banished it from her thoughts as she walked over to Akairos and put her arms around his shoulders from behind.

"Shh, shh, shh...come on Akairos...good man, come on sweety." She said, giving him a kiss on the cheek. Akairos put his chin to his chest and turned it to the side to smell her hair. "Now baby, what's wrong My Lord?" She asked.

"It's not hard to figure out sister." Emailon said, speaking up at last. "He is under a lot of stress. Continued attacks against the Eclipsion from Horde forces have been eating away resources to the west, and Allied attacks against our Orc clans to the south. Any ideas anyone?"

Akairos took Alessandra's arms off of him and whispered something in her ear and she nodded. "I think the best choice of action in the short term would be to rid ourselves of the closer threat, the Wildhammer Stronghold. Vote on it. All opposed?" He asked.

None said a word.

"I thought not." Akairos said and stormed off.


Akairos stormed out of the Chamber of command, stopping for a second to turn around and order very graven to the Bloodwarden sentries that they had not seen anything and if any word got out on his behavior he would find them and kill them, he saluted them, they returned the salute and Akairos walked off.

"My word what is wrong with him?" The first sentry whispered.

"No clue, but if you know what's good for you, don't question the Grand Blood-Lord's command." The second sentry replied very quietly.

"I can't believe the orc Overlord was punished so. By the Light I didn't expect that."

"Nor did I friend, now keep quiet."

Emailon appeared through the shadow of a door beside Akairos.

"This frustration will do no good. You cannot lead the council in matters when your own matters are not dealt with. Why are you so angry? Tell me now before I have Radinius come and take the thoughts from your mind."

"I lead the Eclipsion, I direct the council, I train the special forces, and after a large scale war very soon from my return from Northrend I find that one of my lieutenants has been serving the Black Dragonflight, and these pathetic orcs and alliance still attack us as enemies. Emailon, can I trust you to formulate an attack on the Alliance? I need to deal with the Orc camp by myself."

"You seek to assault an entire base of Horde soldiers by yourself?"

"They are weak Emailon! We can increase the infernal bombardment and I will sweep the base by myself for what we need."

"What we need? What is that my friend?"

"We need to deploy a overwhelming force against one of the bases, to make them leave. I will contact our Naga allies to the north to aid me, you focus attacks at the Alliance base."

"You're just still angry aren't you?"

"I'm beyond furious. The valley must remain safe, yet we cannot go fast enough."

"Be careful Blood-Lord. To give into one's demons is to be consumed by them. I'd know that..." Emailon morphs into a demonform "...better then anyone." Emailon rumbled.

"You're right Emailon. I'm to hasty. Come walk with me back to the council chambers."

"Of course." Emailon replied, morphing back.

The two walked back to the Chamber of Command, the sentries outside once again snapping to attention and saluted. Emailon pretended not to hear the sighs of relief as they closed the Chamber doors. Mistress Alessandra rose and approached them.

"Feeling better akairy?" Alessandra asked sweetly.

"Yes, a bit better thank you."

"Good. Do not ever do that again." She said, slapping him across the face.

"Ha, this is all to good." Varion laughed.

"Not as good as my next news is soon to be killing time." Akairos said grimly.

"Excellent." Varion replied, shifting position in his chair.

"And. We shall attend to it. Personally."

"You don't mean..?" Alessandra tried to ask.

"I do. The council will take care of the Alliance and the Horde. Individually. We will deploy a secondary force of Eclipsion and Demons to Illidari Hold in the meanwhile."

"Why?" Emailon asked.

"We shall increase the Infernal production and bombardment, then when their precious armies come to attack the Hold, thinking that it is still in Burning Legion Control, we shall strike their cities while our mighty armies distract their legions."

"We can strike the Alliance base first." Varion said. "I hunger for good blood. Clean. Pure. Alliance blood.""

"We shall decide then. Who wants it?" Akairos asked and the other three council members nodded.

"Good. Council adjourned." Akairos said and walked off with Mistress Alessandra through a side door.


Alessandra and Akairos walked through the side hall of the upper levels of the Black Temple. Coming to a stop on a balcony that overlooked the edge of Outland and Azeroth hung far in the stars below them.

"So what's this sudden rush to clean out the other guys and to go in and do it yourself, we have armies for that you know? No need to send the generals in for small fry."

"It's really hard to explain, it's that the Alliance and Horde both have grown very strong in the past years, I'd know, I got friends there, but anyhow, despite the diminished presence here now that the Scourge remnants I didn't clean out are still distracting them in Northrend, they still manage to cause an abnormal amount of problems. This month alone we have lost 29 Eclipsion units of either casters or soldiers, 3 Darkfallen, 6 Felsworn, 94 demons, and over 120 fel orcs, and now we lost another 10 Netherdrakes, that's a year of training bombardment units and drake training gone to waste because some self righteous insect knows where to hire from."

Mistress Alessandra tried to get all that info through her head while maintaining her composed facial expression. "And would killing as many of them as possible help you?"

"Yes." Akairos replied flatly.

"And I can't convince you otherwise?"

"You'd have to convince my Eclipsion that they're not supposed to go to war and you'd have to convince me not carry out the vengeance of the Illidari, you agreed to the councils decision."

Alessandra sighed and leaned on the balcony edge. "I guess there's no stopping you. But promise me that this will vent your anger, or I will burn your eyelids off." She said with a raised eyebrow.

"Done." He said and walked off into the Chamber of Command.

Emailon was facing towards three demon hunters who knelt at the bottom of the stairs on the raised platform of the Chamber of Command, as Akairos walked in Emailion's head twitched towards Akairos for a moment and then he looked back at the hunters, who rose and ran out the door to the Chamber of Command. Emailon turned and walked towards Akairos.

"Emailon." Akairos said with a nod.

"Blood-Lord." Emailon replied with a nod.

"What's going on?"

"Nothing. Just having my lieutenants carry the order for battle amongst the demon hunters."

"Very well. Guard!" Akairos commanded and as he said it one walked through the Chamber of command door.

"Sir!" The guard bowed.

"I need a portal to Illidari Hold, fetch a mage."

"Yes sir." The guard bowed and left.

"Emailon, the council will lead the war on Wildhammer Stronghold, I shall oversee the combat at Illidari Hold myself." Akairos said, holding his hammer over his shoulder. "The vengeance of the Illidari shall be swift." Akairos sneered and walked towards the portal that was just spawned by the mage.

Akairos appeared in Illidari Hold, demons moving large chunks of stone, Terrorguards whipped gan'arg into working fast and Eclipsion guards patrolled the balconies and upper levels. Akairos walked over to Overseer Ripsaw, who turned to look at him with contempt, and he gave a brief salute before returned to work.

"Overseer, it is time to execute the plan we discussed. I expect Infernal production to triple starting now to ready an assault on Wildhammer Stronghold within six hours."

Overseer Ripsaw grunted and motioned towards a chart which listed the current stockpile of Infernals, marked at over 800, and a list of available Fel Reavers. Akairos smiled as he thought about four Fel Reavers pounding a hole in Wildhammer Stronghold.

"Engineers! Deploy the Fel Reavers!" Akairos commanded.

No sooner had he given the command did the Fel Reavers crank and clatter and rumble to life and with fiery fel screams, began their journey towards the strongholds.

At Wildhammer Stronghold, troop moral wasn't looking to good. Two of the four Fel Reavers were stomping towards the base. Civilian workers ran about to safety, and the defenders outside, already taxed by constant fighting off of Infernals were retreating into the fortress. Commanders ordered troops about and dwarfish mortar cannons rolled into position. Radinius smirked from his position high above the fortress and looked at the flying guards, their attention turned towards the approaching Reavers. Radinius concentrated for a moment as demonic wings sprouted from his back and he leaped from his perch, fading from sight as he glided. He stopped his fall behind a gryphon rider, Radinius transformed his left hand into a demonic claw and stabbed the rider through the neck, catching him as he fell. Radinius landed on the distressed gryphon quickly and held the rider in place in front of him, nobody noticed a panicking bird in a time like this. Radinius watched the first Fel Reaver reach the walls of the stronghold and began to attack. Below on the ground, Radinius could see Kurdan Wildhammer ordering his troops about and getting more riders in the air. Radinius let the dwarf drop to the ground, where he exploded in a bloody burst, and he flew closer to the ground, as he approached, Radinius killed the bird and jumped off the gryphon, gliding to the ground, still invisible and sitting on a building outcropping above Kurdan Wildhammer. Radinius went over the plan he and Akairos had discussed earlier in his head; it was simple. Kill a leader and plant the legion banner in his corpse. Radinius folded his wings and took the folded banner and a glaive off of his back. Radinius stood up and moved into a shadow, releasing his invisibility. He rose his glaive into the air and charged it with fel energy, in the other hand he held the Legion Banner, Radinius knew what to do. Radinius took careful aim and threw the warglaive, it pierced Kurdan's chest (probably incinerating several organs) and as he fell, Radinius threw the Legion banner, where it stuck in Kurdan's back. As the flag left his hand Radinius leaped off the outcropping, grabbed his glaive and jumped into the air where he regained his invisibility as the dwarfs guards and medics tried to revive him, but it was to late. Radinius flew outside the fortress and decloaked to get a better view, he watched the Fel Reavers fall, and the Infernals burn out as new waves came. Radinius smirked and flew towards Illidari hold.


Radinius landed in Illidari Hold and knelt before Akairos, he rose and grabbed Akairos's arm showing him the images of what he did and what had happened. Akairos gave a hearty chuckle and commanded a warlock to deploy Eyes of Killrog to witness the events at the hold. Soon the warlock opened a small portal in the air, displaying what the eyes were seeing. At the Wildhammer Stronghold the forces were rallying, mourning their Thane, and preparing for war against what they thought to be the legion.

"Perfect." Akairos grinned wickedly and folded his hands.

The legions of Alliance forces at Wildhammer Stronghold began to march towards the hold, on the way out, an archer took out the Eye of Killrog.

"Awww." Said an Eclipsion Bloodwarden. Akairos chuckled.

"ILLIDARI! IT IS TIME FOR WAR ONCE MORE! LET FIRE RAIN FROM ABOVE AS WE SLAUGHTER THEM! But remember, don't let it go TO fast, we are here to make sure they remain here, away from their fortress. Take prisoners, cripple them, kill few, make sure they are kept out of the hold. AM I CLEAR!?" Akairos yelled.

"SIR! YES SIR!" The Illidari Legions resonated.

"Perfect." Akairos said with a wicked grin.

Deathlord Varion and Emailon the Cursed stood atop a hill overlooking the Wildhammer Stronghold.

"I was so hoping there would be a larger stationed force."

"It matters not. We will carry out the will of Lord Gathios and our plan."

"Sadly. Emailon, how many demon hunters did you bring with you?"

"Nine, excluding myself." Emailon replied. "What about your Darkfallen?"

"They are unneeded for such a small job, I would not bore them with so minor a task. I mean we have some demons here with us to." Varion said, motioning to the Felguards and Wrathguards in formation behind him.

"This is true...well we might as well play the part, get this out of the way." Emailon said, transforming into his demon forms.

  • "Demon Hunters! Let them think we are legion, release your inner demons!"
  • "Demon Hunters! Let them think we are legion, release your inner demons!"
  • "Demon Hunters! Let them think we are legion, release your inner demons!" the three demonic bodies said together.

An audible cracking and shifting of bone and sinew was heard as the hunters shed their elven forms for their demonic forms. Emailon pointed down to the hold.

"Demons! Attack!" Emailon's forms yelled and the Demonic force ran by him followed by the demon hunters. "Varion, wait here a moment, if they contact their forces and know Illidari are here, they might call back some troops, best to let them think Legion attacks on all sides."

Varion thought about attacking the spellcaster form, but the defender form looked angrily at him, and he sat down on the cliff edge.

"Hmmph, demons." He said.

The Illidari Demons rained down on the hold, landing on buildings, rooftops, in roads, and immediately started destroying. As soon as they started their destruction, the remaining forces quickly attacked.

From his vantage point, Varion watched 3 Wrathguards explode in flames, and a Felguard fall from a mortar shot.

Emailon was making short work of the remaining forces. Not seeing a need to make vulnerable his weakest demon, his caster aspect merged back with him and he continued killing. A demon hunter picked a tank up and threw it through a wall and wrathguards set buildings alight. Varion had had enough, he got up, and jumped down from the cliff, falling several hundred feet onto a roof. He heard his bones break, and then felt them mend. He leaped off the roof and began hacking and slashing. Emailon looked over and saw that the demon forces were nearly depleted and the dwarven forces were slowly winning. Emailon had two demon hunters fall back to his side and resume elven form to begin opening a gate back to the Black Temple, defense form erected a barrier around them. When the demon hunters lost their form, the dwarven forces knew they weren't legion and a few mage units began to open portals to communicate with the forces marching upon legion hold. The mages soon fell to the remaining demons, their flesh torn apart and ate. Varion shoved a Fel Guard out of the way and joined in on the consumption. Before being shot away by a mortar cannonball that also took out the other Fel Guards around him. The demonic portal was done, Varion got up from the ground and motioned the rest of the forces back through the portal. Only Emailon and Varion remained.

"You know what to do Emailon, nothing is to be left standing."

"Yes." Emailon replied, his physical fighter form merging into him and caster form releasing from his body. The caster demonform began charging a massive chaos blast, and fired it at the ground, and then Wildhammer Stronghold was no more.

The Wildhammer Stronghold army was rapidly approaching Illidari Hold, Akairos stood on the ramparts of the hold, his hand held up, his soldiers watching as the legions of the Alliance drew closer.

"FIRE!" Akairos yelled, and the Fel-cannons and Blood Elven Ballista's rained down fire, but they had been expecting it. While few groups were taken out, the majority of the attacking force was protected by a magical force field. They soon returned fire, several balistas were destroyed and many gryphons took to the skies and bombs began to rain down on the hold. Akairos dodged a bomb and saw Commander Felbreaker ordering Infernal launches, Akairos turned to more engineers and commanded them to launch Infernals. Akairos ran over to the side and watched Infernal seigebreakers shatter the magical field, demons surged out of the hold, the initial wave inflicting great loss at the front of the invading army. In the distance, Akairos saw a great flash, followed by a deafening explosion as the sound wave hit them. Many dwarven forces at the back at their hold, and in their hesitation, Illidari Darkfallen rushed onto the field of battle and began to lay waste to many Dwarves. Akairos scanned the enemy forces, looking for the commanders, he cast divine shield as a bomb hit him, as the dwarf flew away, Akairos hit him with his Avenger Shield, the dwarf fell from the sky, but put up his own divine shield and survived the fall. Akairos turned back to watching the battle as Eclipsion bloodwardens made quick work of the paladin. From the direction of the explosion he saw Radinius flying towards the hold, Akairos laughed and activated his avenging wrath ability, glowing wings shot from his back and Akairos leaped into the air, diving into combat and quickly eliminating several mortar cannons. He was to late to stop the last three cannons, and they fired a volley at the hold, one hit a tower and obliterated the Eclipsion archers within, the second impacted a wall, Radinius intercepted the third, knocking it back towards the Dwarves where it exploded, taking a cannon and several dwarfs with it. Radinius nodded to Akairos and took off towards the direction of the Black Temple.

Emailon had reverted to Elf form and knelt in the smoldering ruin of Wildhammer Stronghold. He picked up a skull next to him and tossed it away.

"You bastard, don't throw me like that!"

Emailon stood up and turned towards the skull, it had grown eyes and flesh was starting to cling to the bones again. An arm dragged itself out from some rubble and bones floated over to the skull, which now floated mid air. Ribs connected together and the shattered pelvis fragments pieced together, the arm connected itself to the fleshless rib cage as a leg floated over and reattached itself, blood poured out of the base of the skull and muscles began to cover the bones, followed by bits of flesh reattaching and finally the dark armor of the Deathlord appeared in a flash.

"Why can't we solve all of our problems by doing that? It would be so much easier." Varion said cracking his neck and shoulder bones back into place.

"Because we'd destroy our own soldiers." Emailon said, picking up Varion's sword and throwing it to him.

"Thanks." Varion said, catching the sword and sheathing it on his back. "I wonder if that explosion got the attention of those contemptible Aldor, haven't they set up a base at the old Draenei ruins north of here?"

"Yeah, they are there, I'd assume so." Emailon said as he walked around, inspecting the rubble. He ran over to the decimated ruin of the main fortress and looked through the rubble with his demonic vision.

"This is interesting Varion."

"What?" He replied, having just caught up.

"I can see, magical energy...holy magic down several meters down, some kind of shield."

"Priests? Paladins?" Varion asked.

"Maybe, one moment."

Emailon took out his warglaives and began slashing at the rubble, Varion joined in. Eventually he sheathed his glaives and peppered the rocks with light bolts of felfire, melting the rest of it. Looking down in the hole, Emailon and Varion could see two Draenei Vindicators and a priest, along with a few surviving dwarves.

"Well Emailon, looks like you were right." Varion said, jumping down into the pit, Emailon followed.

At the bottom of the pit, the two vindicators stood in front of the dwarves and the priest, ready to defend. The two Illidari walked over to the group and the vindicators tried to attack. Before they could even react, Emailon had performed a series of swings and spins and the Vindicators arms fell to their sides, dropping their weapons then their bodies separated at the waist and neck and they fell to the floor. Emailon sheathed the glaives as the priest shrieked.

"Cursed one! Devil!"

"Devil? THAT'D BE ME!" Varion said roaring and deathgripping them all to his side decapitating the dwarves and binding the priest in chains of ice. Emailon picked up the priest as Varion started drinking the dwarves blood.

"Why are you at this fortress? What business does the Sha'tar have with the Alliance?"

"I won't say anything!"

"You can tell me or I can torture you for a thousand years, break your mind, and tear the thoughts from your decaying brain before Varion finally raises you in undeath to our service. What will it be? Draenei!"

The priest spat in Emailon's face, who sighed. With his free hand he reached behind his head and untied his blindfold. Varion turned around to see the priest, held by Emailon, writhing in agony, gradually growing weaker till her yells faded into moans, then faint whimpers. Emailon dropped her to the ground, the priest's eyes burnt from their sockets, scorched flesh surrounded the charred sockets, and the priest mumbled incoherently. Emailon put his blindfold back on and tied it back behind his head and turned around to face Varion.

"What the hell did you just do?!" Varion yelled.

"I...interrogated her."

"She tell you anything?"

"Nothing we didn't already know. She was only here to recruit more forces into the assault on the Black Temple. She was refused by the Horde, who are mostly leaving Outland under orders from their Warchief." Emailon walked over to the priest and kicked her side. "Get up." He said. The priest rose and Emailon grabbed her and jumped out of the pit, setting her down on the side of it. "Now priest, I want you to walk. Walk back to your base, tell the Sha'tar that we are coming. That the forces of the light have no business in the land of darkness."

The priest nodded and began stumbling away, still mumbling and babbling. Varion chuckled at the priest.

"Is she going to be that way forever?"

"Yes. Till the end of her days. I gave her my vision. She sees the world for what it really is, that nothing is pure here, every part of it seethes with fel magic. My vision lets you see the effects to, she saw her people destroyed by demons and probably relived some bad memories while she was at is."

"That's wicked." Varion said with a hearty laugh.

"Indeed. Come Deathlord, lets get back to the Temple. The battle at the hold should be almost done by now."

Counter TrapEdit

The Eclipsion soldiers cheered along with the deafening roar of demons and Darkfallen, while the shrieks of Felsworn pierced the air. Invading Alliance forces lay dead, words of the destroyed Wildhammer Stronghold had reached the Illidari forces. Akairos patted his Commanders on the shoulders, draping his arms around the two of them.

"Where is Commander Ruusk?" He asked.

"Probably back at the Path of Conquest. We captured a few generals to be held in the crystal prisons there, Sir." Commander Felbreaker replied.

"Very good. Now, Commander Sunfury. Any reports on the activities of the Horde?"

"Our spies within the base have not reported back to us as of yet, my lord." He replied.

"How long ago did you leave them to their duty?" Akairos asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Some 37 hours ago, my lord." He responded, and thought for a second. "Captain!" He called, and a captain came running over to Commander Sunfury. "Captain, what were the names of the Elves sent to the Horde base?"

"I would have to check the registry, one moment sir." The Captain took a decent sized book from his pack. "Here we are...sir. Hold on a second."

Akairos looked over the captain's shoulder and for just a moment, grew very pale, the pallor faded quickly to be replaced with anger. Akairos grabbed the book and tore through the pages. It was inconsistent, the Illidari used three specific blood elves to spy on the Horde. The names in the last entry were spelled wrong.

"Sir?" Commander Sunfury asked.


The Black temple was under siege, the gates had broken and Horde, Sha'tar, and remnant alliance forces stormed through the gates. The Fel Orcs were holding them at bay for now and Crimson Sigil members were pouring out of the refectory. Mistress Alessandra wasn't happy. She struck down soldier after soldier, and was casting prayers of mending, circles of destruction, and unleashing all she could against the invading forces.

"Drakelord! How much longer?!" She yelled at the forsaken hovering above her on his Netherdrake.

"Not long my lady, the Dragonmaw fortress will soon unleash."

Mistress Alessandra grimmaced and returned to the field of combat. She threw up a shield as a volley of bombs sprayed the ground around her, blowing away several tauren warriors. Alessandra let out a yelp and blinked forty yards to her left to avoid the charging dwarves and forsaken, returned with a bolt of holy frost magic. Several Bloodwardens surrounded her.

"Mi'lady, get back inside the temple, the injured are in there and many medics are busy out here. Come on ma'am, we'll handle it out here." One said.

Alessandra nodded and ran inside the temple to heal the wounded. She stopped at the top of the ramp to look back out at the battle, she uttered a short string of words and blessed the Illidari with fortitude, and ran inside. Outside Drakelord Ergos laughed, his Orcs had arrived and had begun their assault. Ergos watched with glee as the Dragonmaw Skystalkers rained arrows on the sha'tar forces. Eclipsion Centurions and Cavaliers pushed at some ends and Crimson Sigil guards fought at other ends. Drakelord Ergos decided it was time for fun. Ergos jumped off his drake and began to cast shadow bolts and began spreading afflictions around,eventually embedding several demon seeds into people and laughing as they all exploded and body parts flew everywhere. Ergos felt someone hit him in the back and turned around to strike them, but it was only some Fel-Sworn running into battle. Ergos smirked underneath his hood and began to empower them with demonic energy and summoned two terrorfiends into battle.

"What is that?" Emailon said to Varion.

"I don't see anything." He replied.

"There!" Emailon said, pointing at a flying Radinius.

"Oh." Varion said.

"HURRY! FASTER! The temple is under attack!" Emailon said. "Radinius is screaming it out psychically."

Radinius had made it back to the Black Temple and landed, he ran into combat, releasing his demonform and drawing his sword and began to go to work. He sliced through a Night Elf and turned to give a devastating whirling slash to a charging Troll. His demonform blocked a fireball from behind and charged to pick up the gnome mage and threw it at a wall where its neck snapped and it fell to the floor. Radinius turned to see several large warp gates appearing, and he jumped onto a wall with his demonform as thousands of Eclipsion, Fel Orcs, Darkfallen, and Fel-sworn erupted from the portals and began savagely attacking the Sha'tar forces.

Mistress Alessandra was sending people out of the Temple as fast as they were coming in wounded, and she was falling behind. Her blood-priests had long since needed to rest, she completed her ressurection spell and motioned the priests to take a rest. She bent half over and began rubbing her hands together very fast till sparks of magic crackled from them and she jerked upright and began to channel her Hymn of Hope. She watched as the Blood-Priests got up and began tending to the fallen again. She returned to her healing, mending broken bones, piecing demons together again, reattaching limbs and bringing people back from the brink of death. She didn't even notice the rogues sneaking up on her. As she finished a healing and moved on to the next soldier.

"Mistress! Watch out!" Cried a deeper, elven voice from above.

Lord Gathios the Shatterer landed on top of two rogues with a crash, leaving a dent in the floor.

"Are you ok?" He asked.

"Yes." She responded and turned back to the fallen, but her eyes widened as she saw her blood-priests laying dead, sprawled across the floor, she turned back towards Gathios. "The temple is breached sir, we should retreat to the upper levels."

Gathios shook his head. "No mi'lady, we fight down here, the sanctity of my temple must remain."

As he said it, Drakelord Ergos stumbled into the refectory. "My lord and lady, the Sanctuary of Shadow is breached. Lord Akairos's and Radinius's forces have prevented further invasion but the Naaru Xi'ri has gotten past me with many soldiers. I am sorry we couldn't stop them, but we didn't expect a sneak attack."

"Sneak attack? What about the Deathlord and Emailon?" Gathios demanded.

"Scryer and Horde Blood Elves posing as Crimson Sigil guards, let them through the gates. I'm sorry I need to rest." Drakelord Ergos said as he collapsed to the floor.

"Very well, Mistress, stay here, I will deal with this Naaru and his men." Gathios said and ran out of the Refectory and closed the door behind him. Mistress Alessandra went back to healing. Gathios turned to the invading forces and watched as the last of the demons fell. Xi'ri hovered above the forces, empowering them with the light. Xi'ri commanded his soldiers to stop and Gathios heard a song in his head, asking him to surrender or to die. Gathios chuckled and told Xi'ri that he would not surrender to a evening exercise. Xi'ri seemed to aknowledge and the armies of Shattrath charged forward towards Gathios. Gathios held his Halbard above his head and slammed it into the ground, a wave of gray colored energy shot across the ground, knocking down many of the front runners. Gathios charged towards the small army and fired a wave of the gray energy and it ignited those around him, he consecrated the ground beneath him and swung his Halbard, slicing at the armor of many and those that did not receive a hit fel to the ground clutching their head. Many soldiers had fallen and only a few remained. Xi'ri tried to heal them but was failed, he couldn't keep up with the damage Gathios was doing. Gathios grabbed the head of a Blood Elf paladin and squeezed, cracks appeared in the skin of the elf and gray energy shone out from inside. Gathios stopped and the elf stopped twitching, he threw the blood elf at two Draenei warrior and the corpse exploded into a shower of energy. Only Xi'ri remained and Gathios looked up at him. Xi'ri hummed a song of victory and Gathios wondered why.

Mistress Alessandra was exhausted, after hours of healing and defending she knelt down to rest. Behind her, two Scryer Rogues and an Orc rogue lay in wait, they nodded to each other and approached Alessandra. She turned her head for a second but not soon enough, she gasped and made a choking sound, and fel to her hands and knees. A sword stuck out through her chest and a dagger through her stomach. The rogues appeared before her.

"And that gentlemen, is that." One Blood Elf said taking his sword out of her and she collapsed, the orc walked over and kicked her over and pulled his dagger out.

"Damned traitors." The other Blood elf said, spitting on Alessandra as she lay gasping.

"My brother!...Emailon...*pant*..." She whispered to herself.

"The cursed one!" The orc snarled.

"...You will all die...know this sha' will never have peace as long as even one member of the Illidari lives...Make sure to kill my brother to, make sure your attacks are more devastating then anything imaginable. Because if you fail, they will come...He...*hnng* will come."

"He?" The first Blood Elf asked.

"LORD GATHIOS!...I...FAILED...!" Alessandra yelled and then closed her eyes, dead.

There was a banging at the Refectory door and it opened, Akairos, Varion, Emailon, and Radinius stood behind Gathios. Gathios appeared for a second, but vanished. He appeared behind the rogues and imprisoned each one in a gray colored energy sphere. He took off his helmet and his eyes burned with the same color and the look of disgust and anger on his face made one Blood Elf rogue recoil.

"You have no idea the consequences in store for you."

"We won though, you took your losses and a council member is dead." The orc laughed.

"No, but you lose, you are going to tell me everything I want to know, I am not the loser here, the Illidari have not lost. Your hopes, people, and dreams are lost." Gathios said with a snarl and motioned behind him. Xi'ri appeared encased in the same gray bubble, each rogue gasped.

"Your strength shall be ours, you shall fall to darkness as righteous vengeance consumes all." Akairos said.

Emailon walked in front of the rogues. "I shall meet with you all later." He said and Gathios waved his arm and the spheres vanished, Gathios walked over to Radinius.

"I hereby charge you with control of my personal guard and grant you a position on the High Council, perform your duties knowing that should you fail me you will be punished worse then the ones due to receive the wrath of the Illidari."

Radinius nodded and knelt before Lord Gathios. "Do what needs to be done." Gathios said, walking over to the body of Alessandra and kneeling for a moment, there was a small flash as he took his hand off of her head and he vanished.

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