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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

Neutral 32Mistress Alessandra Hopebringer
Mistress Insentus clean
Title Mistress
Gender Female
Race Blood elf (Humanoid)
Level 80
Character class Mage-Priest
Affiliation The Second Illidari
Kingdom of Quel'Thalas formerly Alliance
Position Moral leader of the Illidari
Location The Black Temple
Status Deceased
Relative(s) Emailon the Cursed (Brother)
Commander Elanor Sunseeker(dear friend)
Mentor(s) Lady Malande, High Nethermancer Zerevor
Alignment Chaotic Neutral

Mistress Alessandra Hopebringer is the leader of the the Illidari Special Forces and the female member of the High Illidari Council. She is a bright and cheerful woman who seeks to please as many people as possible. Mistress Alessandra also serves as the High Priestess and moral leader of the Illidari. She was slain during an invasion of the Black Temple by Sha'tar forces.


Mistress Alessandra is a very cheerful woman who wants the Illidari to succeed. Underneath her happy exterior lies a very driven and spiteful person. She cares about nothing else then the victory for the Illidari, and for her brother Emailon. While Alessandra knows many people admire her body, she is also very modest of her figure and when someone comments about it, that person usually ends up burning in divine flames, or twisted into a macabre form of arcane design. Alessandra also has a secret addiction to Mana Thistle, which if brought up makes her very temperamental. It is rumored that she secretly keeps a diary of her thoughts on the Illidari, her interests, and life, in her quarters. Her room has had several attempted break-ins from the newer recruits to obtain it, all resulting in harsh punishment.

Combat StyleEdit

Alessandra is a supporter and long range combatant. Alessandra protects herself in combat through shields of holy power and mana shields. Mistress Alessandra is feared and known on the battle field for her subtle support which can eradicate enemies or boost the strength of her allies to a point where she needn't act. Mistress Alessandra possess a large repertoire of powerful healing abilities, ranging from her Prayer of Mending to her Circle of Healing and her most powerful heal Divine Hymn which can reinvigorate and mend entire battalions of soldiers, humanoid or demon. Among her other defensive abilities are powerful shields that grow stronger if the will of the recipient is strong, these shields reflect harmful attacks to the attacker, and her ability to teleport short distances or instill fear into foes around her.

Unique AbilitiesEdit

As Alessandra is a merged class, she has many unique abilities, the two most used are.

  • Prayer of Reverse Mending: Heals a target and grows stronger as it bounces between allies.
  • Circle of Destruction: Devastating radiating wave of holy infused fire, incinerating enemies within the radius.


Young Insentus

A younger Alessandra Hopebringer.

Alessandra Hopebringer was born to the Hopebringer family was born roughly 139 years before the end of the second war. The Hopebringer family was a family of clerics in Silvermoon, she never saw any combat or danger to the world before it's fall to the Scourge at the end of the third wall. The Clerics made it their mission to spread the word of peace to the Alliance and elves of all kinds. After the fall of Silvermoon, the majority of the Hopebringer family remained with the Alliance in Stormwind.

Alessandra was a praised priestess of Silvermoon and later Stormwind's Church of the Holy Light along with the rest of her family. Her sole mission in life was to spread the word of the Holy Light

Young Beginning her training

Alessandra at the start of training.

The Fall of Quel'thalasEdit

Prince Arthas Menethil, son of King Terenas II of Lordaeron, became corrupted by the undead Scourge that had arisen in the northern provinces of Lordaeron. Wielding the cursed runeblade Frostmourne, Arthas was dispatched by the Dreadlord Tichondrius to take the remains of the necromancer Kel'Thuzad to Quel'Thalas, and place his corpse within the mystic waters of the Sunwell - the source of the magic that sustained the high elves. Arthas created a path of destruction from the borders of the Eastern Plaguelands (as they are now) all the way to Silvermoon itself. His corpse submerged in the holy waters of the Sunwell, Kel'Thuzad was resurrected as a nightmarish lich, and the waters of the Sunwell were fouled - cutting every surviving elf off from their source of magic.

As the foul necromancer was revived and Silvermoon fell, every single high elf that existed felt it. The Hopebringer family tried their best to help people through the crisis but ultimately failed.

Alessandra , like all High Elves, was suddenly cut off from all magical energy. The fact that several other members of her family (and herself) that had zero interest in arcane studies, she didn't lose strength after the destruction of the Sunwell, as she was sustained by the Holy Light.

When Silvermoon fell, the Hopebringer family decided not to become Blood Elves with the rest of the Quel'dorei and fled to Stormwind to continue their faith in the Holy Light. However, the loss of her brother was to much for her to bear, so she fled stormwind to return to Quel'thalas where she remained for some years, learning the ways of magic.

After crossing through the Dark Portal Alessandra found herself confronted by demons of the Burning legion, she wasn't the sad girl mourning the loss of her people, or the meek priestess, she was a powerful Mage-Priest and disposed of the attacking demons. She eventually made her way to Netherstorm, hoping to find her brother amongst Kael'thas's armies there. When she arrived to the Tempest Keep, she learned that her brother had left for the Black Temple with Blood-Lord Akairos. Angry at the fact that she had to go to the complete opposite end of the planet, she decided to stay at the tempest keep, learning from both the Astromancer Lords and the Blood-Knights.

Arriving at the templeEdit

After some time at the tempest Keep, Alessandra decided to leave for the Black Temple. She arranged for a mage to teleport her outside of shattrath city, where she obtained permission to bypass the roadblocks to Shadowmoon Valley under the ruse that she was heading there to do offcial Scryer business. She fought past demons to get there and would have died if not for her healing ability. She eventually arrived at the Black Temple where she learned that her brother was still there, and to boot, was a member of the High Illidari Council. She sought to find him and finally see him again after so many long years.

Getting to the Black Temple

Fighting the burning legion.

Under Lady MalandeEdit

Alessandra was finally given permission to enter her brother's chambers, she opened the door, expecting to find the man she remembered, but instead found a tatoo'd elf, blindfolded, sat on the bed with large evil looking Warglaives laying on the floor. She carefully sat down next to him, and waved her hand in front of his face, she was surprised when he suddenly turned to look at her. After a long talk, Emailon agreed to have Lady Malande take her as an apprentice since she was no longer an active member of the Illidari council since her injuries in the siege of Legion Hold.

After months of training and refinement, Alessandra finally completed her training, she had learned everything she could from Lady Malande, and had come to think of her as dear teacher and was very much affected when she died of her wounds. Alessandra spent several days alone before she continued her training. And even then she couldn't properly focus on everything she should be doing, throwing herself into her training and study even more, not caring as much about her personal appearance.

She finally stopped being depressed when Emailon commented on her new appearance and figure, she grew angry and attempted to shoot a holy bolt at him, Emailon quickly dodged and teleported behind her, bonking her on the head playfully. He asked her to spar later, he wanted to see how far she had come as a fighter and to give her a test.

Later she found Emailon at the Illidari Training grounds watching the Fel Orcs ride about on their Netherdrakes. When he turned to see her, he drew his glaives and leaped at her. She drew powerful barrier to deflect his attacks and even got in a few holy bolts. Emailion's attacks were relentless, her shields couldn't take it, and eventually she felt a prick as a glaive grazed her leg. Alessandra suddenly became very angry, and threw up a new shield and began merging fire and holy magic together. When Emailon jumped at the shield he was thrown back by the force of his own attack, she then hurled a blast of holy fire at him. Emailon split into 2 demon form, each one rolling a different a different direction to avoid the attack, the two demons merged into elven form again and teleported behind her. Emailon said she should challenge the leadership of the High Nethermancer, he was complacent with his status and his power and as such his ability to lead was impaired.

Training complete

Mistress Alessandra after completing her training.

Ascension to the CouncilEdit

Once she was told to challenge Zerevor, Alessandra spent 3 days meditating on stratagy. Eventually she deemed it time to fight Zerevor she left her chambers in her battle attire, with her staff, ready to go. She had a messenger inform the Nethermancer to go to the temple summit. It was a short fight, Zerevor cast a few arcane bolts and used powerful energy shields. But Alessandra knew about them, she dispelled them off of him, interupted his concentration, and with one swift strike, froze him in place and bathed him in holy fire. The battle ended with Zerevor injured, demoted to the special forces, and with Alessandra in his place on the High Illidari council. Alessandra quickly became a valued member of the council and a staunch ally in battle, and becoming a source of inspiration to the Blood Elves of the illidari, the male ones at least.

New house

Mistress Alessandra enjoying her new quarters, still in battle garb.

Current Status and deathEdit

Mistress Alessandra Hopebringer was is in Northrend assisting Grand Blood-Lord Akairos when he needs help. Recently they were separated while clearing out the last of the scourge in Icecrown. She is fending for herself well enough, and if needed can teleport back to the Black Temple, in the meanwhile she wants to find Akairos to complete the mission given to her by Lord Gathios.

After the two returned to Shadowmoon Valley, Mistress Alessandra aided the council with command issues and fought in the Illidari Wars.

During the Purging of the Alliance and Horde, the Sha'tar used his opportunity to stage a new attack on the Black Temple. The attack cut deep into the Temple, lead by the Naaru Xi'ri, Scryer spies had let them in and they knew all the places to strike. The attack was fought against by the Crimson Sigil, who managed to strike back against the Sha'tar, but was to late. Several spies had infiltrated the crimson sigil, and while she tended to the fallen, Mistress Alessandra was struck down. She is buried in Eversong Forrest with the graves of some of her and Emailon's family.

Special EquipmentEdit

None. Sometimes uses a magic focusing staff or dagger.


Grand Blood-Lord Akairos: So you're Zerevor's replacement?

Mistress Alessandra : Yes sir.

Grand Blood-Lord Akairos: Well at least you look good.

Mistress Alessandra : What does that mean?

Grand Blood-Lord Akairos: I mean that you don't have to be that good to overtake Zerevor, and I was implying that you, being a woman, are weak.

- Akairos to Mistress Alessandra, shortly before she attempted to burn his feet off.

Mistress Alessandra : Illidari! Do not seek to vanquish our foes as that is a short term goal, instead seek to better the Illidari. Seek to strengthen yourselves and in turn the entirety of the Illidari! Now go! Take my blessing and hunt down and destroy our enemies! For the glory of Lord Illidan! All hail the Illidari!

Illidari Forces: All hail the Illidari!

- To Illidari Forces before battle of the Aldor

Emailon the Cursed: You look a bit different.

Mistress Alessandra : What do you mean?

Emailon the Cursed: How to put this lightly...You're fat.

Mistress Alessandra : I'll kill you.

Emailon the Cursed: As if you could.

- Emailon making fun of his younger sister

Mistress Alessandra : (angrily) I'll roast you alive, (sweetly) cleanse your sins, (angrily) freeze your soul, (sweetly) and then we'll talk about it. (Angrily) Then I'll pick up your shattered remains and bind you together to do it all again. You think you know hell? You think you have dominion over it...? Hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn... (sweetly) This'll be so super fun!

- Alessandra to Shadow Council members at the Legion Hold.

Mistress Alessandra : There there sweety, I'll kiss it better...when you're dead.

- Alessandra to Aldor members at Assault on Black Temple.

Mistress Alessandra: " My BROTHER!...Emailon...*pant*...You will all die...know this sha' will never have peace as long as even one member of the Illidari lives. Make sure to kill my brother to, make sure your attacks are more devastating then anything imaginable. Because if you fail, they will come...He...*hnng* will come. LORD GATHIOS...!...I...FAILED...! *collapses totally*

Scryer Spy: And that is that gentlemen.

- Mistress Alessandra as she is killed by Scryer spies within the Crimson Sigil and detonating her reserve power.

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