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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

"You cannot pass by us, you filthy warriors of the Light, for we are the one's that have made the gate out of this place, and we are the ones who guard it, the dead made it, the dead keep it, if you want to leave through this gate you will do it in two ways. Dead or Undead. Which existance do you choose? Draenei!"

- Deathlord Varion to Aldor Vindicators at Battle of the Sha'tar Altar
Neutral 32 Illidari Darkfallen
Crimson Hall 01
Main leaderDeathLord Varion
Race(s)Blood Elves
Character classesBlood Knight, Bloodmancer, Warrior, Rogue, Warmage, Acolyte, Death Knight
CapitalThe Black Temple
Theater of operationsOutland
Main languageThalassian, Language of the Dead
AlignmentChaotic evil

In service to the IllidariEdit

When the Sunwell was destroyed and the Blood Elven people were left devastated many Blood Elves joined Kael'thas and the legions of Illidan Stormrage. When the time came to assault the Icecrown Glacier with Kael'thas upon order from their master, Illidan Stormrage. Captain Varion Duskstalker and Captain Lana'thel were the front runners of the charge, they made great success in the initial charges slaying large numbers of scourge and risen Nerubian forces.

The campaign against the undead was going great, the moral was high and energy was great. It didn't last long. News reached the Lord Illidan had fallen in combat and Kael'thas and his main regiment had fled. Varion's battalion, 3,500 strong, was abandoned in the frozen wastes of Northrend. They tried to find their way back, but to no avail. Slowly they started being separated, they were lost, dying, and being picked off one by one by the Scourge. Their numbers dwindling from fighting off scourge and supplies almost gone, the last Blood Elves, now with only 15 or so left, finally exhausted and fell to the Scourge.

No sooner had they fell did Scourge Necromancers get to work, one by one the Blood Elves sat up, and rose to their feet. Varion was one of the last to rise, his body partially obstructed by snow. When he rose he was ordered to get his soldiers in line and start scouring Northrend for the rest of the Blood Elven corpses.

In Service of the DamnedEdit

Varion's legion of the damned marched to every corner of Northrend raising every fallen blood elf they found. Eventually they found a small group of living Blood Elves, huddled around a small campfire. When they noticed the approach of the undead Elves, not realizing what they were, they got up, running towards them with happiness. Only when they got close did they realize the truth, and their happiness and bright smiles quickly faded faded. Varion's army acted swiftly, and slaughtered them without a second thought, the scourge necromancers quickly got to work.

The raising of the Darkfallen was complete. The necromancers ordered them to go to the citadel to greet their leader, they then teleported away. Without a moments hesitation, Varion turned to the direction of the citadel and ordered his troops to start walking through the wastelands.

The Army of the Darkfallen marched upon Icecrown citadel, their footsteps in a unified step climbing the steps to the front gate. The gates opened before them and they marched through the gates, past the legions of the damned without batting an eye, a unified salute to the guardian of the throne, Lord Marrowgar. Eventually they reached their designated residence and found their leader. It was another of the captains of another battalion, Captain Lady Lana'thel, now the Blood Queen.

In Service to the Illidari Once moreEdit

Eventually the Lich King fell to the might of the Illidari forces. When Bolvar Fordragon put on the Helm of Domination the life giving dragons flame within him surged down the spire of the frozen throne, and when it hit the bottom, dissipated into a wave of energy, washing over Varion. Varion rose, the life giving flame had given him new life, he put his hand to his chest, nothing. His heart was not beating, he was released from domination, but was damned to exist as an undead warrior forever. He took the glowing red orb that once sustained their life and grasped it with his hand. He raised it above his head and commanded his soldiers to rise. The Darkfallen rose up from the floor under the power of the Orb of the Darkfallen and stood at attention, willingly serving their captain in death once more. They had their memories and they knew what they were and what they now existed as, the decision as a whole was to return to the forces of Lord Illidan Stormrage. The Darkfallen serve faithfully and without question to the High Illidari Council's order's, decimating any foe they encounter.

Role in CombatEdit

The Darkfallen are often deployed first in any conflict along with Demonic Ground Forces. The Darkfallen love to wade into battle, and fortunately enough for them, as long as one remains alive, that one can use their innate ability to raise dead to bring them all back to live, this making the Darkfallen fearless brutal combatants that are feared by all that know of them, and will be soon feared by those that do not.

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