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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

Neutral 32 Illidari High Council
Council members
Main leaderLord Gathios Dawncrusher
Race(s)Blood Elves, Orc
Character classesPaladin, Mage-Priest, Demon Hunterx2, Death Knight
CapitalThe Black Temple
Theater of operationsChamber of Command
Main languageOrcish, Thalassian, Demonic, Language of the Dead
AlignmentLawful evil

The High Illidari Council is the head of The Illidari, they rule in an oligarchical style where all decisions and important matters that cannot be handled by field commanders or internal affairs. They vote on what they should to, if they are two votes to two votes, Lord Gathios casts the tiebreaking vote,

Current MembershipEdit

The membership of the council has changed somewhat drastically over the years

First GenerationEdit

The first generation provided assistance to Illidan Stormrage in sealing the portals to outland, they aided him with his conquests and goals.

Succesful MissionsEdit

  • Portals to and from outland sealed
  • Dominance over the races native
  • Defeat of Manmoroth

Failed MissionsEdit

  • Slaying the Lich King

Second GenerationEdit

The second generation assisted Illidan in ruling the Illidari. Everything from Handeling day to day matters to assisting their master in combat. Each member was a very powerful combatant and they had near perfect synergy in combat, delivering devastating blows to opponants when deployed in battle.

Powers and abilities: Illidari Council

Known Successful MissionsEdit

  • Complete anihilation of invading Alliance forces during the siege of the black temple
  • 90% repelling of invading Horde and scryer forces
  • Elimination of many Burning Legion forces in Shadowmoon valley and associated Shadow Council third parties

Known Failed MissionsEdit

  • Failed to defend Lord Illidan, resulting in his death.

Third GenerationEdit

This generation of the Illidari council was the most successful thus far, completing all of the failed missions of the former generations. Though this is debatable as Grand Blood-Lord Akairos was not on the council when he slew the Lich King, yet it was this Illidari council that did the most towards the slaying of the Lich King, and Emailon the Cursed was on the council at the time.

Known Successful MissionsEdit

  • Slaying the Lich King
  • Killing all of the Lich King's Lieutenants in Northrend
  • Creation of new Demon Hunter program

Known Failed MissionsEdit

  • Battle of Legion Hold; Veras Darkshadow Slain, Lady Malande badly injured, resulting in her eventual death
  • Battle of Star sanctum; Lost 27 fully trained demon Hunters.
  • Book of Fel Names destroyed; Varedis, a master demon hunter greatly weakened

Forth GenerationEdit

The forth generation of the Illidari council is one of the most feared fighting forces ever to exist. Aside from assisting Lord Gathios with running the Illidari, the forth generation have gained a reputation as the most efficient council yet, having never failed a mission.

Known Successful MissionsEdit

  • Second Battle of Legion Hold; Burning Legion 90% expelled from Shadowmoon valley
  • Recruitment of former Darkfallen members into the Illidari, new resources gained.
  • Captured members of the Burning Legion provide Felsworn
  • Northrend cleansed of remaining sentient scourge

Known Failed MissionsEdit

  • Purging the Alliance and Horde. Purging of Alliance successful, Horde forces banded with Sha'tar to attack the Black Temple where Mistress Alessandra was slain.

Powers and abilities: Illidari Council

Fifth GenerationEdit

Fifth generation was formed upon the death of Mistress Alessandra, this is the first generation with no member skilled or specializing in healing abilities.

Known Successful MissionsEdit

  • Battle of the Sha'tar Altar

Known Failed MissionsEdit

  • N/A

Wars of the IllidariEdit

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