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"The people of these worlds are like the light that you and I command, full of good intentions and pure...but easily manipulated. All qualities that can serve you in the end my friend."

- Gathios the Shatterer to Grand Blood-Lord Akairos
Neutral 32Akairos Shadowsun
Akairos of the illidari
Title Grand Blood-Lord
Gender Male
Race Blood elf (Humanoid)
Level 80
Character class Paladin, formerly Warlock
Affiliation Illidari
High Illidari Council
formerly Kingdom of Quel'thalas
Position High general of the illidari
Location Northrend; under orders from Illidan Stormrage
Status Unknown
Relative(s) Radinius the Silent](brother), Zoshi(Honor-Brother)
Mentor(s) Veras Darkshadow, Gathios the Shatterer, Lady Malande, High Nethermancer Zerevor
Student(s) Commander Elanor Sunseeker
Alignment Chaotic Neutral

Akairos Shadowsun is the Supreme General of the Illidari armed forces, serving the will of Lord Gathios and bringing his enemies to swift death. Akairos joined the Illidari to better defend the kingdom of Quel'thalas, believing that true salvation for his people lay not in submission to the will of the Naaru or the efforts of The Shattered Sun, but maintaining strength and preparing for the hard times that he knows will come.

Since ascending to the Illidari Council Akairos tried to keep a presence in Shadowmoon Valley. While he wants to remain there, he is often forced to go back to Northrend to take care of some problem.


Akairos believes in his people and in the cause of the Illidari above all others. When Akairos believes in something he will use the full extend of his powers, armies, and experience to obtain it. Akairos is a great tactician, though he is slow to learn new concepts, once he has learned something he will modify the strategies accordingly into new plans to suit the environment. Akairos has a cruel sense of humor at times, he enjoys watching people be in shock of him or of his plans and behavior. Akairos is very protective of his allies, in battle he plays the role of the defender, deflecting blows with his hammer and shield. When his allies aren't in an immediate threat, he will take out his two-handed hammer, Dawncrusher, forged for him by the Illidari Blood-knights and imbued with paralyzing frost magic by High Nethermancer Zerevor. Akairos is also addicted to mana thistle, as well as his like of spending time in the Den of Mortal Delights, something he tries his best to hide.

Combat StyleEdit

Akairos loves nothing more then wading into combat at the front of his armies. Since ascending to the position on the High Illidari Council Akairos has to make sure he remains alive and that the council and his forces remain alive. Akairos spends all of his efforts protecting and returning the crushing blows of the enemy 100 times over. The source of Akairos's strength is the light, siphoned from the Sunwell. Akairos has the ability to channel the pain of his comrades to his own body and disperse it. He gains power from the presence of allies and the more enemies he faces the more they take damage. The supreme source of Akairos's power is his death prevention technique. Through his mastery of the Light and training, Akairos can prevent his own death and absorb killing blows. Akairos can trigger immunity shields on himself and others, granting immunity to magic, weapons, or both. In combat Akairos is directly accompanied by the other members of the High Council, supported by Blood-Lords, Bloodwardens, and Illidari special forces.

Unique AbilitiesEdit


Akairos was born to the Dawnsunder family was born roughly 190 years before the end of the first war. The Dawnsunder family was a middle ranked military family that had served in the Silvermoon guard for generations as captains and mid rank officers.

During his youth, Akairos found recognition amongst his for his efforts to keep Amani trolls at bay. During his youth, Akairos became fast friends with an extremely long lived Tauren Druid named Zoshi and fellow combatant, Gathios. Akairos, Gathios, and Zoshi made sure to be in each others company as often as possible. Together they had many adventures together, varying from exploring caves, to leading attacks against Amani Trolls for years. But they could not remain together forever, Zoshi was called back to Mulgore when the first war started and Gathios went off to fight. Akairos was left without his dearest friends. Seeking to renew his purpose in life and to fill the gap left by the departure of his friends Akairos left Quel'thalas to travel south to the Kingdom of Lorderon to train as a warrior to possibly see action. Akairos found no such luck in Lorderon, but continued his training, eventually participating in fighting matches at Durnhold keep, earning money to maintain a decent house, and maintaining a reputation as a brilliant shield fighter.

The Fall of Quel'thalasEdit

Prince Arthas Menethil, son of King Terenas II of Lordaeron, became corrupted by the undead Scourge that had arisen in the northern provinces of Lordaeron. Wielding the cursed runeblade Frostmourne, Arthas was dispatched by the Dreadlord Tichondrius to take the remains of the necromancer Kel'Thuzad to Quel'Thalas, and place his corpse within the mystic waters of the Sunwell - the source of the magic that sustained the high elves. Arthas created a path of destruction from the borders of the Eastern Plaguelands (as they are now) all the way to Silvermoon itself. His corpse submerged in the holy waters of the Sunwell, Kel'Thuzad was resurrected as a nightmarish lich, and the waters of the Sunwell were fouled - cutting every surviving elf off from their source of magic.

As the foul necromancer was revived and Silvermoon fell, every single high elf that existed felt it. In his house, Akairos underwent violent convulsions as his magical vitality, agility, and energy drained from him. Akairos was weak.

Akairos fell into a deep depression, he found himself unable to maintain his fighting form and started losing his matches at Durnhold, and finding that once again people stopped caring for him, in addition to the undead plague that was washing over the land which wasn't helping at all. Akairos felt lonely, he missed Zoshi and Gathios. Unable to stand living in his house, and unwilling to remain in a town filled with fear, Akairos left the town, eventually falling into service with the cult of the damned and taking residence in the Scholomance; the School of Necromancy.

In service of the DamnedEdit

Soldier of the damned

Akairos as a member of the Cult of the Damned.

For a short while Akairos felt a new sense of belonging in the school of necromancy, where other students failed, Akairos succeeded, even though he knew it was wrong. Each day Akairos grew a bit stronger in power. But even as his power grew, he still felt lacking. Akairos took to sucking the magical energy from things to briefly sate his emptiness, even going so far as to suck another student dry to make him feel better for a few days or to boost his power. Akairos's skill in darkcasting grew, he would lash out at student who attempted to summon undead, that which destroyed his homeland. His hair turned black, his skin grew grey and eyes dark, he raided the towns he used to walk through for bodies to take back to the school for study. Eventually Akairos left the scholomance when he was instructed to start undead creation, unable to bring himself to summon undead, those which destroyed Silvermoon.

Return to Quel'ThalasEdit

Six years after the loss of the Sunwell, a courier ran through from Silvermoon to the Quel'lithian lodge, hoping to find sanctuary from the harsh land. He did not find it, all he found was Akairos, now a warlock of above average power, standing over the dead bodies absorbing the remnant magical energy, who promptly slew the courier. Akairos rifled through the bag the courier was carrying and found a sealed letter with a seal he recognized. The Sunstrider Seal. Akairos opened the letter and read the contents. It spoke of the new Kingdom of Quel'Thalas that had risen from the ashes, and the rise of the sin'dorei - the blood elves. Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider, son of the late King Anasterian, had promised the blood elves a future in the new realm of Outland, the remnants of the world of Draenor. Akairos was ecstatic that his beloved Quel'Thalas had survived and that there was a new world awaiting his race, Akairos immediatly returned to Silvermoon and became one of the sin'dorei, choosing to hide his recent activities.

Akairos the magister

Akairos channels the stolen light into the Silvermoon Bloodknights.

In light of this rebirth, but wanting to never forget what he knew of darkness, he renamed himself from Akairos Dawnbreak to Akairos Shadowsun. When Akairos returned to Silvermoon, it was greater then he ever imagined, the spires restored, magical crystals powered arcane constructs, and best of all, Prince Kael'thas had bestowed to his people a gift, a Naaru. Akairos, seeking to further reinsert himself into his people, immediately volunteered to undergo training by Magister Astalor Bloodsworn, as a channeler and binder of the Naaru. Akairos served silvermoon once more, binding demonic magic into the crystals and feeding the newly created Blood Knights with their stolen Light powers.

Though despite his efforts, Akairos was not trusted by many for his appearance. No matter what he did, each time he walked through the bazaar he would bet nasty looks and fellow Blood Elves would turn their backs and shun him. Akairos still felt alone.

Rise to PowerEdit

It was not long before Akairos was not content with merely sitting by and observing the power of the Blood Knights be used, each day he felt the stolen Light flow through and out of him. Akairos desired more. Akairos went to work creating a device to store the light's power in, so he could keep some for himself and potentially learn to use it himself. Eventually his device was found by Magister Bloodsworn who perfected it into a vassal to store the Naaru's energy in. The Magister was so pleased with this creation that he started teaching Akairos ways for him to hold on to a bit of the holy power to do as he pleased with.

Eventually Akairos clung on to enough residual power that he started to feel pain, the light held within him conflicted with the dark magic he learned in the Scholomance. Akairos tried to ignore it, but eventually it became to great for him to bear. Unable to find the grand magister, Akairos turned to Lady Liadrin for aid. Lady Liadrin took him to the Naaru's chamber and directed the magisters to channel the Naaru's power into Akairos. This power, was unlike anything Akairos could have dreamed about, his dark magics within him faded, his hair returned to normal, his skin brightened and the darkness in his eyes was replaced with a green glow of magic that bound the light within him. He was so overwhelmed by the light that he fell to his knees and began to cry, he looked up at Liadrin, and then fell on his back and passed out.

Akairos awoke several days later in his families traditional home, nobody was home, his family was gone, all killed in the wars. As Akairos rose from his bed he noticed a letter on the side, military personnel forms with orders to report to the Blood knight HQ. Over the next several months Akairos quickly rose through the ranks of the Blood Knights and became a master.

Journey to OutlandEdit

Akairos Firewing Point

Akairos looks down on his army. The Leigons of Kael'thas at firewing point.

Akairos Quickly became one of the mightiest paladins Silvermoon had ever seen, regaining his skill with the sword and shield and placing all his strength into defending his people, and after delivering a fatal blow to the scourge in the Scholomance, stratholme, and (with help from recruited heroes) cleansing the kingdom of scourge, Akairos was sent to outland to go with Kael'thas to lead a new division of Blood Knights; the crimson hand. Upon reaching the tempest keep Akairos was given the title "Lord" and served alongside Lord Sanguinar; the Bloodhammer. Akairos and Sanguinar often fought with each other over tactical matters. But through their sparing matches every so often, Akairos learned many fighting skills from him. When they overcame their differences, their groundbreaking stratagies crushed many alliance forces. Akairos soon became jealous of Lord Sanguinar, as Kael'thas chose him to be appointed to his council over himself. The two became increasingly distant.

After several months as a commander of the Crimson hand, with several victories under his belt such as the extermination of the Kirin'tor village to the south, and conquest of the mana forges, Akairos found himself in a situation he didn't expect. One day while overseeing training of the blood knight squires and astromancers in the Tempest Keep, it was announced that a member of the High Illidari Council had arrived. Akairos turned towards the door of the Solarium and kneeled in reverence. The heavy bootsteps drew closer and stopped before Akairos, who was instructed to rise. When Akairos looked up, he recognized none other then his old friend, Gathios, now supreme military commander of the Illidari, and a member of the High Council. Gathios had come to offer Akairos a position within Illidan's central forces, and a position within the Black Temple. Akairos eagerly accepted, and removed his Blood Knight tabard, to be replaced by the colors of the Illidari.

The Black Temple and leader of the EclipsionEdit

Akairos at Eclipsion

Grand Commander of the Eclipsion

Fall of the leigon

The Illidari strike fast and without mercy.

Akairos's reunification with Gathios, now known as Gathios the Shatterer, proved to be a new high point of his life. With Gathios's training Akairos's powers magnified 10 times over, rivaling Gathios himself. Akairos spent his days leading his new troops, the Eclipsion in battle, and his nights in the Den of Mortal Delights. Akairos's power in combat and his record for minimal casualties earned him the nickname "the Undying." Akairos's stratagies led the Eclipsion Blood Elves and those of the Crimson Sigil to many tremendous victories.

-The leigon commander was purged from the pools of aggonar; zone later taken by Mag'har orcs.
-Many Ata'mal crystals were claimed for Lord Illidan.
-Making great strides against the Legion forces in Shadowmoon Valley.
-Leading the dragonmaw to victory over the twilight ridge.

During his conquests, Akairos was reunited with Zoshi and his brother, Radinius.

Akairos was soon promoted to "Grand Blood-Lord" by Illidan Stormrage himself, and for his test was sent to remove Kael'thas from outland by any means nessecary. While AKairos was dubious about the mission, he and many people he had met over the years, paired with his Eclipsion Blood Elves, stormed the Tempest Keep he knew so well and slew his once prince, confirming his status amongst the High Illidari members. Under the guidance of the Illidari Council, Akairos's power increased 10 times over. He gained further mastery over the light from Gathios, combat from Veras darkshadow, proper healing power from Lady Malarnde, and arcane bending from The High Nethermancer; Zeravor.

Siege of the Temple and SunwellEdit

At the sunwell

Akairos visits the Sunwell to see it for himself.

After the defeat of Kael'thas, Illidan became complacent with his power and when the Black Temple came under seige, Akairos did his best to defend the temple. Crushing retaliation by his forces and the coilskar naga inside with summoned demons outside were enough even to hold off the mighty Doomwalker. This defense against the leigon was taxing on his forces and eventually, the Horde and the Alliance came for the Black Temple. During the seige, Akairos found his friend, Radinius, who was at the front of the seige that was ripping the temple apart. When the fight reached Illidan, Akairos was unable to reach his master in time, as he was aiding the Illidari high council against another group of attackers, without him, no ruling Illidari members would have lived. Illidan was critically wounded and despite the efforts of Gathios, Lady Malarnde, and the Illidari Blood Knights, they were unable to restore the Lord of Outland to Life. News later arrived that Kael'thas had survived, and before his last few breaths,Illidan ordered his destruction and the expulsion of the Leigon, so his legacy and his legions would remain safe. Akairos left the temple upon advice of Gathios and found Radinius in silvermoon, after much discussion, they joined together with the help of recruited heros, and fought through the horrors of the legion and beat back Kil'jaeden through the Sunwell. After the Sunwell was reignited, Akairos's powers increased again. The Blood elves were restored.

The Return of the Lich KingEdit

Arrival at northrend

Akairos lands on the shores of northrend, ready to slaughter untold numbers of scourge and to tear down all scourge fortresses.

The Illidari were devastated by the raids on the Black Temple, the shadowmoon and other fel orc clans were decimated. The Eclipsion and crimson sigil were broken, and many survivors had returned to silvermoon. Akairos took the remaining Eclipsion back to the Black Temple to regroup and recover from their losses. Walking back up through the temple as he had done the first day he arrived, past groups of remaining fel orcs, groups of blood elves, and piles of bodies, blood elf and demon and orc. The demons were replaceable, the fallen Blood Elves were not. Akairos arrived in the High Council Chambers and was greeted by it's members. Gathios and Veras stepped forward and motioned Akairos over to them, Lady Milarnd and Zeravor followed. Akairos was escorted to the temple summit where he stood before the council. Akairos keeled down to recieve his new orders. Gathios walked over to Akairos and drew the sword he used as a young Blood Elf and tapped him on each shoulder, granting him a place on the Illidari Council while Gathios took command of the Illidari. The Lich King had emerged and the Undead had assaulted the Horde capitals, news reached him via his Blood Elven commanders. Akairos was instructed to take his personal forces to Northrend to do all he could to cripple the Lich King.

Northrend ExpeditionEdit

Killing the cult

The judgment of the Blood-lord is swift.

Akairos knew he couldn't leave the business to his forces alone. Akairos and his Blood-Knights, re-donning his Blood-Knight colors and joining the horde on the journey to Northrend.

The Seige of NaxxramasEdit

Putricide falls

The lead scourge scientist perishes after mutating himself in a last ditch attempt to destroy the invading Illidari forces.

The Blood-Lord Akairos came to the realization that in order to deal any damage to the Lich King, his leaders would need to be removed from power. Akairos and his forces systematically raided and eliminated the commanders of the Lich King. The leaders of the Vykrul, the Nerubian majordomo, and the cult of the damned. But through all of this, Akairos learned, his army grew till enough experience had been gained that they were ready to break down the doors to Naxxramas and face the horrors within. One by one, the highest ranking members of the Scourge fell. Noth the Plaguebringer, Gothik the Harvester, even the mighty Saphiron. Eventually reaching the archlich, Kel'thuzad. It was not long before Akairos ground the soul of the fallen mage beneath his boot.

Fall of the CultEdit

While in Northrend Akairos took great pains to ensure the biggest supporters of Arthas met their end. Akairos' forces alone would not be able to take on the entire Cult of the Damned, Akairos knew from what he saw back at the scholomance that their might was 100 times as strong then it was before. To better fight this foe, Akairos arranged for a meeting with the leader of the Argent Crusade, Tirion Fordring. The meeting with Tiron was awkward at best, as Tiron was aware of how Akairos had obtained his light powers and was further aware at what he had done with them since. Tiron is no fool however, and knew that Grand Blood-lord Akairos and his Illidari forces would be a tremendous asset to the war against the Lich King. With the help of the Illidari (and associated Horde forces) the Argent Crusade was able to stave off the Scourge assaults and establish bigger and bigger footholds into icecrown.

Once footholds had been established and the biggest threats had been identified, Akairos and his closest advisers set out to tackle the problems. The high priest of the cathedral of darkness was vanquished. Cult leader after cult leader fell to their blades, magic, and light. With each victory a report was sent back to the High Illidari Council, the council was pleased with his progress.

As the Shadow Vault was taken, Akairos and his army dealt the harshest blow to the Lich King in the name of Lord Illidan. Akairos succeeded where his master had failed. Akairos stabbed the heart of the Lich King. With the Lich King temporarily weakened, the Illidari forces took the opportunity to clear the grounds of Sindrigosa's fall for the Argent Crusade. Akairos stayed with the Argent Crusade for a very short time before going back to his own forces. With all the leaders destroyed it was time for Akairos to complete his mission, and assault Icecrown Citadel.

Storming the CitadelEdit

Akairos had recieved backup and fresh Illidari soldiers from outland and once the Argent Crusade and the Knights of the Ebon Blade had broken down the gates of icecrown. Without the help of the Argent crusade Akairos's forces anihilated the guardian of the citadel, Lord marrowgar. Afterwards going on to finish off the cult of the damned with the slaulghter of the cult and the high-priestess Lady Deathwhisper. While the Horde and the Alliance pointlessly fought each other for petty dominance, the Illidari forces destroyed the Supreme Deathknight of the Lich King's armies and broke into the central spire of icecrown. The abominations of Professor Putricide crashed to the floor and shortly after the plague-scientist fell after horribly mutating himself in a last effort to slay his forces. It was especially difficult to battle through the Crimson Halls. Akairos remembered the failed assault on the Lich King in the past, and how all of the fallen elves were raised as the darkfallen. Akairos killed former friend after former friend and finally put them to rest, with each death he heard a briefly uttered phrase of appreciation or gasp of joy. Small condolences on the whole. The scream of the fallen blood queen finally pierced the halls, Akairos hoped that The Lich King had a tiny scrap of his soul left with which he could feel fear. Eventually the Illidari forces reached the frostwing halls, taking heavy casualties on the side of the Argent Crusade and few of his own, the green dragon, Valinthria Dreamwalker was rescued and the risen Argent crusaders laid to rest. Sindrigosa fell, thanking them for freeing her. Not what Akairos had expected.

Eventually the Lich King was confronted, it was time for Arthas to pay. Akairos walked toward towards the throne, where the Lich King walked to him. Akairos made the first strike to the Lich King, who in cowardice called scores of undead against Akairos and the Illidari forces. The Lich King called forth all of his might, defiled his own citadel and spawned flying monstrosities to called carry his army off the throne, one by one. The Lich King went as far as to try and consume the souls of Akairos, his generals, his paladins, and warriors and magic users, but they were to strong for him and were able to resist the pull of frostmourn. But in the end it was all for naught. The Lich King won. As Akairos lay dying, about to be raised to the scourge, he heard the voice of Tirion. Akairos felt new life empower through him and his Illidari forces as they rose up. Akairos' knew what had to be delt, and called upon the full might of his paladin powers, knowing now that they radiated from the true strength of his people, powers granted by the sunwell. Glowing white wings erupted from his back as he jumped to deal the final, crushing bow against the Lich King.

It was over.
Quel'thalas was avenged.
Mission complete.

Current Status of the IllidariEdit

Akairos sparring

Akairos sparring with the Illidari Demon Hunters

The Illidari is currently under the rule of the High Illidari Council. The current goals of the Illidari are to increase their Fel Orc armies and to reestablish themselves in outland and to stave off the burning legion till they are strong enough to take the fight to them and crush them.

After the Fall of the Lich KingEdit

After the fall of the Lich King, Akairos returned to Outland to resume his role as Supreme General of the Illidari, leading the Illidari to conquer asizeable part of Outland before his defeat at Shattrath.

Akairos has taken part in many significant battles since his return from Northrend, he has:

Akairos is currently leading the Illiari Forces against the enemy factions in Outland.

Special EquipmentEdit

Illidari Runeshield: A magical shield forged by Akairos to augment his skill with the Holy Light. Shield reflects magical spells and attracts metal and bullets to itself, allows for Akairos to deflect the path of blades. The lesser runes on the shield burn to the touch, allowing for devastating shield slams.
Illidari Runeshield

Akairos's special shield

Shockwave Trucheon: A hammer taken from the ruins of Auchindoun, the hammer is a brilliant weapon for channeling energy, constantly giving off pulsing energy waves. The hammer vibrates to the point of being untouchable constantly unless the current owner is holding it. When the hammer strikes someone it instantly shatters the surface it connects with.
Libram of the Eternal Tower: A holy book taken from a library of the Argent Dawn, the holder is imbued with incredible agility. Also makes for a good light read.
Dawncrusher: Forged for him by the Illidari Blood-knights, this two-handed mace is made of hardened adamantite and Khorium with crystals taken from the Tempest Keep by Lord Gathios Dawncrusher as it's hammer head. The hammer is imbued with paralyzing frost magic by High Nethermancer Zerevor that numbs opponents and slows their reaction time. The Hammer is bound to Akairos by Lord Gathios and will always return to him if lost in combat. If the Hammer is taken from Akairos in combat, the hammer will consume any foe who picks up the hammer in divine flames.


Gathios the Shatterer: What do you propose we do about the scourge Akairos?
Akairos: Crush their skulls, burn the remains, then blow the entire damn continent apart!
Gathios: Impatient are we?
Akairos: Do I seem like a patient elf? I cut four Orcs in half on the way here because they wouldn't stop making grunting jokes behind my back.

Darkmaster Gandling: Your mastery of darkness is impressive Akairos. Now. Start the construct creation ritual. You are ready

Akairos: No.

Darkmaster Gandling: What do you mean no? Do as I say right now or you shall die.

Akairos: These wretched monsters raped my homeland. Your creations and your masters creations did it. As my land was destroyed. So shall you be.

- Akairos as he killed Darkmaster Gandling and fled the scholomance

"Lord Illidan...Gathios...I failed you....I failed all of Quel'thalas...NOOO....

- Akairos's last words as he lay dying at the frozen throne.


- To the Lich King; as Akairos came back from death.

Argent Knight: Why would you perform such blasphemes? You say you bend the light to your will? How can you willingly perform such cruelty?

Akairos: I wouldn't call it cruelty.

Argent Knight: what would you call it?

Akairos: Mastery.

Argent Knight: You are truly wicked.

Akairos: What? I'm not allowed to have some fun on the job?

- to Argent Commander about wielding the light.

Alandien: What do you paladins know about fighting demons?

Akairos: Mind your tongue, Demon Hunter, or I will rip it from your mouth.

Alandien: Are you threatening me?

Akairos: Well, I wasn't asking you for the weather in Durotar, was I?

- Akairos to Alandien; an Illidari demon hunter

“Do you think you possess the resolve to defend this world! Can you go as far as I? Can you bind your soul to the foulest of powers and slave yourself to such evil for the sake of your home?! Do YOU have the resolve to sacrifice your very self to your own power to defend your world and your subjects?! No…! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! NO you do not! THIS WORLD BELONGS TO THE ILLIDARI!"

- Akairos to Adyne the Lightwarden at second battle of Shattrath.

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