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Neutral 32Emailon the Cursed
Emailon the Cursed
Title the Cursed
Gender Male
Race Blood elf (Humanoid)
Level 80
Character class Demon Hunter, formerly Priest
Affiliation The Second Illidari
High Illidari Council
formerly Alliance
Position Leader of the Illidari Demon Hunter Order
Location The Black Temple
Status Alive
Relative(s) Mistress Alessandra (Sister)
Mentor(s) Illidan Stormrage, Varedis,
Alignment Chaotic Neutral

Emailon Hatebringer is the leader of the the Illidari Demon Hunters stationed primarily in Shadowmoon Valley at the Ruins of Karabor while forces amass. The Demon Hunters were created with one goal in mind, the annihilation of the Legion, though more often they can be used against anything with equal potency. Emailon is the greatest of the newest generation of demon hunters, possessing powers to slay hordes of weak and middle strength demons in single swings.


Emailon is a vicious combatant, and this attitude is amplified by the demon within him. This carries over to his interactions with his subordinates. Emailon is constantly angry at everyone, but doesn't know why. Emailon is constantly in conflict with the demons within him. Emailon is extremely patient, never wasting a word nor a movement or second of thought on something that wont have direct benefit to himself or his allies.

Combat StyleEdit

Emailon makes sure to be at the head of any battle he is in, his galives tear enemies to shreds and send arcing bolts of Fel Lightning chaining it to as many enemies as possible to spend as little energy as he can for maximum effect. Emailon makes great use of his Fel Power in combat, igniting the air around him, or converting the ground to shooting blasts of fel fire or draining the life of a foe. Each sword swing drains mana and infects the foe with Fel Poison. Emailon depends on the other members of the Illidari Council to protect him in combat, allowing him to focus all of his power on offense. In demon form, Emailon attacks far less elegantly, using brute strength over agility, when combined with quick transforming and de-transforming, lets Emailon confuse enemies by constantly shifting his attack style. The Unique power he possesses of multiple demon metamorphosis, along with tremendous amounts of innate fel power, allows for quickly transforming into demon form and back. Oftentimes, Emailon will shift into 3 demon form to dodge attacks, perform one or two blows, then return to elven form. For most enemies he encounters, he only requires the melee fighter form.


Emailon was born to the Hopebringer family was born roughly 145 years before the end of the second war. The Hopebringer family was a family of clerics in Silvermoon, he never saw any combat or danger to the world before it's fall to the Scourge at the end of the third wall. The Clerics made it their mission to spread the word of peace to the Alliance. After the fall of Silvermoon, the majority of the Hopebringer family remained with the Alliance in Stormwind.

Emailon was a praised cleric of Silvermoon along with the rest of his family. His sole mission in life was to spread the word of the Holy Light

The Fall of Quel'thalasEdit

Prince Arthas Menethil, son of King Terenas II of Lordaeron, became corrupted by the undead Scourge that had arisen in the northern provinces of Lordaeron. Wielding the cursed runeblade Frostmourne, Arthas was dispatched by the Dreadlord Tichondrius to take the remains of the necromancer Kel'Thuzad to Quel'Thalas, and place his corpse within the mystic waters of the Sunwell - the source of the magic that sustained the high elves. Arthas created a path of destruction from the borders of the Eastern Plaguelands (as they are now) all the way to Silvermoon itself. His corpse submerged in the holy waters of the Sunwell, Kel'Thuzad was resurrected as a nightmarish lich, and the waters of the Sunwell were fouled - cutting every surviving elf off from their source of magic.

As the foul necromancer was revived and Silvermoon fell, every single high elf that existed felt it. The Hopebringer family tried their best to help people through the crisis but ultimately failed.

Emailon, like all High Elves, was suddenly cut off from all magical energy. Emailon lost all of his power, he lost all faith in the energy of life and subsequently the Holy Light. Emailon left the church of the Holy Light, his family, shunning him, left Silvermoon City for Stormwind City leaving Emalion in Silvermoon with the rest of the decimated elven population. Feeling abandoned, Emailon changed his name to Emailon Hatebringer.

When Kael'thas told his people of the glory of the Outlands, Emailon jumped at the chance at traveled south to the Blasted Lands with many of the remaining Blood Elves. When they reached the Blasted lands, many Blood Elves sensed a large source of magic nearby. A small group went off to seek it out, only to discover it a demon. The small group of Blood Elves tried to fight back, but despite inflicting a huge amount of damage, were slain, leaving only Emailon. Emailon tried everything he could, when he ran out of ideas, made one last desperate prayer to the Light. It came and saved him, landing a crushing blow to the demon. Emailon walked over to the demon, happy with the holy light, and picked up the warglaive left behind, feeling the magical power in it.

After crossing through the Dark Portal the Blood Elves traveled to the Netherstorm to attack the tempest keep. After attacking the keep, making liberal use of the holy light. His renewed faith in the light was not to last. Eventually his magic cravings came back, feeling the withdrawal symptoms, Emailon took the demonic glaive off his back and sucked a little bit of magic out of it. Immediately he felt the empowering effect of fel magic, but the warmth of the Holy Light was gone, forever.

The Leigon's corruptionEdit

Emailon served in Kael'thas's army for some time, and every now and then would suck a bit more magic from the Warglaive to keep his vitality strong. Emailon fought against the Kirin'tor, he used the glaive to slay legion treasure hunters in hellfire penninsula for the Ata'mal crystals, and traveled to Terrokar to establish the Firewing point base. When Emailon was back at the tempest keep on leave from Firewing point when he walked down to the Crucible, delivering engineering parts to the engineers, when he walked in, he called for the engineers that he had come with parts, when demons turned to face him. Mo'arg engineers. He left the parts very quickly and went back to his quarters to suck some more fel magic from the glaive. As time went on, Emailon's eyes gained an ever darkening green glow, and he gradually became more wary of the demons serving in the Crucible. Eventually he began to hate them and one night during the night patrols, he snuck down to the crucible, and tried to attack an engineer, killing it but recieving a gash from a saw blade across the back. Only increasing his hatred of the demons. Eventually Gathios the Shatterer arrived at the keep to offer positions in Illidan's forces. Emailon followed his commander Akairos to the Black Temple where he joined the Eclipsion briefly, gain a reputation for savage combat against demons. Once Akairos heard of his demon fighting prowess, Akairos recommended Illidan to take him as a Demon Hunter Supplicant.

Young Emailon

Emailon beginning his efforts as a Demon Hunter.

Demon Hunter trainingEdit

Middle Emailon

Emailon with his tatoo's, demonic warglaive in his right hand.

Emailon trained for months, brutally killing the training demons, and in his fury, sometimes the warlocks binding them. Emailon was accepted as a demon hunter initiate. Emailon was tatoo'd with demonic runes to empower the fel magic he was learning rapidly. Throughout his training, he siphoned further fel magic from the warglaive to sate his magical hunger. Eventually Emailon reached the top of the Demon Hunter group and eventually was given a task from Varedis, a task he accepted greatly. He was to assault a demon and absorb part of its essence granting him his metamorphosis ability. Emailon eagerly set out to find a strong enough demon to take into his body. He hunted all over the outland, but failed. Emailon traveled back to the Arcatraz at the Tempest keep, hoping to find a demon inside the jail cells. Inside the Arcatraz, all hell was breaking loose, the captives were free. He asked the guards to stand down, which they gladly did, and he began to fight through the escaped prisoners. Eventually he found his prize, the demon Vark'ledon. Emailon met eyes with the demon, and raised his glaive, the demon matched his glare and took his own glaive out.

The demon was fierce but cowardly, spawning demons to aid him, when there was nothing left but his best fighters. Emailion disabled the two demons and tore the head off the demon Vark'ledon. He then absorbed the essence of the demon and took his warglaive. The other two demons tried to escape, he threw his glaives into both of them and absorbed both of their essence. As soon as he did this he immediately convulsed, and fell to the floor, writhing as he felt the conflicting demonic essences conflicting within him.

After much discipline and meditation, not moving from the spot he sat on for weeks. Emailon rose, took a deep breath and opened his eyes, they burned red. He focused for a second and teleported back to the black temple and kneeled before Varedis who took his Fel Iron knife, and gouged Emailon's eyes out. Emailon closed his bleeding, empty eye sockets, and tore a scrap of cloth off of his leggings and tied it around his head and opened his eyelids, demonic fire burned within. Emailon the Cursed was born.

Final Emailon

The Cursed one lives.

The Demon Hunter OrderEdit

Demon Hunter Order

The next generation of Demon Hunters in training at the Ruins of Karabor.

Once Akairos returned to the Black temple to his position in the High Illidari Council, Emalion approached him to inform him on all the going-ons, among them being the deaths of Lady Malarnde and Veras darkshadow to remnant leigon forces that took them by surprise and that the council needed filling and the forces of the Illidari needed replenishing. The Illidari Demon Hunters with the Eclipsion and Illidari Demon forces quickly readied themselves to purge the Shadowmoon Valley of Demons and when upon the bases in the valley.

The Illidari Demon Hunters are currently led by the most powerful hunters, Emailon the Cursed and Radinius the Silent.

Siege of the Temple and SunwellEdit

During the Siege of the Black Temple, the first generation Illidari Demon Hunters were among the first hunted down, but out of that defeat came the motivation for the remaining demon hunters to finish the training to make sure Lord Gathios would be pleased. The demon hunter order now has approximately 171 demon hunters of various levels of training and mastery level,.

Uniqueness Among Demon HuntersEdit

Inner Demons

The Demon Forms of Emailon the Cursed. Left: The Spellcaster, middle: The Defender, Right: Melee Fighter

Emailon is unique to any demon hunter to have ever existed, he possesses not one, but three demon essences within him, each one fighting for control. When a normal demon hunter unleashes his demon within, that hunter takes on the characteristics of the demon and it's general form. When Emailon changes, his conscious mind is split between 3 demonic bodies, each possessing a special power.

Demon 1: The Spell Caster Very low health level

- Can drain life force from beings, healing the group
- Can fire Chaos Blast inflicting heavy fire damage
- Can distract the minds of casters and counter their spells.
- Can use Mind Control

Demon 2: The Defender really high health level

- Redirects all damage taken by the other 2 demons to itself
- Can drain life force from beings, healing the group
- Can cast spell reflecting barriers around the group
- Can become immune to all damage

Demon 3: The Melee Fighter mid level health

- Extreme proficiency with warglaives equal to normal form Emailon
- Can perform spellbreaker
- Has extremely fast movement speed

All three demons in this form work together, each looking out for and protecting each other. However, as it is a team, if one is injured or destroyed, the other 2 are weakened. When one demon is destroyed, it is absorbed back into the remaining demons, when all 3 are destroyed, Emailon re-coalesces into normal form and will be substantially weakened. For this reason, Emailon will typically spend no more thena few minuets in his demon form at any one time, to avoid the possibility of losing strength due to a demon (especially the spell caster) being weakened. Emailon can choose to morph into a single demon or 2 of the 3 depending on the situation. When he is in single demon form, it does not possesses the powers of the 3 demons combined.

Current StatusEdit

After the fall of the Lich King, Akairos took it upon himself to terminate the remaining Scourge forces with a small regiment of Blood-lords while the rest of his forces return to Outland. When Akairos returned Emailon updated him on the status of the demon hunters, the training was successful and possesses 171 active demon hunters capable of field operation, another 25 are in training. All Illidari Demon Hunters exist under Emailon the Cursed and Radinius the Silent.

Special EquipmentEdit

Glaive of Rakh'likh: Demonicly charged warblade taken from the Dreadlord Razelikh the Defiler. Emailon as a younger blood elf had slain the demon and banished him to his homeworld. The Dreadlord left his armor and weapons behind, Emailon took the weapon and armor for his own, though he was unable to use the Glaive until recently, as he didn't have a matching pair. When used with the Glaive of Varimithras allows for channeling huge amounts of energy and can cut through virtually anything.
Glaive of Vark'ledon: After the defeat of the demon Vark'ledon, before the Horde forces were taken away from the city Emailon grabbed the glaive and kept it. The glaive is especially powerful, and is constantly bristling with energy. When the weilder channels even the slightest of power through it, the glaive shoots arcing waves of Fel Lightning.
Armor of Rakh'Likh: Armor protects the use from all non demonic attacks. Since the armor was mostly stripped away, leaving only the kilt to protect the lower extremities from attack.


Deathlord Varion We all have our demons.

Emailon the Cursed: Indeed.

Grand Blood-Lord Akairos: I know damn well YOU do.

Deathlord Varion: Ha, I get it.

Emailon the Cursed: Very funny.

- conversation between the Illidari Council members

Emailon the Cursed: Grand Blood-Lord, the demon hunters await your command.

- To Akairos upon his return to the temple

"Bear my curse."

- Emailon as he unleashes Parasitic Demons inside Shattrath forces.

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