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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

Neutral 32 Eclipsion Army

Banner of the Illidari.

Main leaderGrand Blood-Lord Akairos
Secondary leadersGrand Commander Ruusk Commander Rykure Sunfury Commander Felbreaker
Race(s)Blood Elves
Character classesPaladin, Warrior, Mage, Rogue, Warmage, Warlock, Spellbreaker
CapitalThe Black Temple
Other major citiesEclipse Point
Theater of operationsOutland
Main languageThalassian
AlignmentNeutral evil

The Eclipsion Blood Elves are elite regiment of Blood Elven Warriors that serve has the highest ranking Illidari Forces outside the Black Temple. The Illidari Blood Elves are deployed secondary in any large scale conflict or as a primary force in any conflict concerning the Sha'tar, Burning Legion, or other opposing forces of significant strength. The Eclipsion also have a subsection known as the Crimson Sigil who serve as the elite guard to the Black Temple.


-Grand Blood-Lord Akairos

Supreme Commander of the Eclipsion, directs their activities on and off the field. Heads the offices that do the paperwork as well.

-Grand Commander Ruusk

Commander of Eclipse Point, excellent strategist that oversees plans from the base.

-Commander Rykure Sunfury

Field Commander of the Eclipsion Forces, receives orders from Supreme and Grand-Commanders.

-Commander Illiana Felbreaker

Leader of the Crimson Sigil since the defeat of Torloth the Magnificent

Combat DivisionsEdit

The Eclipsion main forces are divided up into three divisions:


  • Eclipsion Spellbinder: Magi specializing in blood and mental based magic, used to cripple moral of enemy forces and cause chaos in battle, turning friend into foe.
  • Eclipsion Archmage: Powerful mages specializing in offensive spells and magical manipulation
  • Eclipsion Warlock: Dark summoners that are used to mass deploy Illidari demons to battlefields. Can also wield blood magic efficiently.

Ground TroopsEdit


the Eclipsion then subdivides in the Bloodwardens; Bloodwardens are the elite guard within the Eclipsion, oftentimes serving as the advance guard to an assault or deployed to fight with the Grand Blood-Lord as his guards and personal soldiers. To become a bloodwarden you must survive through 25 missions in the Eclipsion and pass a difficult test of initiation,

  • Bloodwarden Steward: Temple guards that serve as enforcers within the temple.
  • Bloodwarden Centurion: Midlevel spellbreakers that can perform devastating arcane melee assaults.
  • Bloodwarden Lightbender: Battle-priests trained by Mistress Alessandra, capable of great healing spells and defensive spells, the only menders in the Illidari able to perform reflective shields.
  • Bloodwarden Vindicator: Powerful warriors that move quickly amongst a battlefield
  • Bloodwarden Duskweilder: High level battle priests that can perform powerful shadow magics; often used as mindbreakers and torturers.

Chain of CommandEdit

* Grand Blood-Lord
 * Grand Commander
    * Commander
    * Field Commander
 * Bloodwarden General
    * Bloodwarden Steward
    * Bloodwarden Centurion
    * Bloodwarden Lightbender
    * Bloodwarden Vindicator
    * Bloodwarden Duskwielder
 * Eclipsion Colonel 
    * Eclipsion Warbringer
    * Eclipsion Major
       * Eclipsion Magewarden
          * Eclipsion Battlemage
          * Eclipsion Mageguard
          * Eclipsion Spellbinder
          * Eclipsion Archmage
            * Eclipsion Bloodmage
          * Eclipsion Warlock
            * Eclipsion Demonologist
       * Eclipsion Marshal 
          * Eclipsion Bloodwarder
          * Eclipsion Blood Knight
          * Eclipsion Centurion
            * Eclipsion Dragontamer
            * Eclipsion Shadowstalker
          * Eclipsion Cavalier
          * Eclipsion Soldier

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