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Neutral 32Drakelady Almara Dru'rahed
Title Drakelady
Gender Female
Race Eredar (Humanoid)
Level 100
Character class Warlock
Affiliation The Second Illidari
Position Commander of Illidari Special Forces
Location Shadowmoon Valley
Status Alive
Relative(s) Drakelord Ergos (friend)
Mentor(s) Zuluhed the Whacked
Alignment Lawful Evil


Drakelady Almara is an Eredar Warlock that defected to the Illidari after the capture of outland. Almara is skilled with demon summoning and controlling creatures. She had fair success as a warlock in the field and served as a adviser and aid to Zuluhed before his death to hero's of the Horde. After the defeat of Zuluhed the Whacked she was placed in command of the Illidari Fel orcs at the base. With Drakelord Ergos commanding the Fel Orcs in the field.

Unique AbilitiesEdit

To allow for better control of the Netherdrakes and Fel Orcs, Almara has a wide array of mind altering spells. She can instill paralyzing fear with her howls, and shoot beams of necromantic energy, known as the Death Coil (warlock ability), which causes her enemies to flee in terror. Almara can also make use of her Mind Control spells.

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