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Neutral 32Deathlord Varion Duskstalker
Deathlord Varion Darkfallen
Title Deathlord
Gender Male
Race Blood elf (Humanoid)
Level 80
Character class Death Knight
Affiliation The Illidari formerly Scourge
Position Leader of the defected members of Darkfallen
Location The Black Temple
Status Alive
Relative(s) None he knows of
Mentor(s) Formerly Instructor Razuvious
Alignment Chaotic Evil

Deathlord Varion Duskstalker is the leader of the the Illidari Darkfallen that returned to the service of the Illidari following the fall of the original lich king.


The Deathlord is one of the most cruel people in the Illidari, he is feared by all, including the demons. Deathlord Varion loves nothing more then to torment his enemies, leaving them diseased and dying before raising them as undead under his command. Deathlord Varion is also extremely cocky to the point of being narcissistic due to his inability to die. Being undead, Deathlord Varion doesn't feel pain or emotional trauma and as such has no regrets about sacrificing his own forces for his own purposes, though he is slowly recovering his humanity as he goes, growing ever more devoted to the causes of the Illidari. Deathlord Varion has a great respect for his fellow council members, especially the Grand Blood-Lord as he to has found ways to cheat death.

Combat StyleEdit

Deathlord Varion wades into combat, inflicting as much damage as possible to as many foes as he can. Varion gets great pleasure from raising the dead bodies of particular strong foes. Varion is very skilled with an sword and moves savagely about the field, slashing and hacking as he goes.

Unique AbilitiesEdit

  • Dark Simulacrum: Absorbs spells that have been cast in Varion's proximity, healing or damage, and store them for later, he can use them when he wants, but only once.

Life HistoryEdit

Varion Duskstalker was born 230 years before the end of the third war into the Dawnstalker family, a family with a tradition in the Quel'thalas rangers. Varion never liked spending time around his people, despite his love of Silvermoon and spent most of his time out in the forest away from people.

When the Sunwell was destroyed and his people left devastated, when the time came to assault the Icecrown Glacier with Kael'thas upon order from their master, Illidan Stormrage, Varion was at the front of the charge, he and the other rangers recruited into the army leading the force. Making great success in the initial charges slaying large numbers of scourge and risen Nerubian forces.


The campaign against the undead was going great, the moral was high and energy was great. It didn't last long. News reached the Lord Illidan had fallen in combat and Kael'thas and his main regiment had fled. Varion's battalion, 350 strong, was abandoned in the frozen wastes of Northrend. They tried to find their way back, but to no avail. Slowly they started being separated, they were lost, dying, and being picked off one by one by the Scourge. Their numbers dwindling from fighting off scourge and supplies almost gone, the last Blood Elves, now with only 15 or so left, finally exhausted and fell to the Scourge.

No sooner had they fell did Scourge Necromancers got to work, one by one the Blood Elves sat up, and rose to their feet. Varion was one of the last to rise, his body partially obstructed by snow. When he rose he was ordered to get his soldiers in line and start scouring Northrend for the rest of the Blood Elven corpses.

In Service of the DamnedEdit

Varion's legion of the damned marched to every corner of Northrend raising every fallen blood elf they found. Eventually they found a small group of living Blood Elves, huddled around a small campfire. When they noticed the approach of the undead Elves, not realizing what they were, they got up, running towards them with happiness. Only when they got close did they realize the truth, and their happiness and bright smiles quickly faded faded. Varion's army acted swiftly, and slaughtered them without a second thought, the scourge necromancers quickly got to work.

Death HistoryEdit

The raising of the Darkfallen was complete. The necromancers ordered them to go to the citadel to greet their leader, they then teleported away. Without a moments hesitation, Varion turned to the direction of the citadel and ordered his troops.

In the CitadelEdit

Varion of the Scourge

In service to the Lich King

The Army of the Darkfallen marched upon Icecrown citadel, their footsteps in a unified step climbing the steps to the front gate. The gates opened before them and they marched through the gates, past the legions of the damned without batting an eye, a unified salute to the guardian of the throne, Lord Marrowgar. Eventually they reached their designated residence and found their leader. It was another of the captains of another battalion, Captain Lady Lana'thel, now the Blood Queen.

Fall of the Lich KingEdit

Varion was a defender of the Cult's casters in combat, he aided in the raising of frostwyrms and repelling of invaders to the citadel, he would collect bones for Lord Marrowgar and honed his skills, even decorating what now known as the Crimson Halls. Varion learned that he was a slave of the Lich King and that the voice in his head was his, Varion came to resent him.

After a brief stint in Naxxramas, learning from Instructor Razuvious, he returned to the citadel and his hated master Blood Queen Lana'thel. When he was listening to one of her sermons, disaster struck, invaders in the citadel, he fiercely fought the invading Illidari forces against his will, he was made to defend his master, but he failed, in fierce combat he was slain by Grand Blood-Lord Akairos and thrown off the level of the Crimson Halls where he crashed to the ground at the base of the Spire of the Frozen Throne, where he lay, dying once more.

Eventually the Lich King fell to the might of the Illidari forces. When Bolvar Fordragon put on the Helm of Domination the life giving dragons flame within him surged down the spire of the frozen throne, and when it hit the bottom, dissipated into a wave of energy, washing over Varion. Varion rose, the life giving flame had given him new life, he put his hand to his chest, nothing. His heart was not beating, he was released from domination, but was damned to exist as an undead warrior forever.

Joining the IllidariEdit

Varion's memories came rushing back to him. The Illidari forces assaulting Icecrown, his friends death, his own death and service to the Lich King. Varion walked through the now empty citadel, the undead bodies strewn everywhere. He reached the Crimson Halls and found the dead bodies of the re-slain darkfallen princes. He took the glowing red orb that once sustained their life and grasped it with his hand. He raised it above his head and commanded his soldiers to rise. The Darkfallen rose up from the floor under the power of the Orb of the Darkfallen and stood at attention, willingly serving their captain in death once more. While walking through the barren citadel, Varion found a medallion dropped by the Grand Blood-Lord, the medallion read "Karabor." After another few days contemplation Varion took out the medalion and gripped it, the citadel dissolved, he found himself before the Black Temple and made his way to the front gates. He pounded on the gates. Getting no response he drew his sword, charged it with energy, struck the gate with a debilitating strike and blew the door open. Walking through the courtyard, past the giant blue boulders that lay in front of the temple entrance ramp, he made his way up the stairs and eventually to the well decorated chamber of the Illidari Council. As he entered, a robed Blood Elf Woman he did not recognize and a tattooed and blindfolded Blood Elf walked down the left side ramp. Behind them a regal looking Blood Elf male, taller then the other 2 dressed in brilliant shining armor that seemed slightly darkened walked down behind them. The taller Blood Elf looked at Varion and commanded him to kneel. Varion did so feeling that the man possessed great power. The Blood Elf motioned to the blindfolded elf who vanished, Varion felt a tap on his shoulder and turned his head before being looking down at his chest to see a large glaive thrust through it. He fell back when the glaive was removed. He heard the woman laughing and the taller blood elf chuckling. Varion didn't like that. He felt the dragon life fire burn with him and his blue glowing eyes changed to a fiery red momentarily. Varion rose up and shouted at the group, expressing his dislike of being stabbed. The taller blood elf revealed his name as Gathios, the supreme leader of the Illidari and asked Varion what he wanted. Varion replied he wanted to join Illidan's forces once more. The blindfolded elf stepped forward and told Gathios that he had seen Lord Akairos throw him off the bridge from the Darkfallen headquarters. Gathios charged Varion with returned with the Darkfallen. Varion accepted

Striking demons

Varion doesn't like demons

Varion traveled back to Icecrown Citadel. He used the power of the Darkfallen Orb to resurect every darkfallen he could find and instilled in their mind the morals of the Illidari. Eventually he took his forces (about 200-300 men and women) and gathered them at the Cathedral of Darkness he used the amulet and began opening a Death Gate to transport his forces to the Black Temple. His forces appeared in the Chamber of Command before the High Illidari Council and he knelt down, his darkfallen did so as well. The three blood elves rose, Varion rose to, he threw the amulet to Akairos, saying that it is his. Lord Gathios walked down the ramp from the temple summit and motioned for the rest of the cult members to rise and walked over to Varion who knelt down before him. Gathios took out a ceremonial sword and tapped Varion on the shoulder, granting him the title "Deathlord" and placing him in command of the newly assembled Illidari Darkfallen and in charge of training further necromancers for the shadowmoon clan. Lord Gathios motioned towards the 4th empty chair with the three blood elves where he sat down and so did they. Deathlord Varion had joined the Illidari once more.

Uniqueness Amongst the DeadEdit

Being imbued with the dragon's fire of life, combined with his undead existence, Deathlord Varion can never truly die. Whenever Varion is killed he will rise. If a limb is severed it will return to him. Varion is truly a frightening foe.

Current StatusEdit

Deathlord Varion currently resides in the Black Temple. Training the Shadowmoon Deathshapers and new necromancers.

Special EquipmentEdit

Emailon&#039;s Weapon

Apolyon, The Soul-Render

Apolyon, the Soul-render is a runic claymore of demonic origin that came into the possession of Deathlord Varion when he joined the Illidari, the sword allows him to fire blasts of unholy energy called the Death Coil. The sword also absorbs the blood of those it strikes and later Deathlord Varion can drink the blood to reinvigorate himself. The sword also acts as a focus for Varion's necromantic powers and has absorbed some of Varion's strength, Varion is slightly weakened when he is separated from his blade.



- To Aldor Vindicators at battle of Sha'tar altar.

"Rise my soliders! Rise and march for me!"

- Battle of Wildhammer stronghold

"Your bound to me now...hahahaha."

- After raising Adyn the Lightwarder to undeath.

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