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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.


The story so far…

Following the battle of Icecrown Citadel the Alliance and the Horde are enjoying a quiet time while they lick their wounds and rebuild their strength. That peace is suddenly shattered however when portals open up all over the world and creatures from Azeroth’s past and future appear.
The great Bronze Dragon Chronormu informs the Alliance and Horde that the Infinite Dragonflight have succeeded in destabilising the timeline and that the Bronze Dragonflight have had to impose a time loop as the world was about to be irrevocably changed.
Nozdormu cannot be found and the Bronze Dragons believe he may have been destroyed as if he were alive he would not have let this disaster come to pass. Anachronos leads the Bronze Dragonflight in his stead.
While Anachronos wasn’t particularly keen on the idea Chronormu convinced him to turn to the mortal races for assistance.
One thing seems certain however. Even if the Infinite Dragonflight are defeated the changes to the timeline may already be too severe. The world has changed forever.

New ZonesEdit

Globe Kalimdor

The Titans shaping of Azeroth.

The Ordering of Azeroth (78-82)Edit

The Infinite dragonflight are attempting to disrupt the Old God’s plans to infect the Titan’s creations with the Curse of Flesh believing that if they are successful the Titans will be able to destroy the Old Gods rather than just imprison them. However this will result in the Humans, Dwarves and Gnomes ceasing to exist in the future.
The Infinite dragonflight are also interfering with the early Troll civilisation in an attempt to prevent them from accessing the powers of the Loa Gods, hoping this will prevent the summoning of Hakkar and the rest of the troll pantheon in the future.

The Waking World (78-82)Edit

The early night elves are experimenting with powers beyond their understanding, leading to the sundering of the world. The Infinite dragonflight seek to prevent this cataclysm by destroying the Elves before they go too far.
The Infinite dragonflight are also attempting to stop the Earthmother, from teaching the Tauren Shamanism hoping to prevent mortals from learning how to summon elemental spirits to the physical world.

The Age of Mortals (81-85)Edit

The Infinite dragonflight are trying to prevent the founding of Quel’Thalas. Without the High Elves, Humans will not learn the secrets of magic. Preventing the need for a council of Tirisfal meaning no Sargeras possessed Medihv. Also preventing the creation of the Sunwell.

Awakening of the Dwarves (83-86)Edit

The Old Gods, taking advantage of the instabilities in the time line, are attempting to prevent the awakening of the Dwarves hoping to prevent the mortal races from learning of the Titans existence while the Infinte dragonflight try to prevent the war of the three hammers and the summoning of Ragnaros to the world.

Rise of the Horde (84-86)Edit

The Infinite dragonflight are attempting to influence the First war, the invasion of the Orcs from Draenor, hoping that a quick victory for Humanity will allow them to remain a powerful force to fight more battles in the future.

The Fall of Lordaeron (85-88)Edit

The Infinite dragonflight are attempting to prevent the Scourge from taking Lordaeron, which will leave them vulnerable to an offensive from both the Alliance and the newly formed Horde. However this will prevent the creation of the Forsaken. The Old Gods are also interfering by drawing the Scourge to Tirisfal Grove in attempt to free the creature imprisoned there.

Enemy of the Infinite (87-90)Edit

The Infinite dragonflight have recognised you as a significant obstacle and have decided to erase you from history. Follow your own actions over the last few years and ensure that the Infinite dragonflight do not interfere.

Mystery of the Infinite (87-90)Edit

Travel to the future and learn the secrets of the Infinite dragonflight. And stop them from achieving their ultimate goal.
Caverns of Time-Sand Clock

The Bronze Dragonflight monitor changes in the timeline.

Arathor and the Troll wars (87-90) (PVP)Edit

The Infinite dragonflight’s interference has disrupted the events of Troll wars and the outcome is now uncertain.

Galhara (Sanctuary)Edit

Galhara was a great night elven city on the opposing side of the Well of Eternity from Zin-Azshari. The city had hundreds of emerald crystals lining its boundaries. Amongst other things, these crystals in conjunction with each other could defend against magical attacks. The Bronze dragonflight have removed this city from time moments before its destruction in the sundering and now serves as a neutral city for their mortal allies. Galhara can be accessed through the Caverns of Time in Tanaris. The city of Galhara has time portals allowing access to the various time periods under attack.

New InstancesEdit

Storm Peaks

Aid the Titans in defeating the Old Gods minions.

Return of the Titans (two 5-player wings, levels 80-82 and 90)Edit

Battle at Ulduar (80-82) – Aid the titans in defeating the forces of the Old Gods and prove to them the value of allowing the cursed races to survive. You fight alongside the Bronze Dragonflight to preserve the timeline.
The Fall of a Titan (90) – The Infinite dragonflight are attempting to aid the Titan battling C’thun in Silithus to ensure that the Titan survives and C’thun dies. You must ensure history remains on the proper course by aiding C’thun against the dragonflight.

Sundering of the World (two 5-player wings, levels 81-83 and 90)Edit

Fate of Desolace (81-83) – Aid the Tauren in their battle against the forces of the Burning Legion at in the region that will become Desolace alongside the Bronze Dragonflight.
Battle of Zin-Azshari (90) – Join the forces of the Tauren (Horde) or Eathen (Alliance) as you protect Rhonin, Broxigar and the Night Elf forces from Demons and Infinite Dragons alike.

Defend the fledgling empire of Quel’Thalas.

Flight of the Highborne (two 5-player wings, levels 82-84 and 83-85)Edit

Tirisfal Landing (82-84) – Help the Highborne to flee escape from Tirisfal Grove and make sure the evil buried there does not escape.
Defence of Quel’Thalas (83-85) – Protect the city of Silvermoon from the attack of the Infinite Dragonflight.

War of the Three Hammers (5-player, levels 84-86)Edit

Aid the Dark Iron Dwarves in their struggle against the Infinite Dragonfight and help Tharusian to summon Ragnaros.

Fall of Stormwind (5-player, levels 85-87)Edit

The Bronze dragonflight task you with aiding the Horde in the destruction of the City of Stormwind but ensuring that Anduin Lothar and young Varian Wrynn survive.
Chromie - dragon

Help rescue Chromie.

Rise of the Forsaken (5-player, levels 86-88)Edit

Aid Sylvannas and the Forsaken in claiming the Undercity from the Scourge with help from the Bronze Dragonflight.

Sands of the Past (two 5-player wings, levels 88-89 and 90)Edit

Blackwing Lair (88-89) – Ensure your personal history unfolds as it should by preventing the infinite dragonflight from killing your younger self as you battle the forces of Nefarian in Blackwing Lair.
The Sunwell (90) - Ensure your personal history unfolds as it should by preventing the infinite dragonflight from killing your younger self as you battle the forces of Kil’Jaeden at the Sunwell.

The Caverns of Time: Chromies Rescue (5-player, level 90)Edit

The infinite dragonflight have captured the Bronze Dragon Chronormu. With the Aid of the Bronze dragonflight you must free her.



Aid the escape of Alexstraza from Grim Batol.

Single BossEdit

Aewgyn and the Dragon Hunt (90 Raid)Edit

The infinite dragonflight are attempting to kill Aewgyn before she can be possessed by the Avatar of Sargeras. Protect her from the infinites and aid her in defeating Sargeras’ Avatar.

Fate of Neltharion (90 Raid)Edit

The infinite dragonflight are attempting to prevent the Old Gods from influencing Neltharion the Earth Warder. Ensure they do not succeed.

Full RaidEdit

Tides of Darkness (90 Raid)Edit

The Infinite dragonflight are trying to prevent the escape of the Dragon queen Alexstraza from the Horde occupied fortress of Grim Batol. This will prevent the destruction of the demon soul, a powerful weapon if they could wield it, and leave the other dragonflights too weakened to oppose them.

Battle the Infinite across multiple time periods.

War of the Shifting Sands (90 Raid)Edit

The Old Gods are trying to turn the battle in favour of C’Thun hoping that if he wins he could free them while the Infinite Dragonflight are attempting to turn the battle in favour of the Night Elves. Its up to you to ensure history unfolds as it should.

A Possible Future (90 Raid)Edit

The Infinite Dragonflight have succeeded in their plans. This future world is however not friendly to the mortal races. Aid the future survivors in undoing the damage done to the timeline and sending you back to the past to change history for the better.

The Infinite War (90 Raid)Edit

The climactic battle against the Infinite Dragonflight. Battle them across multiple time periods and face their ultimate master.


World PVPEdit

Arathor and the Troll wars (87-90) (Outdoor PVP)Edit

The Infinite dragonflight’s interference has disrupted the events of Troll wars and the outcome is now uncertain.


Future AzerothEdit

The future created by the infinite dragonflight is a bleak one. Aid the survivors of your faction to claim the few precious resources left.


The future condition of Azeroth means that Outland seems a more stable place to live. Aid the survivors of your faction to claim this world for themselves.


Sands of Time ArenaEdit

This arena was created by the Bronze Dragonflight in a pocket universe to allow the mortal races to practice combat. At the end of battle time is reversed to undo any wounds the participants suffer.

Gladiator RingsEdit

In the aftermath of the second war gladiator rings were set up in Lordaeron to entertain the troops. Using a time portal travel back and compete for youself.



Anachronos, the new leader of the Bronze Dragonflight.


Alliance Chronology SocietyEdit

Formed in response to the deterioration of the timeline, led by the Gnomes and Draenei.

The Seven KingdomsEdit

The seven human kingdoms which existed during the first war prior to the Alliance of Lordaeron.

Kaldorei ResistanceEdit

The Kaldorei Resistance were those who fought against the Burning Legion and the highborne elven leaders.

The Earthen.Edit

Originally created by the Titans the Earthen will one day become the Dwaven race.
Bronze dragon

Bronze Dragons patrol the timeways..


Hands of FateEdit

Formed in response to the deterioration of the timeline, led by the Orcs and Forsaken.

Jungle TrollsEdit

Ancestors of the Jungle trolls who before taking up Voodoo are not as savage as previously thought.

The Exiled HighborneEdit

These exiled Highborne, now known as the high elves set sail across the ocean in hopes of finding a new land to call their own.

The Shu’haloEdit

Tauren ancestors who’s culture is heavily shamanistic.



Aid the Kobold throught time as they attempt to survive in a harsh world. With your help Kobold society could become more than it is.


Convince the Furbolg to take a larger interest in the outside world. With your help some may be spared the corruption which befalls their race.
Infinite Assassin

Some of the Infinite Dragonspawn have joined the Bronze’s efforts.

The Ochre DragonflightEdit

Members of the Bronze dragonflight before they were appointed their powers over time. The nature of Bronze dragonflight powers however means that their ancestors are able to access various time periods but they do not follow Nozdormu.


Guardians of the HourglassEdit

Bronze dragons actively involved in preventing the Infinite dragonflight from changing the timeline..

The FatedEdit

Members of various races who survived the effects of the Infinite Dragonflight’s meddling in time. They seek to undo the damage caused and restore the timeline, even thought it may mean they cease to exist.

The Watchers of TimeEdit

Made up of mortals from many time periods blessed with immortality by the great aspect Nozdormu in order to serve their draconic patrons.

The Finite DragonswornEdit

Former Dragonsworn of the Infinite flight who have realised that their master’s plan will lead to the destruction of time itself.

New FeaturesEdit


Your actions in the past result in changes to the present (using phasing technology). Some of these will be beneficial such as new questing areas and towns or the prevention of the corruption of land and races. Some will also be for ill, with new horrors unleashed upon the world.

Change your DestinyEdit

Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you followed the path of the Warrior instead of the Mage, or became a Paladin instead of a Priest? The Bronze Dragon Muligornu can allow you to change your destiny, turning back time and allowing you to choose a different class. The character looses half their level and quests above the new level are reset. The characters gear is substituted with appropriate gear for the new class and level of an equal standard.

New Profession: PreserverEdit

A preserver is empowered by the Bronze dragons with the ability to preserve alternate timelines allowing characters to learn certain spells and abilities which never existed in this reality and removing the binding from bind on equip items.

Account Bound AchievementsEdit

All achievements are now shared with all characters on your account. In addition gold and badges acquired are now shared between all characters on an account and once one character reached exalted with a faction they can choose to pass all future reputation gains with that faction to another character on the same account.

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