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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

Forest Gnomes, Scouts of the wind
Forest Gnome Scout, Ranger, Glade Guard, and Shaman.
Faction/AffiliationAir elemental
Character classesShaman, Hunter, Rogue, Scout, Healer, Aeromancer, Forest Guard
Racial capitalNone, they have camps around Elwynn Forest, northern Westfall, near New Gnomeregan, and Southern Dun Morogh
Racial leader(s)High Aeromancer Dratane, Al'Akir
Racial mountBoar, small Horses
Primary language(s)Gnomish
Secondary language(s)Common, Auran, Dwarven
Height2'8" - 4'2" (males), 2'8" - 3'9" (females)
Weight44 - 50 lb. (males) 40 - 46 lb. (females)
AlignmentTrue Neutral

Introduction Edit

The tactical Forest Gnome, masters of ambush, and allies to the Wind Elementals, are a race of shy humanoids who live in the Forests of Elwyn, south west Dun Morogh, and New Gnomeregan. In league with Al'Akir and his race.

History Edit

Forest Gnomes are a freshly discovered, but ancient race who live in the Elwyn and North Elwyn forests.They were discovered by a group of Gnomish Explorers when the City of New Gnomeregan was being built.They took one hostage to examine it.It was said it has some human features in it as well, pointing out Gnomes could have came from Humans.Later, they sent a group of skilled Dwarven explorers to their camps.They saw them with Air Elementals.The Dwarves and Gnomes have been having problems with Air Elementals lately as well.

The Dwarves are trying to persuade the Gnomes into killing the Forest Gnomes on sight because of the Air Elemental threat.The Gnomes simply refuse.They will imprison any Dwarven poacher that enters their Infant Nation to kill a Wild Gnome.In fact, they are trying to ally with them, that is until they summon Al'Akir himself to take the land. Until then, they will be kind and willing to the Forest Gnomes.

Culture Edit

The Forest Gnomes settle in camps, villages, and one small town.They worship the Air Elementals.They wear cloths that blend in with their forest background.They have one main leader, which they call the High Aeromancer, and Village leader which is the village's best Aeromancer.They mainly speak Gnomish.Some speak Common and Dwarven.The Aeromancers speak Auran- the language of the Air Elementals. Overall they are like the Gnomish version of the Azotha.

The Forest Guardsmen Edit

The Forest Guardsmen is a male only group that resemble the warriors. Wearing leather and wooden plates they are the most organized of the race. They live in forts away from the villages they come if there is a major threat. They kidnap random children and force them into training. They are also often found around Air Elementals.

Aeromancer Edit

The Aeromancer is a shaman that focus on wind. They are the highest respected in the Forest Gnome culture.

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