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HordeNPC 32Agmash Hakkari Raz'n'Krul
[[:File:"screenshot_111.jpg" ></a>|Image of Agmash Hakkari Raz'n'Krul]]
Gender Male
Race Darkspear troll
Character class Pirate Captain (Warrior)
Affiliation Loose afillations with the Horde. Death's Head Pirate Crew(RP)
Position Pirate Captain, Alchemist,
Location Unknown
Status Alive
Relative(s) Ex-Wife Kendralynn(Deceased) Daughter Veronica(Alive) Sister Vanala(Alive)

Agmash is a player-controlled character found on the "Sisters of Elune" server. He is no longer known as an active roleplayer, due to the character dying. Also, Agmash is no longer a Warrior and has been race changed.

A new Rogue has taken his place, and I may bring him back from the dead, but I hate doing that, as I've done it three times already. Being a villan is hard work.

Agmash Edit

Agmash, dreaded captain of the Death's Head pirate crew, has virtually no, feelings that he shows idly. Only when speaking or spoken to, will his facial expression change. This is due to the fact that he is often in thought of what's going to happen next. When fighting, his mood changes drastically, much like an Ogre or Fel Orc's brutal carelessness.

Appearance Edit

Agmash, being a bit taller than a normal Troll, stands at 7'4", being the second tallest member of his crew to date. (The first being a Hobgoblin named Bobo traded from First Mate Hapana for that rather large parot he has, when their crews met at Undermine.) His skin is Turquoise to a darker shade of blue, depending on the light on him. Agmash is getting old, at the age of 44, and his hair has completely turned white. His tusks are full grown, showing maturity. Often, you'll see Agmash simply wearing a black jacket stole from a Human naval ship long ago, and jeans from the same ship. Agmash has much interest in other culture's clothing. When in combat though, or staring down a faction's leader or ambassador, he will be wearing his plate armor from back in the days of the Horde millitary. (Sword = Despair) Agmash also has dark lining under his eyes from his lack of sleep.

History Edit

Note: without in-character revelation, none of the following should be known in roleplay.

Agmash's history is a long tale to be true. He's experience much more than your average Troll. Agmash wouldn't be as old if it weren't for his use of the Caverns of Time, or rather, overuse.

Zul'Aman to Zul'Gurub to the Desert? Edit

Agmash's was born during the war with the high elves, and thus, his father was killed not long after Agmash was born. His mother and the young troll stayed in the region for five years until moving to Zul'Gurub (This was because his mother was a Jungle Troll, while his father was a Forest Troll). The two lived in peace until the Atal'ai tribe summoned Hakkar into the living world. It was then that Agmash's mother was chosen to become the new incarnate of Bethekk the panther Primal God. She was no longer known as Jekky, that nice Troll lady, but the second most powerful (in her opinion) god of Zul'Gurub. Agmash stayed in Zul'Gurub until he was ten, and then made his escape to Grom'Gol where a Zepplin transported him to Durotar. There, he met his sister, who was learning to become a priest.

Orgimmar Shenanigans Edit

While in Orgrimmar, Agmash stayed at the Orphanage until he was of age to become a Warrior. This wasn't to say he didn't have his fun. Another Troll boy, by the name of Galan'ar, was the first to greet Agmash. Agdar Swordthrasher, a more violent boy, was the second. The three traveled around the Valley of Strength, and The Drag, often causing mischief, and problems for the merchants and travelers passing through.

Warrior Training Edit

Following the leave of Galan'ar who went to Sen'jin Village to become a witch doctor, Agdar and Agmash went to train under the greatest warriors of Orgrimmar. Both were extremely succesful in their training. Agmash mastered the talents of damage, where it was a contest of who died first. Agdar mastered the art of the "Sword and Board". Now, both at the age of 18 (Two-years before The Burning Crusade), the two went their seperate ways. Agmash went to explore the world, while Agdar was more focused on war. Against Thrall's orders, Agdar led a large party of Horde soldiers to the gates of Ironforge, where they were all slaughtered. How unfortunate. To this date, Agmash has no idea of what happened to Agdar.

The Caverns of Time, the Halls of Age...whatever. Edit

Agmash, now 20(The Burning Crusade) made his way to a special point of interest, the Caverns of Time. It was here, where he met with the Bronze dragons. He thought their way of thinking was generic. To protect the timeline. Ha. Agmash could do anything with their power. This though, he could not show. Agmash entered into one of the time portals secretly, and experience the whole 20 years before his life. When Agmash left the Caverns of Time, he was a good 40 years old, and his daughter, practically full grown. His daughter would be older, if not for his daughter's blood elf heritage, making her growth rate a bit slower than Agmash's.

Death's Head! The World will tremble! Edit

The world was a cruel place, where the nice died quickly. Agmash realized this in his time spent in the past. He decided to take action. To become something powerful. He started, at first, a small crew made up of a few notable crewman, their names being: Toluu Stormflayer(A broken shaman who controls the Stormstout ship.) Garzini Spriggs( the second in command of the fleet ) Avina Airhart (A Blood elf mage who leads the Voodoo 'Mon ship) and Chi (Now gone, but nontheless, an important former crewmember. A Gnome.)

Agmash plundered the Great Sea! His crew was noted even among the Trade Princes in Kezan who could care less about things like that. They even heard that Agmash had built a town above their precious city of Undermine. These rumors were true.

Agmash eventually gained many ships, but only three are notable. The rest are just dummys at the head of the fleet, that die first in large ship battles. Agmash himself doesn't usually bother himself with meaningless quarrels much anymore. He plans to set sail again soon, this time to set up shop in Northrend.

A pain in the side Edit

Makashi, a pestering Blood Knight who often abuses his powers, has recieved a warrant for Agmash's arrest, and plans to either get him dead, or get him in custody. For this, Agmash usually hides under the alius of Don Juan, a human rogue, who sells hats in Silvermoon City.


  • The Death's Head(ship of Death's Head pirate crew) is one of the most powerful ships on the Great Sea. Most of its technology has either been made or stolen. The ship itself is just about indestructable. Agmash has two more ships, called Voodoo Mon', and Stormstout(named after Chen Stormstout who supervised building it).

  • Agmash's crew have an outpost set up on the island of Kezan or Kazan as some spell it. Death's Head Point an original name, is what it is called, and is a very popular smuggling area. Goblin Alchemists and Merchants do business here as well.

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