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Neutral 32Lord Aenarian Blazefury
[[:File:AenarianBlazefury.jpg|Image of Lord Aenarian Blazefury]]
Gender Male
Race [[race::Blood elf/high elf]]
Character class Warlock
Affiliation Silvermoon City, Unknown Master
Position Blood elf noble, Knight-Captain in Stormwind Army of the First War, Alliance army of the second war, Lieutenant in Farstriders
Location Unknown
Status Alive
Relative(s) Unknown Parents (Deceased?), Rygathya (former love)


Date of Birth Unknown
Positions Held
Age Unknown
Height About 2.00m
Weight About 75kg
Status Single
Eyes Green
Hair Black
Realm Server:Earthen Ring

Physical Description

Aenarian is like normal Blood Elves, slim and muscular. He preferes to wear Red/Black/Golden cloths in Quel'thalas, to honor the Blood Elves, and Prince Kael'thas. His eyes is deep green, which is normal for the Blood Elves, and black hair.


He is a silent and watching person, and preferes not to interface in discussion or normal chat, instead listening closely on it, and say a few words if needed. He is also a quite noble person, trying to avoid voilance whenever possible, but if the situation needs he, he's always ready with a spell or two. He is also fiercly loyal to Prince Kael'thas, much like Grand Magister Rommath, and would follow him to the gates of hell if needed, even though he haven't heard of Prince Kael'Thas alliance with the Burning Legion, but when he hears about it, he could possibly join him because of the loyalty, but recently he seems to have changed a bit in personality, more brutal against Undead, Wretched or anything that is threatening Quel'thalas, possibly after he heard rumors of Kael'thas alliance with the Burning Legion. He has nothing against the Alliance, but would kill anyone if Kael'Thas commanded it. He is also quite fond of Night Elves Females, whom he doesn't dislike like most other Blood elves do, Human females (that fondness was not a rarity for elves, most notable of the humans was a priest, Rygathya, who he loved deeply ), and other Blood Elf females.


He is trying to reach Prince Kael'thas in Outland, and will stop for nothing to do it, but recently the goal seem to have "changed" a bit, becoming more and more aggressive against all that belives that Kael'thas has joined the legion.

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