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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

The Gladiator PvP system is a system working almost exactly like the Arena PvP system, except that you don’t fight with your own characters, but with NPC-like vehicles, and that you can use different vehicles and traps during the combat.

Reputation Edit

When fighting in arenas you gain reputation with the Crimson Ring. The higher reputation, the better are the rewards. Some rewards are related to the arenas affiliation. (Example: Dalaran Arena is affiliated with the Kirin Tor). Also, when fighting in an arena, which faction you are exalted with, your stats are increased because of cheering allies (Example: If you are exalted with Booty Bay and fighting in Gurubashi Arena, your stats are increased because of the cheering audience), but if your are hated or lower your stats are decreased.

Buying Gladitors Edit

You can buy gladiators inside every armory, and during gladiator tournaments you can buy gladiators at the where the tournament is hold. Gladiators bought after a tournament has ended aren't as good as those bought just before or during a tournament. Sometimes a vendor will sell a special gladiator, maybe one with a special ability or one with higher stats than average. Most gladiators only cost gold, but some gladiators can be bought for both gold and gladiator coins.

Armories Edit

Champions&#039; Hall

Champions' Hall in Stormwind City.

Hall of Legends

Hall of Legends in Orgrimmar.

Some of the gladiator rewards can be bought in gladiator armories. Currently there are only two armories:

Rewards Edit

When winning a tournament or battle, the winning gladiator owner receives both gold and gladiator coins. These can be used to by new gear for yourself or your gladiator, or to by new gladiators.

Tournaments Edit

Sometimes a gladiator tournment will be announced. During these tournaments you have a chance to win great prices.

Arenas Edit

Like with the Arena PvP system, the gladiator fights are fought in arenas. Most of the gladiator arenas have special traps you can use. All the arenas are affiliated with a faction.

Arena Traps Other Map Features Number of Gladiators Affiliation Arena Master
Ring of ValorFire WallsElevating Platforms3v3Horde (Orgrimmar)Inv misc questionmark Unknown
The CageQuicksandNone1v1Steamwheedle Cartel (Gadgetzan)Inv misc questionmark Unknown
The MaulNoneNone3v3Gordunni tribe*IconSmall Goblin Male Griniblix the Spectator
Durnholde ArenaNoneNone1v1SyndicateInv misc questionmark Unknown
Gurubashi ArenaWild BeastsNone3v3Steamwheedle Cartel (Booty Bay)IconSmall Goblin MaleShort John Mithril
Ring of the LawWild BeastsNone3v3Dark Iron Clan*Inv misc questionmark Unknown
Blackrock StadiumNoneNone3v3Blackrock Clan*Inv misc questionmark Unknown
Ring of TrialsWild Beasts. Falling ObjectNone3v3Steamwheedle CartelInv misc questionmark Unknown
Dalaran ArenaWild BeastsWastewater Pipe. Flooding3v3Kirin TorInv misc questionmark Unknown
Circle of Blood ArenaSpikesNone3v3Bladespire clan**Inv misc questionmark Unknown
Ruins of LordaeronLiving DeadMysterious Liquid3v3Horde (Undercity)Inv misc questionmark Unknown
Amphitheater of AnguishLost JormungarNone3v3Drakkari tribe*IconSmall Goblin Male Gurgthock

- * These arenas aren't affiliated with any faction you currently can gain reputation with, therefore you only earn reputation with the Crimson Ring while fighting in these arenas.

- **This arena is not affiliated by a reputation faction, becoming King or Queen of the Ogres in Blade's Edge Mountains, corresponds to being exalted.

Traps and other map features Edit

  • Fire Walls

Fire walls are walls of fire that blasts from the ground. They inflict damage equal to a percentage of total health per second to anyone passing through or standing within the flames. The walls do not otherwise break line of sight or inhibit gladiator movement.

  • Quicksand

Quicksand pits randomly appear in the arena. Any gladiator stepping into the pit is either made unable to move or slowed for a short period of time.

  • Wild Beasts

In some arenas cages or gates can be opened, releasing dangerous animals. These animals will run for the middle of the arena, unless attacked. When they reach the middle of the arena, they will target the closest gladiator.

  • Falling Object

In some arenas gladiators can release a falling object. If a gladiator or beast is hit by the object, he loses health and becomes stunned.

  • Spikes

In some arenas spikes can be activated. Any gladiator or beast, standing untop of them is damaged and knocked up into the air.

  • Living Dead

In some arenas undead creatures randomly spawn. These dead creatures, will target and attack a random gladiator.

  • Lost Jormungar

In some arenas Jormungar may burst up from the ground. Any gladiator or beast standing where the Jormungar appear, will be knocked up into the air.

  • Elevating Platforms

Some arenas have platforms which will rise and lower throughout the match, obstructing movement and blocking line of sight when raised. Because they are essentially temporary pillars, they create an ever-changing dynamic of line-of-sight and kiting opportunities.

  • Wastewater Pipe

Some arenas have pipes from which water will randomly flow down, blocking line of sight.

  • Flooding

Some arenas get flooded during the match. When that happens you can either choose to fight underwater or to jump untop floating debris.

  • Mysterious Liquid

Some arenas have a mysterious liquid. he liquid slows the gladiators casting and movement speed.

Gallery Edit

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