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{{Fanfic}} {{Npcbox |name=Dreadmaul Emissary |image=Aedror42 - Dreadmaul Emissary.jpg |race=Ogre |level=52 |character=Emissary |creature=Humanoid |status=Alive |sex=Male |aggro={{aggro|1|1}} |affiliation=[[Dreadmaul tribe]] |location= [[Nethergarde Keep]] & [[Dreadmaul Hold]], [[Blasted Lands]] & [[Stonard]], [[Swamp of Sorrows]] }} The '''Dreadmaul Emissary''' is a level 52 ogre emissary of the [[Dreadmaul tribe]]. He seeks adventures who can travel to [[Dreadmaul Post]] and convince [[User:Aedror42/Agramalor|Agramalor]] to return and lead the Dreadmaul tribe. He starts the following quest: * [[File:Neutral 15.gif]] [60] [[User:Aedror42/Quest:Agramalor|Agramalor]] He ends the following quest: * [[File:Neutral 15.gif]] [60] [[User:Aedror42/Quest:Lord of the Dreadmaul|Lord of the Dreadmaul]] == Notes == He spawns after a player has completed the [[You Are Rakh'likh, Demon quest chain]] quest chain. ==External links== {{elinks-NPC|0}} <!---Gear: Right Hand – Wind Rider Staff ---!> [[Category:User:Aedror42]]

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