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This is my idea for how Blizzard should revamp the Creature type system. Nearly all creatures can have the following categories applied to them: The "Primary Creature Type" (or Base Creature Type), The "Secondary Creature Type" and "Tertiary Creature Type" (or Creature Size).

Primary Creature TypeEdit

A creature's primary creature types is considered its base creature type, for example a Plagued Swine's base creature type would be "Beast".

List of Primary Creature TypesEdit

Secondary Creature TypeEdit

A creature's secondary creature types is considered its second creature type, for example a Plagued Swine's secondary creature type would be "Undead". Not all creatures can have this category applied to them, for example a Defias Ambusher would have the categories Humanoid and Medium, but no secondary category.

List of Secondary Creature TypesEdit

-*While the Elemental category is listed under both the pirmary and secondary creature types, a creature will only be applied one of them.

Tertiary Creature TypeEdit

A creature's tertiary creature type is considered a creature's third creature type, for example a Plagued Swine's tertiary creature type would be "Small". This category usually describes the creature's size.

List of Tertiary Creature TypesEdit

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Tall
  • Giant

Miscellaneous Creature TypeEdit

Some creatures can be found applied with a miscellaneous creature type. These functions a little different than most creature types. A creature using one of these categories, have no other creature type categoryies, for example a chicken is using the critter creature type, no other category has been applied to it.

List of Miscellaneous Creature TypesEdit

Player CategoriesEdit

  • All players are considered medium humanoids when in "humanoid form" (forms such as cat form, metamorphosis are considered beasts and demonic humanoids respecitively) for gameplay reasons.

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