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You wanted the truth, mon. You gunna get it... from da mouth 'o da Ghostwalka... 'ere comes your LORECRAFT!

Kael'thas Sunstrider. Prince Kael'thas. KING Kael'thas. The last in the line of kings of the Sunstrider Dynasty... ruler of the Blood Elves.

Many questions have been asked about this passionate, fiery, powerful Prince who to the Blood Elves is revered as the Hero who saved their entire race.

But, until recently, none of the Blood Elves knew the descent into the darkest of dealings... and the plans begun by the Prince that are bearing ill fruit in the swirling chaos that is the Netherstorm.

Is Prince Kael now evil? That is a matter of perspective. But, there is one thing for certain... Kael has aligned himself with the Burning Legion.

Allow me to go into further detail, by first explaining just how the Blood Elves as a whole currently view their Prince.

Kael'thas is heralded as the source of the ability to feed on demonic energies as taught by the lone, now Grand, Magister Rommath, who was sent back to Azeroth to first give the Blood Elves a cure for their addiction... and to tell them that Kael is forming a Promised Land for his people in Outland. To quote the tales...

"Rommath accomplished his mission: relaying tales of a glorious promised land, spreading the teachings of Illidan (teachings which Rommath smoothly attributed to Prince Kael'thas), and planting the notion that Kael'thas might one day return to lead his people to paradise."

Thus, Kael became savior in the minds and hearts of the majority of his people, save those who feared the new rise of power of the Magisters and now... Blood Knights. Save those who fed on the Demonic Energies they tapped... and felt not satiated of their addiction... ...but soiled.

To continue... now that the Dark Portal is opened, wave upon wave of Blood Elf Pilgrims... seeking Kael and the Promised Land, have come into Outland seeking their destinies. Many of these Pilgrims are recruited into the ranks of the Sunfury, Kael's Army in Outland, and either put to work defending what Kael claims for his own... or put to work tending to the structures that the Blood Elves have claimed and created with Naaru Crystal Technology.

Kael has claimed Tempest Keep, the ancient and powerful seat of the Naaru. He has displaced the Sha'tar and claimed Tempest Keep and all but one of its flying citadels for his own... the last of which was, of course, taken by the Draenei to Azeroth, but not without bitter cost.

Kael has also claimed dominion over the Mana Forges, once harmless living structures and citadels for the gathering of energy for Tempest Keep and home to the Draenei in the Plains of Farahlon... they are now the Mana Forges... sucking the raw power of the Twisting Nether from the very air and funneling it directly to Tempest Keep.

Kael's actions have had a terrible effect on the lands once, only a short time ago, where known as the Plains of Farahlon and were beautiful and vast... ...and is now the crumbling, eroding waste of chaos and disorder that is now the Netherstorm. These effects have occurred only in the last few months before we, The Horde and the Alliance, ventured through the Dark Portal into Outland.

The actions of King Kael have further terrible consequences. The Goblins of Area 52, come with the Horde and the Alliance to study and gather resources from Outland... have discovered that at the rate of progress now, if the Mana Forges are not shut down... The Netherstorm will explode in a matter of months. And with it, perhaps, most of the remnants of Outland still floating in the void.

All that is likely to remain... Tempest Keep and those Elves gathered to it by the Prince.

But wait... there is more, much more. Not only to the Blood Elves who seek the glory of King Kael find only a wasteland that is doomed and a ruler who sends them to die protecting sources of power they have barely any idea how to control... but Kael has aligned himself with the darkest of powers.

First, upon joining and swearing himself to Illidan, Kael had hope for his people. Illidan gave them everything he ever asked for. Power, knowledge, and a potential future for his entire race. However... that all came crashing down when Illidan was forced to kneel and grovel like a dog to his master at the foot of Kil'jaeden...

Kael has seen that Illidan is not the savior he thought the Night Elf Demon Hunter was...

Kael fought side by side with Illidan to try and destroy the Frozen Throne, yes. And it was by Kael and Vashj's hands that Illidan survived after his defeat by Prince Arthas, now the Lich King. Kael fled with the rest of Illidans forces that day, back to Outland. Though who knows how many Naga and Blood Elves died that day and were left behind... to become animated corpses under the will of a new God...

Illidan has since descended into a Madness that he cannot seemingly escape. He wishes to be free of the Burning Legion, yes. He plots with Kael and Vashj to create a new Well of Eternity from which there will be power enough to destroy Kil'jaeden and all the rest of the Legion. He trains Pilgrims sent to him by Kael... Blood Elfs all... into a new force, known and feared by the entirety of the Burning Legion.

Blood Elf Demon Hunters walk the world of Outland now, their eyes replaced by fel visions, their hands wielding glaives of doom. They are trained by those Night Elf Demon Hunters who, upon hearing of Illidan's need and call, joined him shortly after his release from his ten thousand year imprisonment. The Demon Hunters, the ultimate slayers of anything Demonic, serving the first Demon Hunter... Illidan... and a new legion of even more Arcanely potent warriors among the Blood Elves have joined that force.

Illidan, believing he has Kael and Vashj's ultimate loyalty, works even through his madness to assemble a force to destroy the Legion in secret, while openly appearing to serve the aims of the Legion as Outlands new Overlord.

Kael, however, has other plans.

Kael has, willingly, aligned himself with the Eredar Lord, Socrethar, to gain more minions and expert Mo'arg Engineers to help man the Mana Forges and Tempest Keep. He also pretends. He serves Illidan and sends him pilgrims to train to be Demon Hunters, and yet in the Tempest Keep he is fully aware that what he is doing is causing such instabilities in the Netherstorm that it might threaten all of Outland.

Kael does not care about a new Well of Eternity, though he carries a vial from the original Well... perhaps to seed in his homeland when he returns to it in glory...

Kael does not even care about the Legion. He hasn't told them what the Mana Forges are doing and that when he is finished... he is going to turn each and every Demon still on Tempest Keep into the FOOD for the satiation of the Blood Elf Addiction to Magic. He hasn't told Illidan that he fully intents to shift Tempest Keep and all three Citadels to the skies over Silvermoon, and arrive as a conquering lord with all the power of the Naaru and Tempest Keep at his disposal... even as he damns Outland in the process.

Is this what the Blood Elves really want?

Do they want to align themselves with a King that has willingly aligned himself with the Burning Legion, the force that commanded the Scourge to ravage their homeland...?

Do they want to witness their 'savior king' destroy Outland and bring Tempest Keep to Azeroth in some mad bid for godhood?

Kael has his own plans, and in truth, the madness of them is quite plain. Perhaps he is even slipping into becoming Demonic himself with the amount of power he has absorbed and the choices he has made...

Perhaps, if we do not stop Kael, he will not only kill Illidan, Kil'jaeden, and destroy Outland entire when the Netherstorm explodes... ...only to take the place of the Eredar Lord as the new Lord of the Burning Legion?

Kael'thas Sunstrider is a threat to all who now live on Azeroth. If he is allowed to gather more Blood Elves to his call, more servants to hasten his work, and enough power to Shift the Tempest Keep to Azeroth...

...our world is doomed.

If you think any Blood Elf who willingly works with the Horde now will be spared, think again. If you think the Horde or the Alliance will be spare, think again.

Kael is as insane as Illidan.

He has damned himself and, if we do not stop him, his entire race. What he did and has done he has done for the salvation of his people... but the means have made him as terrible as any Lord of the Burning Legion.

Hail Prince Kael'thas, savior of the Blood Elves! Hail KING Kael'thas, Lord of the Burning Legion!

It will happen... unless we stop it...

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