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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

AllianceNPC 32Tylan Stormbringer
Tylan shot
Gender Male
Race Gnome
Character class Archmage, Mage
Affiliation Kirin Tor, Dalaran
Position Archmage, Magi of The Kirin Tor
Location Unknown
Status Alive
Relative(s) Ireya Stormbringer (Mother), Dewes Stormbringer (Father), Tilen Stormbringer (Brother) (All deceased)

Tylan Besyin Stormbringer is one of the newest members of the Kirin Tor of Dalaran and was Headmaster to the destroyed Academy of Magic. His long trusted service with the creation and leading of the Academy of Magic, was a major reason for the Kirin Tor to let him be one of them.

History Edit

Tylan Stormbringer has become a powerful archmage through his life, starting at the apprenticeship he received with the Archmage of Gnomeregan.

One of the powerful magi of the recent age, Tylan Stormbringer came to Dalaran as a mere youth along with his master Ogareh, the Archmage of Gnomeregan and there trained further his skills as a mage. He quickly demonstrated both his magical talent and his loyalty, and became accepted as a full-fledged mage, many years before the novices of the same age. After several years of arduous training, Tylan Stormbringer achieved the power of an archmage. His work around Dalaran, and his aiding of those whom needed training as mages, earned him a great deal of respect, and he was given charge of studying protective spells. Later it came to that the Kirin Tor called him and other mages who all had trained underneath Tylan’s watchful eyes, to a meeting where he received orders to build a school for the magically adept, beyond the walls of Dalaran. That was the creation of the Academy of Magic.

Tylan Stormbringer was also known as "Head of the Academy of Magic", and was indeed headmaster of the school of wizards which trained aspiring mages outside of the magical kingdom of Dalaran.

He fought to defend, and then to rebuild, the Violet Citadel during and after the Second War, and pledged an ever-faithful loyalty to Dalaran. This venerable Archmage is discussed to be one of the greatest gnome mages alive today. Though his failing health prohibited him from spending too much time away from his beloved Academy, his apprentices, served as his eyes and ears in the world.

Unfortunately, Tylan Strombringer grew cautious as he got older; Tylan, like many prominent figures in the Alliance, was met by the mysterious Prophet before the Invasion began. When the Prophet warned him about the upcoming invasion, Tylan did not heed the stranger's advice to try and talk sense into the Kirin Tor which had waved away the warning.

Later on, the City of Dalaran was destroyed due to the invasion and summoning of Archimonde, who crushed the city through dark rituals and powers. The Academy of Magic was then one of the few places where mages could still train, after Dalaran was destroyed.

The Academy of Magic Edit

The Academy of Magic was a branch of the Magocracy of Dalaran, led by the Archmage and Headmaster Tylan Stormbringer. It was located off the coast of Westfall, on the distant island of Cimag. Before the sacking of Dalaran, the Kirin Tor had ordered Tylan and those who would act as teachers and staff, to create a place outside of Dalaran where new mages could train.

The Academy of Magic was created as a small replica of Dalaran with three tall towers and mighty crystal shards hovering around them. It consisted of the Housing Tower, the Tower of Light, and the Main Tower, where Stormbringer himself and the other teachers had their offices.

During the latest opening of the Dark Portal, and the Burning Crusade, the Academy was destroyed by invading demons, and an Eredar, which had seen the Academy as a possible threat to their crusade. The headmaster, gone at the moment of the attack, had came back to the island of Cimag and witnessed how the Eredar attempted to brake into the Main Tower, after brutally slaughtering most of the mages on the Isle at the moment. Tylan Stormbringer bested the demon until it finally died in a battle of magic against dark. Tylan vanished without a trace after the battle, and was not seen for many months.

Recent NewsEdit


Tylan Stormbringer as seen in a wanted add in a paper during his disappearance

Tylan Stormbringer appeared back to the world of men, after the months of mysterious disappearance following the destruction of the Academy of Magic. Many of the survivors and old students of the Academy had already been taken in by Dalaran, and he was praised for the battle against the Eredar, and thanks to his many years as an Archmage and headmaster, he was accepted among the Kirin Tor as an Magi.

Acting as a representative and voice of the Kirin Tor in the Council of Stormwind, Tylan Stormbringer travels back and forth through the cities, and has become known as The Wanderer by some. Also due to his recent acceptance in the Kirin Tor, he changed his choice of wear to a full gown of violet, and got the nickname Tylan the Violet, from those who know him more closely.

World of Warcraft Manual

Name: Tylan Besyin Stormbringer
Occupation: Gnome Archmage – Magi of the Kirin Tor and representative for Dalaran in the Stormwind City Council.
Affiliation: The Kirin Tor
Age: 163

Tylan Stormbringer is a member of the Kirin Tor, the conclave of wizards that rules over the magical kingdom of Dalaran. This venerable Archmage is discussed to be one of the most powerful gnome wizards in the world.

Preceded by:
Megesius Thunderstaff
Headmaster of the Academy of Magic
Succeeded by:

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