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Adich is a lvl 70 holy priest on the Dragonblight server and is an officer in the biggest guild on the server (Dragonsbane)

Adich have been in Dragonsbane since lvl 1.

Adich favorit food is everything including meat.

Adich lives in Denmark.

Adich uses his spare time working as a account manager for UNF-Aalborg (A science community) and is head of the studentcouncil at HTX-Aalborg.

Adich is together with his Girlfriend Malene(.gif) <-- Inside joke with Pryss.

Adich is 19 years old and enjoys a good raid with imenion, Pryss, Awina, Deathy (FOR PONY!!), Eyeyun, Bash, Deathy, Rigo, Theeo, Thermy, Wolfy, fera and all the rest. :)

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