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Ghamoo in all his glory

Ghamoo Edit

Ghamoo is the famed pet of Khalikus, a level sixty Tauren Hunter. Many scholars have spent years researching the past of Ghamoo, with little results. Researchers have gone missing, some have been found dead; this has persuaded many not to venture into Ghamoo's history.


The name Ghamoo is derived from the creature Ghamoo-ra, who resides in Blackfathom Depths. Whether or not there is a family link between Ghamoo and Ghamoo-ra, is not known.
Many have claimed to be related to the great Ghamoo. Their names are withheld for safety reasons, but the information they have provided has varied from outlandish to plausible. One of these such persons, who we'll just call "Gammerita", claims the following:
"Yeah, Ghamoo? i knizzow thiznat guy fo' sheezy. we wizzy ta k-12 pusha. Ghamoo use ta pick on me, called me names n S-to-tha-izzuch. One time he wrapped me in dizzuct tape so thizzay i could not git out mah shell yo. Scarred fo` life i tizzy you, scarred fo` life ridin' in mah double R. Whiznen i was ten he slaughtered mah jiggaz Tyrone n Err, n turned them into 3 sets of turtle scale armor- which he vendored n used tha gold ta buy Yoohoos . Freak y'all, into the beat y'all. through all this... i really jizzust thiznink hes misunderstood. I mizzy tha guy- oh, oh crizzay run gangsta- run . Aint no killin' everybodys chillin'! "
It is reported that at that time, the Alliance guild Trouble had come to grief lowbies in the Hinterlands, and our correspondent was ganked and then camped for hours.

The ConnectionEdit

Khalikus first met Ghamoo in a confrontation at an undisclosed location. Stumbling into Ghamoo's lair, Khalikus was ordered to "bring 13 gallons of chocolate milk for reparations, and your life will be spared". Khalikus pointed out that reparations was not the proper choice of word, and Ghamoo confessed that he was a second language student. Four days later Khalikus returned with the chocolate milk and a 2nd edition copy of "Hooked on Phonics: Gamera to Gutterspeak". From this time on the two were inseparable.
With their newfound bond strengthening by the day, Ghamoo and Khalikus set out to hone their skills. They faught together through the Scarlet Monestary, Razorfen Downs, the Sunken Temple, Blackrock Spire and eventually Molten Core. Ghamoo was clearly the brains in the operation, which was recently evidenced. With Ghamoo at home sick with the Avian Flu, Khalikus foolishly wasted his DKP on Striker's Mark. Ghamoo will never let him forget how stupid that was.

The Chain of CommandEdit

Many people have come forward and reported that Khalikus is now the leader of the duo, but this is not true. Ghamoo has always, and will always be in charge. This is evidenced by a recent photo showing Ghamoo with a new Bluetooth, while Khalikus has nothing but /yell. Ghamoo goes everywhere with Khalikus; even PvP combat. Khalikus has never taken another 'pet' into battle, yet Ghamoo has been seen going into battle with the Warlock 'Xiron'. Further proof that Ghamoo wears the pants, and Khalikus does the dance.
Khalikus only tried to rise above Ghamoo once. After bringing up his desire to be atop the chain of command, Ghamoo replied "Chain of Command? You know what the chain of command is? It's the chain I beat you with until you understand who's in effing command." Defeated but not disheartened, Khalikus reflected on something told to him by his fellow hunter Adenhart; 'You can't throw an inning without a pitcher and a catcher'. Somber but resolved, Khalikus accepted his place in life and took comfort in having such a great turtle companion.

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