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"White Rose" by amex91 for Iesdi


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Neutral 32  Iesdi
Title<The Lord of Cozy>
LevelOver 9000
Talent SpecArcane/Fire/Frost/Discipline/Subtlety

Iesdi (or more known in the DrakeDog community as SE-) is a bulgarian player, video and picture machinimator.

History in Edit

In the late 2005, SE saw DrakeDog's first 5 movies and he loved them. "The EE style, their teamwork with the other EE members obsessed me. Shortly after that, when I saw his deletion video, I thought this mania will pass fast." he said to me over Skype. "Well it didnt..."

He was one of the very first registered members in His spamming replies on every topic fastly annoyed most of the forum members. No mather that, eveyone somehow respected him for his interest and loyalty to the EE Style.

Without any surprise "scorpioevil" was always #1 postcounter. DrakeDog noticed his activity and asked if scorpioevil wants to become a moderator, to take care of the advertisements, spams and stickying important topics. His 15 years old head accepted. Much people hated the idea of scorpioevil becoming a moderator, but much loved it too. After long fights between the second moderator (the first one was Dolmord, long time mate of SE- even today) and his haters scorpioevil decided to end everything the simple way - bans. Neverending and Sinborn ware permanently account and IP banned. Noone really was against that, since they were forum's biggest trolls.


Forum Screenshot Link

When his postcount outnumbered the others 2 or even 3 times, he made the new account "SE-". "scorpioevil" was pushed to #2 and "SE-" was the top poster for second time, by beating himself. Not much time after that, SE- noticed that a new member named Anarchies used the same dynamic IPs like Sinborn. However, SE- noticed the big change in his behaviour, so he even asked DrakeDog to merge his 2 accounts, so he can have his old posts under the name Anarchies. Neverending was never seen or heared, since his static IP never connected to the forum again.

However, SE-'s moderation privileges were taken by DrakeDog, because of the strong and offensive language he used. Huge scandal between SE-'s haters and mates began. SE- locked the topic trough Dolmord's account. Time after that, DrakeDog decided that he can handle the forum alone, so Dolmord's moderation status was taken too.

Unknown hater hacked both accounts, by deleting all posts by "scorpioevil" and "SE-" plus deleting the actual accounts. Over 5000 posts were gone. "SE-" was made again, and without any surprise, he is #1 on

Modern times of Edit

Today SE- is one of the most respected (if not the most) members of He helped endlessly much people with forum signatures, avatars, movie posters, editing, re-uploading WCM premium videos, giving away high quality PvP movies, screenshots & fan arts. He was in the special thanks of much movies, including DrakeDog 9, Anarchies 3 and 4 and three Vimpe movies (1, 2, 3).

Before the releasing of DrakeDog9, SE- done the forum banner, the youtube background and avatar, and the background for warcraftmovies for DrakeDog.

Collecting DrakeDog history Edit

Trough the time, SE- gathered spectacular collection of DrakeDog images, screenshots, fan arts, quotes, movies and even real life photos. It is believed that he owns the biggest one in the world. Some of the images are lost trough the time, like the banner of the old VoE forum, screenshots from Zul'Gurub after his character restore, screenshots taken by DragonDog, Suezou(yoyo), ColdViolet, DesertEagle, FieldMedic(FMX), Chore, 아망드네프, 뿌뿌뿜, Esia, Foovey, Kanya, Hongwar and Jandie. All internet available livestream recordings are saved. Also SE- is owner of test DrakeDog 9 edit footage, that is completely lost.

History in CozyWoW Edit

On August First 2009 Iesdi was created on CozyWoW. On the same day he impressed the Game Masters, by camping fly hacking DK on gurubashi arena. The DK was banned after he finaly escaped. Tree days after, Iesdi made <Everything Ends EE>. On the next day, Iesdi had to be deleted and re-created because of database issue. <Everything Ends> was created the same day. It grew with the speed of light. Much members joined the realm and the guild. On August 20 Iesdi and 악당 (At-Tang) won a 2vs2 event. On September 04 <EE> was created, and that was memorial day for Iesdi and for the whole Cozy horde faction. On September 09 Benevolence (ret pala) and Iesdi (spriest) stepped into the arena. On the same day Dolmord joined the realm. On September 13 Iesdi became the second Conqueror (right next to Benevolence) on the server. Their arena rating in that time gave them Rank2 on the server.


Glory of private EE

On October 5 Iesdi and Dolmord (Nizan on Cozy) made an arena team, beggining a teamwork beyond their expectations. On October 23 Iesdi was deleted by the <GM> team for 5vs5 arena farming, no mather that he was maximally furious geared from 2vs2. "I did it for fun... I had no profits from it. All characters were mine, so noone actualy got harmed or profitted." he says. By that date, Iesdi prooved his shadow priest skills to everyone, by owning all priests on the realm. <EE> was one of the most respected guilds, and Iesdi was one of the most respected priests. On the same day Iesdi was re-created but as a rogue. With the biggest horde guild including the most skilled people on the server behind your back, plus the bind on equip items from the donator mall, gearing a new character wasn't that hard. On November 2, Game Master from <EE> teleported Iesdi in the donator mall, which is directly stealing $70 from the owners. On November 2 Iesdi was finaly permanent IP/account banned for Hacking with WPE, Emu, XYZ, CE, hacking server announcements, system messages, using bugs and glitches, using terrain patches, hacking into the donator mall, bypassing the first IP bans and more. He was remembered by some as <EE> Conqueror Iesdi, master of both, Spriest and Srogue.

Modern CozyWoW times Edit


Vengeful on 80 2vs2

On July 10 2010 database issue resetted all bans and Iesdi was back in Cozy as arcane mage, forming <The Real EE> because <EE> was taken. The guild didn't went that smooth. Iesdi joined a PvE guild <Guest>, but left it on 25th, because of recieving VIP account from a deal with anonymous VIP (Iesdi unbanned it and than took it, as the deal stated). That was followed by forming <Iesdi the Lord of Cozy>.

He made a total of two exploration videos on CozyWoW: Exploration one and two. The <GM>s done nothing about them, since they were beautiful and harmless.

Maximally geared, he was one of the few skilled VIPs, which was a big problem for his 2vs2 opponents and the whole alliance faction. His arena partner was without much surprise again Dolmord (Cobbent on Cozy). Two wrathful destruction warlocks. Two movies were released by them, one is arena and one is infront of StormWind, which is official guildmovie for 2010 for the private <EE>. Around November 15 a hacker attacked CozyWoW, and it had to close. The glory of Cozy <EE> got buried in memories.

Jaedenar EU Edit

On March the 7th, Iesdi and Dolmord started playing on the European server Jaedenar, on both, Horde and Alliance side. Iesdi was playing a mage, and Dolmord was, of course, destruction warlock - once again. On June the 14th 2013, one year later, Iesdi quit retail. Dolmord is still participating in his guild's raids.

History in DaviantArt Edit


DrakeDog9 WCM Background

On June 15 2009 ScorpioEvil registered on DaviantArt. He was pretty unknown in the first year or so. On January 13 2010 he had only 2000 views on his profile. On April 14 (two days before his 17th birthday) he made the banner for which was his biggest goal so far. Shortly after on May 11 he made the background for WarcraftMovies which pretty much amazed community. SE- made it totaly in DrakeDog9 style, before even watching it. The background got over a million views for the time it was up on WCM. So far SE-'s biggest goal.


Dolmord's issues PicMachinima by SE-

Today SE- is focused on picture machinima, making movie posters and signatures for members. In DeviantArt, he is making requests, art trades and wallpapers. He is still pretty unknown compared to the famous machinimators (Statistics from December 09 2011): He has over 5,000 pageviews, his 130 pictures were viewed over 20,000 times and were added to favourites over 300 times. He got over 50 subscribers. But if we take the fact that he started 2011 with 14 subscribers, we can say that his machinima pictures are getting more and more attention daily.

Nicknames Edit

ScorpioEvil (Old nickname,uUsed in DaviantArt, old WoW characters and first registration)
SE- (New nickname, used in DrakeDog community)
Iesdi - (Used in CozyWow, DnB Dance videos and most registrations)
AllEyesOnMe - (Second nickname, used in Jaedenar for his Rogue)
LifeOfSin - (Third nickname, almost unused.)

Quotes Edit

"The EE style, their teamwork with the other EE members obsessed me. Shortly after that, when I saw his deletion video, I thought this mania will pass fast. Well it didnt..." Skype chat with ScorpioEvil
"You don't win because you do everything right. You win because your enemy make mistakes." Personal moto.
"The colors are a useless extra to our world." DaviantArt profile.
"I believe in what I can prove I can believe in." Religious views.
"Nothing left to betray" the moto on private EE's forum banner, created after they went alliance.
"You search - you find" The answer to questions similar to how he made his collection.
"I feel sorry that I didnt banned you with nevereding(stupidity) when I had the chance..." Post to Leeto on

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