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Characters (US Severs)
Inv axe 04 Fenris Server Inv axe 04Archimonde Server Inv axe 04Elune Server
Olren- 70 Human Rogue øørtaçelsion- 21 Tauren Druid Phist- 14 Troll Hunter
Phaet- 25 Blood Elf Paladin Ðe- 7 Blood Elf Hunter Tièrach- 18 Blood Elf Rogue
Haltemaseir- 19 Draenei Mage

C'est Mon HistoireEdit

This is an autobiographical story of Achetetu's time on World of Warcraft
I had played MMOs for a while before I played World of Warcraft. My first MMO was Runescape, which I played as a member for one year before moving on to a Ragnarok Online private server, Krazy Korean Ragnarok Online. After I was bored with KKRO, I got back into console gaming for a while. At the debut of Ragnarok Online 2 beta, I had to decide whether i was going to get back into MMOs or not, and I was deciding between World of Warcraft, Guild Wars, and Ragnarok Online 2. I decided on World of Warcraft. I was placed into the Fenris server. My first character was the now deleted Kamwanamba, a Gnome Warrior. I managed to get this character to level six before I got bored with it. I then moved onto Salmena, an Undead Warlock which I got to level 10. Then I joined my friend's server, The Zul'jin PVP server. I got an undead mage, Iho, who still exists, to 7 on that server, before switching back to Fenris and, finally, I made a Human Rogue, and enjoyed the speed of the skills. So my main became Olren, the Human Rogue, now level 67. I levelled him to thirty, before I got bored, and began playing the Wish RealmOpen Beta. After my friends stopped playing the beta, I came back to World of Warcraft. It was at this point I joined The Burning Order, my first guild. I didn't agree with some members, but we generally got along. Then The Burning Order merged with The Red Knights, and became The Red Knight Order. It quickly disbanded from officer disagreements, and I joined the guild that the officer I knew best went to, The New Darnassian Order. After being with The New Darnassian Order for about six months, there was a disconnect in information, over an issue which I am still ashamed that I could be blamed for, and I was removed from The New Darnassian Order. The leader, who was on very seldom, got caught up with me, and I'm not on horrible terms with the guild, but at last survey, I was not welcome back. I next joined the Skullsplitters. Here I levelled to fifty. At this point I got my real life friend into the game, and left the Skullsplitters to support his attempt at a guild, The Sakura of Death. After months of progress, the leader found himself unable to be active and most of the reliable members left. At twelve members, the guild was disbanded, only the forums remain, and the members moved to Skullsplitters, other than the leader, who joined Harvesters of Sorrow. I then recruited several real life friends to the game, and the guild. I brought Santian, partly brought Muneslear, and helped get Gleen to make a character on the Fenris Realm. Santian then brought Frorated. Currently I am level 67, using [Ceremonial Warmaul Blood-blade], [Hardened Stone Shard], [Avenging Blade], [Ancient Terokkar Hood], [Enforcer's Chain], [Spaulders of the Ring], [Delicate Green Poncho], [Jerkin of the Untamed Spirit], [Green Holiday Shirt], [Bracers of Finesse], [Caustic Feelers], [Burning Blade Devotee's Cinch] [Leggings of Telhamat], [Highlander's Leather Boots], [Ogre Slayer's Band], [Warmaul Slayer's Band], [Bladefist's Breadth], [Uniting Charm], [Brazier of Dancing Flames].

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