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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.


Elune at once was the only Being . She created the old gods to rule over her creation. She also created The earth mother to create life and everything else. When the Old Gods became to over powered she created the Titans to keep order. After there was order, she created other demigods to keep balance.


After order was created, Elune rested. Eons later, a primitive Humanoid race existed. Some were guided by the titans, they became First-Earthen and Vrykul. Also direct spirits, who were children of the titans, took the forum of Giants.The ones who went guided became Dark-Elves/Proto-Trolls. Some stayed in the jungle while some were Blessed by the titans “Well of Eternity” The First-Earthen were split into two, the ones who’s skin practically turned to stone and those who many of them replaces some of there skin with metal. When the flesh rotted away from these Metal, skinned creatures, the spirit was only kept within it. the small sect of the First-Earthen, the group who many of them practically turned into robots, the ones who didn’t replace half there skin with metal descended into Gnomes. The rest of the First-Earthen, became... well the Earthen. Who split into Iron Dwarves and Normal Dwarves. Normal Dwarves and the Creatures that descended into gnomes (aka Proto-Gnomes) were stricken with the Curse of Flesh, which softened up there skin. So what about the Humans? They were decentness of Vrykul who were born after the Curse of flesh. They were hidden away and became the Azotha. The Azotha then turned into the humans. So what are the Goblins origins? Well a small group of trolls that hid in caves became goblins after years of hiding. They first turned into spider-Eye Goblins, then Goblins.

Draenor RacesEdit

Draenor Races: There was once a single Hominid race on Draenor. Gronns are 1/2 proto ogre 1/2 Demigod creatures who guided the ogres, the rest of the proto-Ogres became ogres. Orcs, the Primitive Hominoid race that split into the proto-ogres and some turned into the Orcs. The orcs were then Corrupted and became what they are now.


Demigods: Cenarius, Son of elune. Malorne is a spirit of a stag blessed by elune. When his energy mixed with elunes, cenarius was born, on Azeroth he took the forum of A Stag/Night Elf.

Narru are children of the Demigod of light. Spirit healers are also children of the Titan of light.

The Light, The Elements and Druidic energy are all the same thing. Magic is a forum of twisted natural energy, Runic is the capturing of magical energy.

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