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About Blackulla Edit

Blackulla is a tauren Druid on Blackhand US. He enjoys healing endgame raids and 5 mans

History Edit

Leveling and The Order Edit

Blackulla's character was created in the March of 2005 (exact date unknown) and has played off and on since then.

Blackulla as a tree

He joined The Order at level 47 and reached level 60 in May of 2005. He began to raid with his guild as they started Molten Core and stuck with them until Ragnaros. He achieved the rank of Officer in The Order, but shortly afterwards joined Warfare, then the second Horde guild on the server, after Cool Cats.

  • Note: While in The Order Blackulla obtained his Finkle's Lava Dredger, for which he was known

Warfare Edit

Once in Warfare, Blackulla joined Open(his RL friend), Thrisk, and Hugheifer as a raiding restoration druid. Warfare pushed through Blackwing Lair with relative speed, on the heels of Faded Dreams and Cool Cats

Shortly after Warfare's Nefarion kill (3rd Horde side), Blackulla was forced to take a respite from the game due to RL problems.

Blackulla returned to Warfare in the summer, and helped Warfare push further and further into AQ40. While in AQ40, not only did Blackulla rise to the rank of Druid class leader, but also Warfare pulled ahead of its two rivals, Faded Dreams and Cool Cats, scoring the Horde's first C'thun kill on 6/12/06

Soon after downing C'thun, Naxxaramas hit, and Warfare was quick to progress, downing 3 bosses in the first week. However, again Blackulla had to leave the game due to school.

Blackulla again returned to Warfare late in 2006, and with them pushed to the brink of their kill limit in Naxxaramas, clearing 3 wings and halting at the 4 Horsemen.

Burning Crusade forced Blackulla into leveling, and after hitting 70, he began to work up his reputations, awaiting raids.

Blackulla is currently the ONLY restoration druid in Warfare's ranks, raiding regularly with his guild.

Fun Facts Edit

  • Blackulla has been tree of life specced since the skill was released, and is often the point of jokes, as he is the only remaining tree in Warfare.
  • Blackulla loved to prove his prowess by doing encounters involving movement in tree form. He has done Heigan, and the Thaddius jump in this manner.
  • Blackulla owned and used Finkle's Lava Dredger for over a year, using it from his first Sulfuron kill until receiving his Thaddius staff. This was also often the point of jokes, much to his resentment.
  • Blackulla is the youngest member in Warfare, 17 on April 17, 2007, but he has often been said to be more mature than older players (coughOpencough)
  • Blackulla's name was drawn from the blaxsploitation film, Blacula, about a black vampire.

Alts Edit

60 Orc Warrior - Jihaad - Blackhand

42 Troll Rogue - Psychology - Aggamagan

50 Blood Elf Paladin - Bleach - Shattered Halls

Quotes From Blackulla Edit

Jesus fucking christ guys, id rather go blind than see another attempt like that, that was terrible -Blackulla on C'thun wipe.

I still have nightmares about Vael

I guess the best duel i've ever fought in was just after i went tree form. I ran around in circles and punched Rahjen in the face while HoTing myself, I think he won but i remember it taking him about 10 minutes - Blackulla on Dueling

Everytime you use an axe, a tree is cut down, please, think of the trees.

Quotes About Blackulla Edit

Seriously, you know they were laughing when they first saw you turn into a tree. Once you left their base they were like "wtf mate?", when you reached mid field, the seed of doubt started to blossom and when you finally reached your own base they knew they were just a tree.

-Impish on Blackulla running flags as a tree

a kiss from blackulla is unfortunately not on my wishlist.

- Meleth

All hail Blackulla King of the Guild Killers.

- Caliro

Blackulla's Videos Edit

These two arent really videos but artpads Blackulla did of the C'thun fight

This is a drawing of his guild leader

Closing Edit

Blackulla is a tree

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