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Ursine, also known as Furbolg, is the language of the furbolgs.[1] It is made up of sigils and slashes rather than proper letters.[2] The Stillpine furbolg have their own unique dialect of furbolg, which uses a special symbol matrix, which is understood through symbology. The written language is made up of various primal markings and etchings, which include owls, bears, wolves and stags.[3]

Ursine (Furbolg) PrimerEdit

Here are a few common Ursine (Furbolg )phrases and words, for which the translations have been officially confirmed by Blizzard:

  • "Vark" = "Justice"[4]

Furbolg NamesEdit

Furbolg names tend to be simple and denote important characteristics about the individual.

  • Male Names: Darkmaw, Swifttrack, Treebreak
  • Female Names: Gripjaw, Ragerun, Softstep
  • Family Names: Furbolgs do not have family names, but they sometimes use their tribes’ names (like Felpaw, Snow Flurry, or Timbermaw) in their place.[5]

References Edit

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