Urgent Scarlet Memorandum

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Inv letter 20
  • Urgent Scarlet Memorandum
  • Quest Item
  • "An urgent memo regarding the escapee Lilian Voss."
  • <Right Click to Read>

Source Edit

This item drops from Scarlet Missionary and Scarlet Zealots.

Objective of Edit

This item is an objective of Official horde mini-icon [8] A Thorn in our Side.

Content Edit

An Urgent Message to all Scarlet Officers and Enlistees:
The Scourge agent known as Lilian Voss has escaped from her captivity at the Scarlet Palisade. She is to be considered highly dangerous, and should be killed on sight. She has already slain 15 of our men. None were left wounded.

Do NOT try to apprehend her. Doing so will likely result in death. She is an enemy to the Crusade and must be crushed immediately.

The crusader who returns her head to the High Priest will be rewarded with 1,000 gold. Refer any questions to your commanding officer.


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