The Unkempt Armor set is a collection of gray cloth items that drop randomly from mobs between levels 1 and 5 in the Blood Elf beginning area, Sunstrider Isle and Falthrien Academy. It is equivalent to the Frayed collection world drop for beginning areas. There is no set bonus. This poor quality gear is actually very nice cloth armor in the starting levels.

Item Armor From
[Unkempt Robe] 8 Drop
[Unkempt Pants] 4 Drop
[Unkempt Gloves] 4 Drop
[Unkempt Shoes] 5 Drop
[Unkempt Belt] 3 Drop
[Unkempt Bracers] 4 Drop
[Unkempt Cloak] 5 Drop
Totals 33