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Most mounts can be categorized by the type of creature or device you are riding. While these mounts can also be categorized that way, there are only one or two examples of that type of mount. This, then, is a page to describe all the oddball or unique mounts available.

Unique trading card mounts Edit

These mounts are all gained by using a code from specific cards from the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game.

Unique event mounts Edit

These mounts are available during the Hallow's End seasonal event. Neither can be added to your collection of mounts, and both types of mount disappear at the end of the event.

This mount is available during the Love is in the Air seasonal event. It scales to your riding skill and where it's used.

Unique mounts found as loot Edit

These mounts are found as loot:

Ashes of Al'ar drop from Kael'thas Sunstrider in the Eye.
Invincible's Reins drop from the Lich King in Icecrown Citadel on 25-man heroic mode.
Mimiron's Head drops from Yogg-Saron in the 25-man version of Ulduar on hard mode.
Reins of the Raven Lord drop from Anzu in heroic Sethekk Halls.
Sea Turtle is rarely fished up from Northrend fishing pools.

Recruit-a-friend Edit

The Recruit-A-Friend program rewards players with this mount. This mount was also the only flying passenger mount when it was first released (now [Vial of the Sands] also allows a passenger). Since Patch 4.0.1, it can also be used as a (mulitpassenger!) land mount.

As of Patch 4.3.4 The X-53 Touring Rocket was originally the second special mount that players could earn only through the Recruit-A-Friend program. The X-53 was available to players who claimed their RAF reward between April 27, 2010 and July 15, 2012. It replaced the  [Swift Zhevra] reward, and was then replaced by the  [Heart of the Nightwing].

In Patch 5.4.1, the Recruit-A-Friend program was updated to include a choice of one mount from all current and previous Recruit-A-Friend mounts, and one companion from Asian-only promotions.

  • The X-53 is one of only two flying mounts available in the game that allow for multiple passengers. It originally scaled to match the speed of your fastest owned mount, up to 310% flight speed.
  • The X-53 is likely based off the X-52 rocket located in Area 52, Netherstorm.
  • Using this mount players who don't have cold weather flying can get the explorer achievement with some help from a friend.
  • Summoning this mount triggers the global cooldown, unlike most other mounts.

As of Patch 5.0.# with the release of Account Wide Mounts, Recruit-A-Friend mounts WILL be Account bound.

Blizzard Store mounts Edit

The [Winged Guardian], Enchanted Fey Dragon, Iron Skyreaver, Heart of Aspects, Swift Windsteed, Armored Bloodwing and Celestial Steed can be purchased at the  Blizzard Store.

Collectors Edition MountsEdit

Dread Raven From Warlords of Draenor Digital Deluxe RavenParty

Unobtainable unique mounts Edit

  • [Peep's Whistle] is a copy of A'lar and is available to GMs. This mount has never been available in-game.

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