In Heroic Mode Underbog, the rare drops from bosses have been adjusted to level-70 quality. Those drops are provided below, by boss.

Inv bracer 19
Inv weapon hand 11
Inv chest cloth 59
Inv belt 11
Inv gauntlets 11
Ability druid demoralizingroar

Inv belt 24
Inv belt 29
Inv staff 56
Inv helmet 19
Inv jewelry necklace 34
Inv jewelry ring ahnqiraj 01

Swamplord Musel'ek
Inv bracer 07
Inv axe 55
Inv helmet 17
Inv gauntlets 19
Inv jewelry necklace 29
Inv jewelry ring 44

The Black Stalker
Inv potion 130
Inv misc armorkit 22
Inv pants leather 06
Inv jewelry necklace 04
Inv helmet 72
Inv shoulder 26
Inv sword 71
Inv pants cloth 17
Inv belt 01
Inv jewelry ring 31
Inv helmet 73
Inv shield 34
Inv elemental primal nether2020

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