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0000The RPG Icon 16x36 This article concerns content exclusive to Warcraft RPG and thus unlikely to be canon.

Uncorrupted necromancers are rare necromancers who do not suffer from arcane corruption: their alignments remain inviolate, unless they cast evil spells, and do evil deeds.

Most young necromancers claim they know what they're getting into. They know about the seductive whisper of power and the strength of the Nether. They know of the crushing will of the demon lords and, most of all they know of the corruptive influence of necromantic magic. They say it will not happen to them; they will not fall to evil, as have so many before them. Most of them are wrong. Most of them join the dark ranks of the creature with which they traffic. Some few, though, are right. Some are strong enough to resist the will of the dark powers they wield; they, in turn, bend their wills to mastering necromantic secrets while remaining immune to their taint. These are the uncorrupted necromancers, and they spread both distrust and hope wherever they go. Some few even announce themselves openly in the cities of the Horde or, rarer, the Alliance, and make their unique talents available to their affiliation.[1]

References Edit

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