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War Stomp: A stun to current aggro holder that doesn't reset aggro.

A Sunder Armor attack that stacks reduces armor by 15% per stack (unknown limit of stacks, but you usually won't see more than 2 of these before it dies).

Random charge, 2k melee +7k hit; warstomp to avoid this work with LOS


His Charge/Melee will easily wipe the group if not done correctly. When he charges, he melees and will do approximately 8-10k damage in under two seconds.

He charges the farthest person from him. Position the mob such that the healers are in LOS of the tank but not in LOS of the Unchained Doombringer. You can do this by tanking the mob in the archway with the healers off to the side walls where they're in range of the tank.

Also ensure that the one of the healers is further away from the mob than DPS. Whilst the healer is out of LOS, the mob will target that healer for the charge but will not perform it. In this way, it avoids DPS from being charged.

DPS can remain near the tank at all times as the mob does not cleave. This will avoid a charge but you are susceptible to War Stomps which silences for a few seconds.

It looks like the Charge has been removed on heroic, tank was the only person in melee range, everybody else just stood about 20 yards away in full los, but he didn't charge us, just warstomped as usual (30.03.2008)


This is the only mob that drops the BoP recipe [Plans: Felsteel Leggings].

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