Captain Ulysses Rackmore was the captain of the Gallant. He had a chest of ingenious design, which requires two keys to unlock, one gold and one silver. He was sailing with a shipment of supplies from northern Kalimdor to Feathermoon Stronghold, when his ship was attacked by the Slitherblade naga, which inhabit the beach of Desolace. The crew drove them back, but fearing the loss of his most precious belongings, Rackmore hid his chest on the Ranazjar Isle. Several attacks by naga and the Drysnap Makrura, Rackmore lost both keys, the silver one together with his first mate. Ulysses Rackmore and the few surviving sailors abandoned the ship, which now lies on the Sar'theris Strand, and went ashore with a small rowboat. Leaving his logbook, which contains the story of the Gallant's last days, behind on the beach, Rackmore and his men tried to reach Nijel's Point. As there is no sign of them in Nijel's Point, they most likely died somewhere in Desolace.

His treasure contains Inv shield 10 [Captain Rackmore's Wheel] and Inv staff 08 [Captain Rackmore's Tiller].