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Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Ulua Alliance 15 Darkmoon Faire IconSmall Night Elf Female Ui-charactercreate-classes druid Druid 70 Lightfire Vanguard Lieutenant
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank

The lore of “Ulua Nocturnus” Lady of the lake Edit

The lore of Ulua Nocturnus is a lore of mistery. It starts all when Tyrande Whisperwind , still young herself at that time dwelled the region of Moonglade. She did not come there with a purpose. Just a quick visit to calm down and restore her strength a bit. While there it seemed that a lot of people had gathered at the lake and a commotion had sprung their. Curious as she was she went to have a look herself and there she met Ulua for the first time. The druids of Moonglade had found an infant at the bottom of the Lake Elune'ara so it seemed. But there was something strange with the infant. Her hair was golden as the sun while further she looked just like any other elf. Not ever having seeing anything like this before, Tyrande decides to take the child home to Darnassus and tell the elders about it. Though all puzzled they let their curiousity win and decide that the infant was allowed to stay with Tyrande. So it was that Tyrande called the infant Ulua Nocturnus from that day on. She was called after the night at which she so often dwells.

Growing up, Ulua was though in the ways of the claw by her as good as father Arch druid Fandral Staghelm. She was strong already whilst still at young age. Her love for nature went deep and Ulua started practicing Alchemy and reading literature of old. She loved the ancient poetry and wrote as much as possible herself too. All the time spend in the forest had a strange effect on Ulua’s hair which over time changed colour; gold became white, white turned in to green. So more and more she looked like the normal elves that dwelled the forests. Soon enough the forest had nothing left to offer to Ulua and she decided to travel the wide world of Azeroth. She joined the guild of a childhood friend called Unkown Stormrage. The Royal Knights was the perfect place for her it seemed, She traveled often and made many friends for life. Alas the Royal Knights after sometime lost their allure and status and Ulua had no choice but to leave. Upset to let her old guild fall to pieces she joined The Lightfire Vanguard. A guild there for the preservance of Azeroth and a guild of honour and friendship.

Many adventures crossed Ulua’s path, adventures that has been dangerous as well as fun. All was fine and well untill one day Ulua did something that raised Fandral’s anger. She meddled with the timelines during her stay in the Caverns of time all to save the one she loved and respected most in Azeroth. She succeeded only half but the punishment was fierce. Instead of being punished by the Eternal Dragon , Fandral himself punished Ulua. And he punished her in the most hard way there was; for he took her eyes. No longer can she see what she loved so much. And even more ferocious she has become. Her story is far from over and many other things are to be told. I’m sure that she will gladly tell when you ask her. Though ferocious she is still very kind and willing to take her time helping a person out. Wise as she is she also often has good advices ready for many occasions so fear not to ask her about anything.

Ulua Nocturnus

Ulua Nocturnus

Name : Ulua Nocturnus

Age : 224 years

Guild : The Lightfire Vanguard

Professions: Alchemy, Herbalism, Poet

Class : Druid; trained in the way of the claw

Home : it varies a lot she sleeps where she want’s to sleep.

Favourite place : Feralas

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