Uda the Beast is a level 75 mag'har orc innkeeper for The Filthy Animal inn located in the Sunreaver's Sanctuary within Dalaran.

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This vendor sells
Inv misc food 100 hardcheese
5x [Briny Hardcheese]
1Gold 60Silver
Inv misc food 102 flatbread
5x [Crusty Flatbread]
Inv drink 25 honeytea
5x [Honeymint Tea]
1Gold 10Silver
Inv misc food 108 meadcaribou
5x [Mead Basted Caribou]
1Gold 60Silver
Inv drink 24 sealwhey
5x [Pungent Seal Whey]
Inv misc food 107 venison
5x [Salted Venison]
Inv misc food 101 sourcheese
5x [Sour Goat Cheese]
Inv misc food 103 potatobread
5x [Sweet Potato Bread]
1Gold 60Silver

Quotes Edit

  • "You! COME! Drink, feast, rest for the next battle. But do not fight! Or I will feed you to my wolves."

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