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Guild Master of "The Hand of Tyr", an Alliance guild on the server Hellscream.

Xiled Hordes first Paladin, and the Battle for South Shore.Edit

Tyr's skill as a player, and as a Paladin were displayed when he teamed up with many awesome players from Xiled Horde, and Cladnin from Keepers of the Faith, to defeat Cobra Commander and C.O.B.R.A during their failed invasion of South Shore. Charging through tanks, airplanes, and C.O.B.R.A foot soldiers to challange Cobra Commander himself. Atop a hill now used by the Flight Master, the two fought a long and harsh battle that ended when Tyr landed a solid punch to the face of the commander. Seeing their leader fall in battle, the rest of C.O.B.R.A fled, and were eaten by the Murlocs near the ocean's edge. Seeing one man defeat such a powerful foe, led KRSOne to write "Jack of Spades" about Tyr.

According to legend, Tyr's sword was enchanted to be +9 vs Ogres by a dying Papa Smurf. Then the spirit of Papa Smurf enchanted his Axe with +5 to Dance Skills, showed off in the movie reinactment of Zabimaru telling Nunya of his One Million Honor in one week. Nunya proceeded to spam thunderclap and retaliation around no-one in his nubish fury.

Tyr After BCEdit

Specced out in nifty Kara Epics, Tyr now acts as a bodyguard for hire. His recent client list includes Harvey Birdman (Teamed up with the Bear and Penut to rescue Harvey from X and Zardo) and Dr Benton Quest (Saved Dr Quest from Dr Zin while race was drugged in the "House of Tasteful Men"), and as of last week, Claad, from Hopelost who, drunk on Colt 45 and in a PMS induced rage, threatened Claad with the ULTIMATE DOOM.

For you see, Hopelost was the high queen of a super secret femenist cult who's members include Lady Sylvanas Windrunner , and the wife of Baron Rivendare. These three are quite possibly polar opposites of Charlies Angels. They had kidnapped Claad and intended to sacrafice him to their Idol, Rosie o'Donnel

However, just in the nick of time, Flashlight, Phyllo, and Tyriael appeared on the scene, rescued Claad, defeated Sylvanas, and the wife of Baron Rivendare, leaving Hopelost simmering with range. Screaming a song of hate and anger, she charged towards the rescuring trio intent on murder. Flashlight and Phyllo were afraid and backed off, but Tyr, showing no fear, busted out a giant boombox and popped in a mix tape. Not just any mix tape but one that consisted of the mexian hat dance on an endless loop with soundclips of Papa Smurf dispensing advice.

The two ran full force at each other and collided with a loud explosion. Tyr, unphased, shoved a package of twinkies into the gaping maw of Hopelosts mouth and kicked her over the cliff that I mention now for dramatic effect. Lighting flares and thunderbooming. Rain pattering.

She fell and fell and fell until she landed upon the corpse of Makirks wife, where she sits to this day reading the script for The Breakfast Club, listening to Britney Spears "One More Time" and brooding about how her hope at defeating Claad, has been lost.

Tyr and the Caverns of Time Edit

About two weeks ago there was a disturbance in the force registered by Gael. Upon investigation by the FBI it became clear that Tyr's Black Morass pug was accidently sent back in time to May 9th, 1940 and teleported to France. Upon arriving they saw a quickly advancing German army and decided to flee. Tyriael however charged into battle and quickly defeated the German Army, and freeing France from certain doom.

Saved by a Mexican, the French people quickly made him their King and threw him a parade in Paris.

The Bronze Dragonflight quickly realized that with Tyr as their king, the French people would not become the world wide cowards they are today, going on strike when they are asked to lower the franchise cost of taxi cabs or work an extra two hours a day etc. While they were able to reverse the flow of time (and prevent the pug from starting) they did not detect that Tyr had already left his mark on France, in the form of a son, who's bloodline would eventually lead to Nicolas Sarkozy , who would be the first frenchman with a spine to be elected Prime Minister, ever.

Tyr saves Calvin from MoeEdit

About a month after Tyr's experience in France, Tyr's brother Lockoftg decided to take Tyr to see the Movie "Hitman". They accidently showed up early and were trying to beat the High Score on the Mortal Kombat game in the lobby when they heard a scream come from outside the theatre.

Walking over to the door, they saw Moe, pushing around Calvin and Susie, who were now in Highschool and on a date. Never one to let a bully beat up anyone, and noticing that Calivin lacked his trusty friend Hobbes, the brothers rushed outside to his defense. While Lock distracted Moes friends with tales of Mexico, Tyr tripped Moe with his Pimp Cane enchanted with Mongoose, leaving Calvin the opening he needed to turn the tables and chase Moe off.

Winking at Calvin, Tyr walked back into the lobby and beat the High Score on the MKII machine, and then proceeded to enjoy the movie.

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