Tyrantus is a huge, black devilsaur found wandering around in Eco-Dome Farfield in Netherstorm. The devilsaur will regularly fear, which is dangerous because you can easily be feared into the many Scytetooth Raptors which populate the Dome. Since it is non-elite, it is considered among most 70s to be easy to solo kill.

Tameable with Beast Mastery.


  • Gushing Wound (melee; instant): Inflicts Physical damage to an enemy every 5 sec. for 25 sec. Removed by any healing effect.
  • Terrifying Roar (instant; 20 yard radius around Tyrantus): Causes nearby enemies to flee in fear for 5 sec.

As a Quest Objective Edit

The quest, Neutral 15 [70] Overseeing and You: Making the Right Choices, requires Tyrantus's hide along with 10 Knothide Leather to create the Booterang. The Hardened Hide of Tyrantus drops off of Tyrantus once you kill it.

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