Tyler Durd can be found in the War Quarter in the Undercity. He stands near Robert Gossom.

Along with Edward, he fights against other NPCs summoned by Brother Malach: starting with ghouls, then humans, and at the end an abomination.

Warcraft IIIEdit

In Warcraft III, Tyler and Robert are two humans of the local populace in Vandermar Village. Tyler didn't particularly dislike Robert, but it was when Robert slandered his honour that the 2 decided to fight, neither of them won as the Undead swept over the Village and both were one of the last raised dead in the Village and served as capable and skilled warriors before having their minds freed and swearing their loyalty to Sylvanas.

They are seen punching each other. After Arthas "visited" the village, they must have[citation needed] became part of the Undead Scourge and later the Forsaken.

Although never visible in-game, opening the Warcraft III map file for the first Undead mission reveals Tyler's tooltip as the following: "Tyler Durd inevitably resorts to using his agility and patience to wear down opponents with a constant barrage of light blows."



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